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Jeff was a security guard working for UL-2MAT Storage in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


While Jeff was working the night shift at the storage facility, Nick arrived with a kidnapped Mary Winchester to access Mary's Lock-Up. Though Jeff watched the van driving by, he paid it no mind and went back to reading.

In order to give Abraxas a vessel so that Nick could question the demon for answers, Nick kidnapped Jeff and tied him to a chair in the middle of a devil's trap. Frightened, Jeff tried to get answers from Mary who warned Nick that if he let Abraxas out of the Enochian Puzzle Box, he could kill them. Jeff watched Nick's attempts to open the box, culminating with Nick drilling into the top.

Released in his smoke form and bound within the devil's trap, Abraxas immediately possessed a screaming Jeff. During the confrontation that followed, Dean tried to exorcise Abraxas out of Jeff but failed. In the end, Nick killed Abraxas by stabbing him in the chest with an angel blade, killing Jeff as well in the process.