This unnamed woman was the grandmother of Deputy Jenna Nickerson.


This woman resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She is approached by Jenna with an orphaned baby girl and she accepts the child. She instructs Jenna to go and have rest while she puts the baby to sleep.

Later that night, Jenna and her grandmother hear loud noises and they go to investigate Amara's room. They discover Amara spinning blocks in the air and slamming them into the walls which spells, "Feed Me". The grandmother decides to call a priest, since she believes the baby is possessed. Jenna tries to talk her out of it and calls Dean instead. When Dean arrives, Jenna warns him that her grandmother called her priest, who sent an exorcist to them, who much to Dean's surprise is Crowley.

While the grandmother is preparing tea, she hears a loud thud coming from upstairs and grips her crucifix in fear. She is startled by Jenna, who picks up a butcher knife and approaches her, saying she "always wanted to try this". The grandmother screams, alerting Dean and Crowley, who rush into the kitchen only to find the grandmother dead on the floor, her throat slashed.

Jenna proceeds to break her grandmother's angel statues. When Crowley locates her, he realizes she has no soul. Amara had consumed it, causing Jenna to behave differently.

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  • This woman was clearly religious, since she mentioned having enough canned food to last until Judgment Day. She also referred to Amara as "an angel", and later described Amara as having "the devil" in her.
    • The first part of this is Ironic as Judgement Day was stopped by Sam and Dean years ago.
  • She was apparently Jenna's paternal grandmother, since she had placed Amara in a crib belonging to Jenna's father.
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