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Well, he's not a hunter, but he plays one on TV.
Dean to Sam about Jensen Ackles
in The French Mistake

Jensen Ackles is a human living in an Alternate Earth. He is an actor who portrayed the character Dean Winchester in a television series called Supernatural, which narrated the life of Sam and Dean Winchester, but only as a narrative fiction.


Season 6[]

Sam and Dean encountered the series and its set and producers when Balthazar sent them into the alternate reality to keep Virgil, and by extension, the archangel Raphael, from taking hold of Heaven's Weapons. Both Dean and Sam are mistaken for the actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, respectively. Taking refuge in Jensen's luxurious trailer, they do some research on Jensen and Jared, and Dean is horrified to learn that Jensen was on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.[1]

Season 15[]

In Galaxy Brain, God begins destroying all alternate universes and by Destiny's Child is almost done. As a result, it is unknown if Jensen and his universe are currently still in existence.

With Billie's revelation that God has destroyed the entire Multiverse is safe to presume that Jensen was killed because of the destruction of his world.