You know what that's like, not to be able to dream? You never rest, not really; it's like being awake for 15 years. (...) I just wanna dream.
— Jeremy Frost
in Dream a Little Dream of Me

Jeremy Frost was a young man who hadn't dreamed in years after his abusive father hit his head with a baseball bat.



As a young boy, Jeremy's abusive father hit him in the head with a baseball bat. While Jeremy survived the blow, it left him without the ability to dream which slowly drove him insane. Jeremy's father eventually died before he was ten.

When Jeremy got to college, he entered a dream study run by Doctor Walter Gregg who studied sleeping disorders. Doctor Gregg used African Dream Root on Jeremy which restored his ability to dream. Jeremy became addicted to the dream root and the power it gave him. After Doctor Gregg refused to give Jeremy any more, Jeremy killed Doctor Gregg in his dreams in order to be able to continue using the dream root.

Jeremy's murder of Doctor Gregg drew the attention of hunter Bobby Singer. While investigating, Bobby spoke to Jeremy and fell for his mild-mannered pothead front. Bobby accepted a beer from Jeremy, inadvertently giving the deranged young man his DNA. Using Bobby's DNA, Jeremy was able to enter his dreams and trap Bobby in a nightmare where he was under attack by his wife who was enraged by Bobby's inability to save her from the demon that had possessed her.

Season 3Edit

In Dream A Little Dream Of Me, after learning of Bobby's state, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester investigated. During the investigation, Dean spoke to Jeremy who successfully fooled the hunter as he did Bobby. During their talk, Dean accepted a beer from Jeremy as Bobby did, giving Jeremy his DNA.

Getting African Dream Root from Bela Talbot, the Winchesters entered Bobby's nightmare where Dean found Bobby under attack by the nightmare version of his wife. Outside of the dream version of Bobby's house, Sam encountered Jeremy who attacked Sam with a baseball bat, proclaiming himself to be a god. Before Jeremy could kill Sam with the baseball bat, Dean got Bobby to wake up, ending the dream.

Following his failed attempt to kill Bobby, Jeremy fled his dorm room to an unknown location. With Jeremy able to enter Bobby and Dean's dreams, neither went to sleep for two days as the three and Bela worked without success to locate Jeremy. Finally, exhausted, Dean chose to confront Jeremy in his dreams with Sam taking some African dream root to be able to help him.

When the Winchesters enter Dean's dream, Jeremy watches them from some nearby trees. Jeremy is able to separate the Winchesters and force Dean to confront manifestations of his own self-loathing and fears that he will become a demon. Jeremy is also able to keep Dean from being able to wake himself up.

With Dean distracted, Jeremy makes it seem like Sam wakes up in the Impala with Dean still sleeping next to him, but replaces Dean with himself. Jeremy attacks Sam once more with a baseball bat, claiming that he just wants to be left alone to be able to dream. When Sam refuses, Jeremy manipulates the dream so that Sam is tied to railroad spikes driven into the ground and begins beating on him. Before Jeremy can deliver the final blow, Sam tells Jeremy that he has taken the dream root too and manifests a vision of his own worst nightmare: his abusive father. Henry angrily calls out to Jeremy as he approaches, visibly frightening Jeremy. As Jeremy is distracted, Sam is able to free himself, snatches the bat from Jeremy's hand and bashes his head in with two blows. Sam's attack kills Jeremy in both the dream world and the real world, ending Dean's nightmare.


Jeremy was noted to be a genius was a 160 IQ. He was a skilled liar and manipulator, able to fool both Bobby Singer and Dean Winchester into believing that he was a simple pothead and was harmless.

In reality, Jeremy was a dangerous and insane individual. Due to the skill he developed in Dream Walking, Jeremy came to believe himself to be a god in dreams, showing a high degree of arrogance in his abilities. Jeremy insisted that his motivation was only so that he could continue to use the African Dream Root to be able to dream again after fifteen years of being unable to. Jeremy described his inability to dream as never being able to rest and stated that for him, it was like being awake for fifteen years. After hearing this explanation of the effects of Jeremy's inability to dream, Sam Winchester came to believe it had driven Jeremy insane.

Jeremy had apparently grown addicted to taking the African dream root. Beyond the power it gave him, the way he described his need for it sounded like a drug addiction.

Even years after his abusive father's death, Jeremy remained deathly afraid of him. A nightmare vision of his father calling out to Jeremy was able to instill visible panic in the deranged young man even when the nightmare Henry remained several feet away from him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

I'm getting better and better at this. Stronger and stronger all the time.
— Jeremy Frost
in Dream a Little Dream of Me
  • Dream Walking - Using African Dream Root, Jeremy discovered the ability to enter and control people's dreams. He had to get their DNA first and then once he was in he could shape the dreams to his liking, usually making them into nightmares where the person died. They would then die in reality. However, if the person took control of the dream, they could wake up. If faced with a person who had also taken the Dream Root, both sides could manipulate the dream and Jeremy was vulnerable to being killed in the dream and thus in real life as well.



  • In his dream attacks, Jeremy showed a propensity towards using a baseball bat as a weapon. This likely came from his father using one on him as a kid to inflict the injury that removed his ability to dream.
  • Jeremy showed many similarities with Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street films, Freddy was able to enter and manipulate dreams in order to murder the children of the parents that killed him. As with Jeremy, Freddy's victims would also die in the real world.
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