Jennifer Tanaka was a student at Truman High School, one of the schools Sam and Dean attended in 1997.


Believing that he and Dean had solved a case of ghost possession at Truman, Sam wanted to visit his former teacher Mr. Wyatt before they left town. Jennifer stopped him in the hall and asked him for directions to a classroom. After he told her where to go, she smiled and said, "Thanks, Sam." Before he could fully react, she took out a knife and stabbed him in the chest. As he doubled over in pain, she hissed, "You got tall, Winchester," and kicked him in the face. He pulled a container out of his jacket an poured salt into his hand, and as she geared up to strike him again, he grabbed her and shoved the salt into her mouth. He struggled to hold his hand over her face until a dark mass ejected from her body and flew down the hall.


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