Jason was a demon in the employ of Abaddon.


Following Abaddon losing her vessel to Holy Fire, she contacted Jason who retrieved it and performed a ritual to restore it for her. Part of the ritual required Jason's own blood. After Josie's body was restored, Abaddon repossessed her and called a meeting of other demons loyal to her to discuss her plan to launch a crusade to overthrow Crowley and take control of Hell. Jason attended the meeting where Abaddon credited him with informing her of the state of Hell. Jason watched as she exorcised a Crossroad Demon who questioned her and explained her plan to get them stronger vessels.

SPN 0522

Jason in his new vessel (left) [1]

Accompanied by Abaddon and the other two demons, Jason traveled to a military base and he and the other two demons took possession of three soldiers instead of their old vessels. In his new vessel, Jason joined the effort to lure Sam and Dean Winchester into a trap using military weapons. While Abaddon confronted Dean personally, Jason and the other two demons confronted Sam. They overpowered Sam and knocked him out, however, the angel Gadreel took control of Sam and displayed his wings to them, causing Abaddon to flee when she realized the Winchesters brought an angel with them. The three demons were no match for Gadreel, even in his weakened state and he killed them with the demon-killing knife to avoid suspicion from Sam when he regained control.




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