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Jesse Trumball was a human-oni hybrid in Supernatural: Rite of Passage.


During a possible affair, Jesse's mother conceived him with the oni Tora. Jesse's mother ultimately died in childbirth, but his father lied to him as he grew up, saying that his mother took one look at him and ran off. While during his early years Jesse dreamed of his mother coming one day to take him away from his father, he began to accept his father's words starting in his early teen years. Jesse also suffered from physical and emotional abuse from his father and committed robberies with his friends Bart Larribeau and Keith Kulback to make money. At some point during his senior year of high school, Jesse dropped out.

Months after dropping out of high school, Jesse calls in a bomb threat to his old school with no other plan than the sheer entertainment he will get out of it. However, while the school is evacuated briefly, nothing else happens and Jesse is left disappointed by the results. As Jesse watches the evacuation from a distance, he is spotted by Ryan Bramble and Sumiko Jones who correctly deduces that Jesse called in the fake bomb threat.

Returning home at four in the afternoon, Jesse is left disappointed by the results of his fake bomb threat. Jesse then begins contemplating building a real bomb and using it to blow up the school when he eventually leaves town. Finding his father already drunk at home as he looks for food, Jesse makes fun of his supposed back injury and considers fighting his father when he challenges Jesse. Jesse ultimately backs down and tells his father to sleep it off while Jesse takes his car to get something to eat. Jesse's father lashes out at Jesse by reminding Jesse of his lie that Jesse's mother hated him so much she left after his birth, causing Jesse to consider whether or not to leave or to kill his father and end his abuse. After considering, Jesse decides to wait until he's more prepared so he can be in another country when his father's body is found. Ordering his father to sleep it off once again, Jesse departs.

Before driving off, Jesse pulls the car's tire iron out of the trunk. He then picks up Bart and Keith at the local Fuel and Food and takes them to the Cheshire Theater to rob someone going to a showing Fiddler on the Roof. Spotting a rich couple with nobody around, Jesse approaches them and asks for the time, but rather than intimidate them as he usually would, Jesse gives into his pent-up aggression and uses his tire iron to break the man's wrist and left knee before threatening to smash the woman's teeth in if she screams. The couple quickly gives up their valuables, but when the man continues to moan in pain, Jesse kicks him in the stomach and nearly smashes in the woman's skull before being stopped by Bart. As the three leave to take their stash to Mickey, Bart and Keith propose burglarizing houses instead while Jesse revels in the power he felt while threatening the couple and becomes determined to hold onto that power and make everyone fear him. The three later drink a case of beer before Jesse heads home.

That night, Jesse dreams about his attack on the couple at the theater, but this time Bart and Keith aren't there to stop him. In the dream, Jesse smashes the man's head to pulp with the tire iron before turning on the woman, wanting to hear her beg for her life. Instead, the woman tells Jesse that he is a monster now before he kills her, waking up as he brings the tire iron down on her head. Jesse has to take a few moments to separate reality from fantasy and wonders if the dream was a vision of what would have happened had Bart not been there to stop him in reality. As he gets up, Jesse finds his sheet slashed up as if with a box cutter and has a massive headaches. Jesse blames the headaches on the beer he drank with Bart and Keith, but finds two weird lumps on his forehead. Jesse wonders if he had passed out and then if Bart and Keith had attacked him with the tire iron while he was unconscious to give him a taste of his own medicine for scaring them as he did. Jesse decides that if his friends did mess with him while he was unconscious, he will kill them for it.

Jesse begins to feel disoriented and assumes that he was dehydrated by all the beer he had drank the previous night. Jesse also discovers that the raised bumps on his forehead have become dry and scaly and there's a split in the skin over them but no blood. Making his way downstairs to try to settle himself with some food, Jesse bumps into his father and spills the beer he is carrying. Jesse' father is enraged and when he continues to insult Jesse, Jesse slams his head against the wall and throws his father down the stairs. Jesse follows his father down the stairs and prepares to pummel him, but is stopped in shock when his father tells Jesse to go ahead and kill him like Jesse had killed his mother. Jesse is shocked and reminds his father that his mother ran away because she couldn't stand living with a worthless drunk loser like his father. Though Jesse refuses to believe him, Jesse's father insists that his mother is actually dead and offers to take Jesse to her grave to prove it to him. To Jesse's shock and anger, his father claims that his mother actually died giving birth to him and that Jesse is likely not his father's real son as his mother had many affairs. Though Jesse has a hard time believing him, Jesse's father insists that he is telling the truth and gleefully tells Jesse that he should get a medal for raising someone else's bastard and he had lied before as he was afraid Jesse would desecrate his mother's grave if he knew the truth. Going into a blind rage, Jesse grabs the largest butcher knife from the kitchen block and buries it up to the handle in his father's chest, killing him. As his father dies, he taunts Jesse that he had to have the matched set by killing both his mother and his father. Jesse is momentarily stunned by the murder that he committed and when he feels his scalp, believes that the lumps on his head had grown bigger in the short time since he'd checked on them last. Grabbing his coat and his father's car keys, Jesse flees the house, leaving his father's dead body behind.

Following his father's murder, Jesse decides to stay in town long enough to gather the funds he'd need to hit the road in style, knowing that no one would notice his father missing or even care that he was missing. The lumps on his forehead continue to grow and Jesse decides to see a doctor once he's set himself up in another town. He's also surprised to find that his rage was not quelled by his father's murder as he'd believed it would be since his father was the problem in his life and Jesse had gotten rid of him for good. Before he can do anything, Jesse is called by Bart and Keith who ask to meet with him on the bike path behind the elementary and middle schools. Thinking that the cops might know something, Jesse agrees and is enraged to learn that they've decided that Jesse is too hardcore for them and they are kicking him out of their gang, planning to perform home burglaries while letting Jesse do his own thing. Once again going into a murderous rage, Jesse slams his elbow into Keith's throat then slams his knee into Bart's face, sending him stumbling down an incline towards the streambed below. Yelling about Bart planning to kick him out of their gang and calling him pathetic, Jesse grabs Bart and bashes his head in against a tree trunk, killing him. Jesse then returns to Keith who is still having trouble breathing, drags him next to Bart's corpse and grabs a big rock. As Keith tries to plead with Jesse not to, Jesse bashes Keith's head in with the rock, killing him as well. Jesse then camouflages the bodies of his dead friends so that they won't be found and is relieved to have killed them rather than remorseful. Jesse then hears a voice within himself calling him to come to it.

In order to get to the voice calling to him, Jesse breaks into his neighbor's house and steals his red Dodge Durango, knowing his neighbor won't be home until Monday and thus won't miss the SUV for a few days. Following the voice, Jesse makes his way to the abandoned commercial district where he is joined by Ryan Bramble and Dalton Rourke outside of Hawthorne's Department Store. To Dalton and Jesse's surprise, Ryan announces that the three of them are brothers after seeing how alike they are when standing next to each other. At that moment, the three are joined by a man who confirms Ryan's statement and who has horns growing from his head exactly like the ones that have been developing on the three teenagers heads. The man identifies himself as their father Tora and tells them that the time has come for them to rise above their humanity and become full oni, the process of which has already begun but they must voluntarily finish. Tora warns them that if they don't complete the process, they will die stillborn, half human, half oni and their end will be agonizing. After Ryan asks if they will be as powerful as Tora, he confirms that one day they will be but first he will introduce them to the woman who will become their oni mother and that night, the teens will become oni. Jesse, Dalton and Ryan follow Tora into Hawthorne's with Jesse and Dalton exchanging nods along the way, excited about the idea while Ryan is instead disgusted.

Inside the store, Tora stops Ryan from helping Kim Jacobs and lines his three sons up to explain the process to them. Tora tells the three that a taste of his blood will imbue them with strength beyond that of humankind at which point, they will go to a human gathering and proclaim their dominance with a slaughter. Tora states that while the three will have weapons to aid them, at least one killing blow must come from an oni trait they now possess, either their hardened fingernails or their nascent fangs. Once their skin runs red with the blood of their victims, the final stage of their transformation will begin and they will become oni with the dawn. However, Tora warns that if they don't do this by dawn, they will suffer an excruciatingly painful end as their bodies reject their dual nature. Tora then slices open his forearm and chants in a guttural language before offering his sons his blood one by one, telling them that a taste of his blood will offer them some of his strength and invulnerability, enough to get them through the violence of the ritual until they become full oni and the power rises from within them. While Ryan only takes the blood to gain strength in hopes of finding a way to kill Tora in revenge for his mother's rape and death, Jesse and Dalton eagerly take the blood due to their desire to become oni.

After taking Tora's blood, the four depart in Jesse's stolen SUV with Dalton complimenting him on it and Jesse explaining where he got it. As they drive, Dalton gets confirmation that they need a place where a lot of people are gathered in a confined space for the ritual and suggests the Cheshire Theater to Jesse's amusement. Tora hands each of his sons a long curved knife that he orders them to keep concealed until they are inside and then to kill as many people as they can. Tora reminds them that they must each kill at least one person with either their claws or teeth and not to just rely on the knives. Finally arriving at the theater, Tora kills the lobby workers and orders them to block the exits and allow no one to leave. On Tora's orders, Jesse and Dalton enter through the right and Dalton heads for the balcony while Tora and Ryan enter through the left.

Once everyone is in position, Jesse starts the massacre by jumping on stage and using his knife to start slicing everyone's throats with a few people trying to stop Jesse without success. When people try to flee, they are stopped by Tora and the bodies Dalton drops from the balcony overhead. After slaughtering the orchestra, Jesse makes his way through the crowd, killing everyone in his way until he gets into position to block the door opposite the oni. As the massacre continues, Jesse rips out several throats with his claws and teeth with over a hundred people dead or dying by the time the first contingent of police officers arrives to stop them. One of the attacking cops shoots Jesse in the heart, but his invulnerability from Tora's blood results in the bullet not even breaking his skin and startling him more than it does cause him pain. Laughing in delight, Jesse rushes the cop, stabs him in the gut with his knife and rips the knife upwards, killing the man. Jesse, Ryan and Tora slaughter the cops and continue massacring the innocent people gathered in the theater.

Eventually, more cops arrive accompanied by hunters Bobby Singer, Roy Dempsey and Sam and Dean Winchester and all carrying holly which neutralizes Tora's ability to directly influence their behavior. By the time that they arrive, Jesse's horns have grown to half the size of Tora's and Dean watches as Jesse rips out an old man's throat with his claws. As Dean and Roy go after Dalton, Sam and a few cops go after Ryan and Bobby and Sergeant James McClary go after Tora, a group of cops target Jesse and attempt to kill him without luck. Jesse kills three police officers with his knife and claws, causing the surviving officers to retreat, taking shots when they can but causing no harm to Jesse. Suddenly, Dean manages to kill Dalton and discovers the fact that the oni's third eye is their weak spot. As Dean yells to the cops and other hunters to target Ryan, Jesse and Tora's third eyes, Tora orders a retreat rather than risk Jesse and Ryan's lives further now that the hunters know their weakness. Following Tora's orders, Jesse stabs a cop in the chest with his knife and kills him and then uses the cop's gun to kill two other nearby cops. However, as Jesse makes his way towards his father, Bobby fires a shot at him, attempting to hit Jesse in his third eye, causing Jesse to crash between two rows of seats, apparently dead. A moment later, Jesse rises again, Bobby having missed his third eye but causing a blossoming line of blood along his temple. While Sam tries to shoot Jesse, Tora attacks him, forcing Sam to turn his attention to Tora and giving Jesse time to escape with Ryan and Tora out the fire exit. Reaching Jesse's stolen SUV, the three return to Hawthorne's.

At Hawthorne's, Ryan argues with Tora over being forced to take part in the massacre while Tora sense the presence of Sumiko Jones and sends Jesse to get her. Hiding on one of the escalators, Jesse ambushes Sumiko who tries to break free of him ineffectually. Jesse takes Sumiko to Tora and announces that he was right, causing Tora to promise that Jesse's third eye will soon allow him to "see beyond" too. Recognizing his girlfriend, Ryan tries to convince Tora to let Sumiko go instead of using her heart in the demon gate ritual, but Tora refuses and orders Jesse to tie her to a chair until he needs Sumiko's heart. As Jesse goes to tie her up, Sumiko attempts to break free, causing Jesse to break Sumiko's arm while restraining her, enraging Ryan who attempts to attack Jesse. Releasing Sumiko, Jesse draws his knife, stabs Ryan through his third eye, twists the knife and then yanks it out, mortally wounding Ryan. As Ryan dies in Sumiko's arms, Jesse is grabbed by Tora who is enraged at Jesse's audacity at murdering one of his sons. Jesse is unrepentant, telling Tora that Ryan was weak and is ordered by Tora to rip out Sumiko's tongue if she talks again after Sumiko tells the two that Ryan was stronger than both of them. After Kim Jacobs tricks Tora into killing her so that she doesn't have to go through the demon gate ritual, Jesse suggests he use Sumiko instead and holds Sumiko down as Tora prepares to perform the demon gate ritual with her instead of Kim.

As Tora prepares to feed Sumiko his blood, he is shot by Sam Winchester who, along with Dean and Bobby, is shielded from Tora's power by the holly that they carry. On Tora's command, Jesse releases Sumiko and charges the Winchesters, going hunched over and with his arm across his forehead to shield his third eye. Despite this, Sam shoots Jesse in the arm with an armor-piercing bullet, causing him such pain that Jesse veers away from Sam and into the path of Dean who lays on the floor and hits Jesse below the knees with a crowbar. The force of the blow knocks Jesse to the ground and spins Dean around, but Jesse recovers quicker, gets back to his feet and pounces at Dean with his claws. As Jesse comes down on top of him, Dean twists the flat end of his crowbar into the air so that the steel tip impales Jesse through his third eye and into his brain, killing him. Dean then heaves Jesse's twitching dead body off of him and yanks the crowbar free to use it on Tora.

After the deaths of Tora and Jesse, their bodies are left in Hawthorne's with Ryan and Kim Jacobs bodies and Bobby informs Sergeant McClary of the events and leaves him to deal with the bodies and writing the report on the incident.

Physical Appearance[]

Like his half-brothers, Jesse was six foot five and had a wide build. He was described as the biggest physically of the three oni hybrids and sported a shaved head, earrings, battered leather jacket, jeans and black steel-toed boots. Following the start of his transformation into an oni, Jesse's red hair started regrowing and he grew horns which grew to be close to the size of his father's. He also had deadly claws and a third eye.

Personality and Traits[]

Even before his transformation into an oni began, Jesse was the most violent and chaos enjoying member of Tora's family. He called in a bomb threat for sheer entertainment value and committed robberies with his friends. Jesse's behavior at times seemed at least borderline psychopathic. As his transformation began, Jesse nearly beat a couple to death in a robbery and became paranoid that his friends were attempting to harm him. He later remorselessly killed them and his father.

Following his discovery of his true nature, Jesse fully embraced it. During the slaughter at the theater, Jesse took great joy in slaughtering hundreds of people, becoming a total psychopath. After murdering his half-brother Ryan Bramble, Jesse showed no remorse and simply told the enraged Tora that Ryan was weak, uncaring about Tora's threatening stance towards him.

Powers and Abilities[]

After his transformation into an oni begins, Jesse develops a few powerful oni abilities.

  • Talon-like claws - As his transformation into an oni continued, Jesse's fingernails turned into deadly talon-like claws easily capable of ripping a person's throat out and disemboweling them.
  • Super Strength - After beginning his transformation into an oni, Jesse gained inhuman levels of strength. His strength was such that he effortlessly killed his two best friends and a crowd of hundreds of theater goers and while restraining Sumiko Jones, he broke her arm.
  • Invulnerability - After being given some of Tora's blood, Jesse gained a lesser degree of the full invulnerability of an adult oni. Jesse's invulnerability was such that bullet impacts stung him, but didn't break his skin or cause him serious discomfort. Jesse could only be killed by an attack to his third eye, but armor-piercing bullets could injure him, though not mortally.


  • Mortality - Before he began his transformation into a full oni, Jesse was vulnerable to all mortal harm.
  • Third Eye - After beginning his transformation into a full oni, Jesse's only weakness was his third eye.
  • Armor-Piercing Bullets - While invulnerable, Jesse could be harmed by armor-piercing bullets, though not mortally. An armor-piercing round that struck him in the head was the only hit that Jesse took that caused him to bleed at all. A second armor-piercing round that struck him in the arm caused Jesse enough pain that he changed from his attack vector on Sam Winchester who had shot him.


Killed By[]

After the Winchesters and Bobby Singer arrived to kill Tora, Jesse attempted to attack Sam, only to his legs knocked out from under him by Dean with a crowbar. As Jesse recovered and came down on Dean to kill Dean with his claws, Dean twisted the crowbar up and impaled Jesse through his third eye with the crowbar, killing Jesse.