Jerry Hollister was a hunter.


Season 12Edit

Alongside Roy, Walt and two other people, Jerry was one of the hunters called in by the Winchesters and Jody Mills to deal with the threat from the British Men of Letters. Jerry listened to Sam's speech about the British Men of Letters and agreed to join his assault team alongside the others.

Jerry fought with the other hunters in the attack on the British Men of Letters compound. Jerry survived most of the fight and killed Paige after spotting her. Moments after Jerry killed Paige, he was attacked by Doctor Hess. Doctor Hess kicked Jerry's gun from his hand, snapped his neck and flung him over a railing.



  • Jerry's picture is visible on the target board behind Doctor Hess when she is briefing the British Men of Letters operatives in Who We Are. His full name is displayed, but his last name is illegible from the distance the camera shot is at. It clearly starts with an H however.
    • In a deleted scene from the episode, it is shown more clearly and reveals his last name as Hollister.
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