You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

Talent scout. That's all. Looking for the next generation of superstars... before they get to Hell
— Jeffrey's Demon
in Repo Man

The unnamed demon who possessed Jeffrey, described himself as a talent scout, his job, to search the world for new people to corrupt, to become the next generation of demons.


Early HistoryEdit

In 2009, he came to Jeffrey, and helped his evil tendencies to grow, and thus steered him directly down the wrong path, helping him with his serial killings.

Searching for Lilith, Sam and Dean Winchester, with the help of Nora Havelock, captured him. They tortured him until he told them where they could find one of Lilith's lieutenants, Merrick, before Dean exorcised him, supposedly freeing Jeffrey.

The demon was imprisoned far, far down in Hell for betraying Lilith. Jeffrey tried to summon him, but was unable to, until he managed to get a stronger ritual that required the blood of the person who exorcised him.

Season 7Edit

In 2012, Jeffrey lured the Winchesters into a trap and used a ritual with Dean's blood to summon the demon, wanting it to possess him again. Instead, the demon possessed Nora Havelock's son as he saw no more need to guide Jeffrey and knocked him down when he refused to listen to him. Before he could do more, Sam arrived and tricked the demon into walking into a devil's trap. Jeffrey tried to use the Demon-killing knife on the demon in revenge while he was trapped, but Dean shot him dead. As Nora started an exorcism, the demon taunted them that Jeffrey would be "back in black." Nora exorcised the demon, saving her son and the demon was sent back to Hell.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This demon was a low-level and not particularly powerful black-eyed demon.


  • Devil's Trap - The demon was caught in a devil's trap and bound twice.
  • Iron - When the demon possessed Nora Havelock's son; he was immediately burned and pained by the iron chains holding him in place, and furiously struggled to get them off him.
  • Exorcism - The demon was exorcised twice, once by Dean Winchester and once by Nora Havelock.
  • White-eyed Demons - The demon feared Lilith and what she would do to him if he told Sam and Dean about her and her lieutenants. After being exorcised for the first time he was put into deep lockdown in Hell by Lilith or another more powerful demon.


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