Jessica is a reaper who currently works under Billie after she had been promoted to take over Death's job.


In Advanced Thanatology, after Dean Winchester commits suicide, Jessica appears to greet him as his Reaper. However, Dean rejects Jessica's greeting and leaves as she quickly realizes who Dean is. Jessica teleports to Billie's office to let Billie know that Dean is in the Veil.

After Dean makes a deal with Billie to trade information for the release of the ghosts killed by Doctor Avery Meadows, Billie sends Jessica to uphold their end of the deal. Jessica encourages the ghosts to come with her, promising that everything will be okay. As the ghosts ascend to Heaven, Jessica watches with a smile.

In Funeralia, she was sent by Billie to monitor the Winchesters. She makes her presence known to the brothers by appearing in the backseat of the Impala, forcing a surprised Dean to stop the car. She greets them as Dean recalls their meeting while telling Sam Winchester who and what she is. Jessica reveals she has been monitoring them and seen some of their possessions, which annoys them before they question her assignment. Jessica tells them that someone is killing people ahead of their assigned death and that person is Rowena MacLeod. Annoyed with her, Sam sends her off while Dean stated they could of use her help.

Jessica is called on by Dean who questions her about the reapers dying and she states this was why she was sent and would have told them had Sam not sent her off, to his annoyance. She states Rowena is killing reapers and explains what consequence that Rowena's actions will cause and how they should stop her since Billie ordered the reapers not to get involved directly. Jessica soon reveals that Sam is always the one to kill Rowena permanently.

Jessica later appears while Dean is fighting Bernard, she tells him to wrap the fight up as he asks for help but she says she can't help because of her orders. She witnesses Dean defeat Rowena's follower and congratulates him but he ignores her and goes after Sam.

Jessica and Dean enter the room, where Billie greets Dean before stating she'll see him again shortly before disappearing with Jessica.

In Nihilism, in a desperate attempt to escape from Michael's monsters, Sam calls out to Jessica to help them. However, Violet appears instead, explaining that the reapers are now on shifts watching the Winchesters instead of Jessica being assigned to the job alone.


Jessica smiling

Jessica smiling after sending ghosts to the next plane of existence.

Unlike other reapers, she is kind and friendly, greeting those who have recently died, even those who killed her two last bosses. She holds great respect for Billie, informing her immediately about Dean's arrival in The Veil. She also seems very happy with her job, as she smiles for sending souls to their eternal resting place. Jessica later admits that she does this mainly for the benefit of the souls to make it easier for them.

However, she does like joking with people as seen with Sam and Dean as she commented on the their possessions while spying on them for weeks. She also does her job while keeping a indirect role as she told Dean she couldn't help him fight Bernard. In this way, she is very rule-oriented as she refuses to break Billie's "hands-off" policy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jessica possesses the common abilities of a Reaper.

  • Invisibility - As a Reaper, Jessica is naturally invisible. She can become visible at will as she did with the Winchesters to communicate with then,
  • Astral Perception - She can see spirits, even those who aren't strong enough to cross The Veil to become visible.
  • Teleportation - Jessica was able to teleport to Billie's office to warn her of Dean Winchester's death. She was later able to teleport around to communicate with the Winchesters without them realizing she had done so until she drew their attention to her.
  • Telepathy - Jessica was able to mentally talk to Billie regarding the ghosts at the Meadows House.


Jessica possesses all the common weaknesses of a Reaper.

  • Angel Blade - An angel blade is capable of killing any Reaper.



  • She is the third most recurring reaper on the series with Tessa and Billie, before she was reincarnated as Death, being the first two.
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