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Hell will never follow you.
Jervis' last words.

Jervis is one of Crowley's demon minions on Earth.


Season 11[]

After escaping Castiel's attempt on his life at the James Brothers whiskey distillery, Crowley takes possession of Marnie and contacts his demons for help using a Goblet of Blood after an orgy. Arriving with the Demon Minion, Jervis informs Crowley that they have another team and a witch securing Crowley's vessel and removing Rowena's immobilization spell. Jervis stands by quietly while the Demon Minion questions Crowley's actions.

After Crowley returns to his usual vessel, Jervis, at the prompting of the Demon Minion, informs Crowley that there are rumors in Hell that the Darkness has escaped. While Crowley finds it ridiculous, the Demon Minion informs the King of a disturbance in Lucifer's Cage that the demons believe might've been Lucifer or Michael trying to warn them about the Darkness. Jervis tells Crowley that "half of Hell" is freaking out over the events.

Sometime later, Jervis reports to Crowley that Marco has killed one of Amara's victims, pleasing Crowley. Crowley notices that his lair is low on demons and Jervis admits that their numbers have been a bit thin as of late due to Amara eating everyone. As Jervis talks about the low soul projections, Crowley notices the door to Amara's unguarded. As Jervis nervously tries to explain, Crowley demotes Jervis to guard the door.

Crowley later calls Jervis into Amara's room where Jervis and another demon bring in a delivery man for Amara to consume. Amara refuses the meal and the two demons drag the man out again.

When the Winchesters raid the lair, Jervis is nervously pacing outside of Amara's room. To catch Jervis' attention, Dean plays an old message from Crowley on his phone, drawing Jervis down the corridor. Seeing that its Dean, Jervis charges him only to be jumped from the side by Sam. Sam effortlessly knocks Jervis unconscious and restrains him with Supernatural Handcuffs. Hearing two more demons coming, Sam takes Jervis' keys and gives them to Dean while Sam stays behind to deal with the demons.

After killing one demon and restraining the other, Sam looks at the three unconscious or dead demons on the floor and comments "okay. Two out of three" before leaving.

Season 12[]

Following Amara and God's departure, Jervis and the other demons receive contact from Lucifer. The archangel assigns Jervis and the Bearded Demon with the task of cleaning up the vessels he has been burning through. Unknown to them, the two demons are followed by Crowley who intends to kill Lucifer and secure his position as Ruler of Hell. Crowley eventually confronts the two demons and Jervis, though nervous at first, openly mocks Crowley's plans. In response, Crowley draws an angel blade and kills both demons.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jervis appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.


As a regular low-level demon, Jervis possessed all the weaknesses of a demon.

  • Higher Demons - Jervis was subservient to and weaker than higher demons such as Crowley.
  • Archangels - He was subservient to the Archangel Lucifer.
  • Supernatural Handcuffs - Jervis could be restrained with the handcuffs.
  • Angel Blades - As a regular low-level demon, Jervis could be killed with an angel blade.