Jenny is a young woman who was turned into a vampire by Luther's nest.


While driving with her boyfriend, Jenny spotted a man lying in the middle of the road and got her boyfriend to stop and help while she called 911. However, the man turns out to be a vampire luring them in to act as food for his nest and Jenny and her boyfriend are kidnapped.

Later, at the vampires' lair, Jenny and her boyfriend are tied to a post and Beau offers Jenny a drink which she spits back in his face. Beau then nearly hits Jenny before being stopped by another vampire. Jenny watches in horror as the vampires eat her boyfriend and then with interest as Luther and Kate make out. Amused by her watching them, Luther cuts Kate's hand open with a knife and Kate feeds Jenny her blood through a kiss, turning Jenny into a vampire herself. Later, when the Winchesters raid the vampire nest to get the Colt, Sam attempts to free Jenny, unaware that she is now a vampire. Jenny wakes up and screams, alerting the rest of the nest to the hunters presence and forcing them to flee.

After the failed raid, Jenny fully joins the nest and goes with Luther and two other vampires to confront John Winchester and rescue Kate. Jenny stays out of the fight that follows that leaves the other two vampires incapacitated and Luther dead. Recognizing that they can't win, Jenny convinces a reluctant Kate to flee and they take off in one of the vampires' two cars.

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