Jefferson Rooney was the 45th President of the United States.


Jefferson and Lucifer

Jefferson consorts with Lucifer.

A spiritual man, Rooney agrees to possession by Lucifer in exchange for Lucifer teaching him how to make America a more spiritual place. In order to pass as Rooney, Lucifer communicates with him briefly in his mind while using Rooney's influence and position to send the Secret Service after the Winchesters. Lucifer also has sex with Kelly Kline, Rooney's lover while using him as a vessel and conceives a Nephilim.

Lucifer is ultimately exorcised from Rooney by Sam Winchester with a hyperbolic pulse generator. Castiel checks on Rooney and finds that he has survived Lucifer's possession of him. Castiel erases Rooney's memory of the possession and he wakes up a few minutes later. However, the Secret Service discover the Winchesters checking on him and believe they had attempted to assassinate Rooney. As a result, the Winchesters are arrested for attempting to assassinate the President of the United States.

A conversation between Rick Sanchez and Camp later on reveals that Jefferson has no recollection of the past three days and they assume he may have been drugged. A lab is running a tox screen just to be sure.

In The Bad Place, Jefferson is implied to no longer be president when Kaia Nieves makes a comment about "Trump's America," suggesting that Donald Trump is president.

In Let the Good Times Roll, its confirmed that Jefferson is no longer president when Sam introduces Donald Trump as president to the Apocalypse World refugees. The reason for Jefferson no longer being in office is never explained.



  • In LOTUS, the President of the United States is revealed to be Jefferson Rooney. However, in "Time After Time", Dean tells Eliot Ness that in 2012, the president was a black guy. Furthermore, Dean mentions Barack Obama by name in "Paper Moon" and "About a Boy". Jefferson Rooney is presumably Obama's successor.
    • Obama's real-life successor is Donald Trump. This makes Jefferson the only fictional president in the series.
    • Rooney is also the only president to make a physical appearance.
    • When Rooney was the current president on the show, many references to Trump's campaign slogan were made such as both Crowley and Lucifer saying they are going to "Make Hell great again." This is an allusion towards President Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."
  • Rooney is only one of four vessels to survive Lucifer possessing them, the other three being Sam Winchester, Castiel and Nick.
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