Jerry Panowski works at an airport, and his friend Chuck Lambert was piloting United Britannia Flight 2485 when the plane crashed. Dean and John Winchester helped Jerry with a poltergeist in the past, so he calls Dean and Sam to investigate.


Season 1Edit

Jerry had encountered a poltergeist problem a few years earlier in Kittanning, Pennsylvania and had already been helped out once by John and Dean. So when he listened to the voice recorder from the crashed Flight 2485, he knew instantly that it was worth calling again. He phoned John's cellphone number, but received a recorded message telling him to call Dean. He does this and tells Dean and Sam about the crash piloted by his friend Chuck Lambert, and plays the recording from the cockpit voice recorder for them. Jerry provided them the passenger manifests and a list of survivors, but couldn't get them access to the crash evidence. Jerry looks at a substance found on the handle of the emergency exit and determines it is sulfur and leaves to fire one of his employees. Jerry calls Dean to tell him that his friend Chuck was killed in another plane crash, along with one other passenger. Jerry finds sulfur at the second plane crash too and they determine the demon causing it is going after the survivors of the first flight. After the Winchesters prevent the demon from crashing another plane, Jerry explains how he got Dean's phone number.[1]




  • Jerry is one of two male Winchester allies to have not died and yet not made an appearance since their debut, pre-Season 4. The other is Deacon.


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