Jeb Dexter was a magician of struggling fame. Although known among the magician subculture and hosting a relatively popular magic stage show and podcast, Dexter was largely regarded by more professional magicians as a two-bit wannabe as well as a "douchebag" and an overall embarrassment to the magician art form.


Season 4Edit

He was famous for doing magic tricks while feigning demon possession. He was also very much stuck up and self-loving; with a clear resentment and jealousy of Criss Angel. Sam and Dean see them when they come to investigate the death of Vance. Jeb is also the highlight of the Magic Event. Later on, he interviews Jay for a television special, but keeps calling him the wrong name (Jay's friends call Jeb a douchebag in the background). As he is preparing for his next show and checking himself out in the mirror, a noose comes down and hangs Jeb. Jeb dies in his hotel room.



  • Jeb is a parody of famous Las Vegas-based street and stage magician and musician Criss Angel.
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