Jenna Rubner is a resident of Monument, Colorado who was briefly possessed by a demon.


Jenna is a resident of Monument, Colorado and was friends with Nancy Fitzgerald, the local sheriff station's secretary.

In 2008, Jenna was possessed by a demon along with around thirty other townspeople to get at Sam and Dean Winchester who had taken refuge inside. As the demons lay siege to the building, Nancy recognizes Jenna amongst the possessed. During the battle that follows, the demon possessing Jenna attacks the Winchesters personally, telekinetically pinning them to the wall. However, before the situation can escalate any further, Victor Henriksen plays an exorcism recorded by Sam over the station's PA system. The demon possessing Jenna is exorcised from her along with all of the other demons within the station.

Jenna survives the exorcism and recovers, confused by the events that led to her being in the sheriff's station.


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