Jen is a student that Sam interviews while checking out a suicide on the campus.


She is sitting at a table with Curtis and Sam. Sam asking them why they think the professor did it. Jen tells him that he had a wife and kids, and his book is like a really big deal. "Then again," she says, "who's to say it was suicide?" Curtis starts to argue, but Sam asks, "What else could it be?" She starts to say something but Curtis interrupts, saying "It's a bunch of crap, it's a total urban legend."

Jen says that three years ago a girl was having an affair with some professor. He broke it off, she jumped from room 669 out a window and killed herself. Sam nods. "So now she haunts the building. And anyone who sees her? They don't live to tell the tale," she finishes. "Well if no one lives to tell the tale then... how does the tale get told?" says Curtis. Sam stands up and leaves.


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