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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

I'm gonna take my time with this one (...) Now, don't you go passing out before I've had my fun. It's so much more satisfying to cut off a vampire's head while's he still thrashing, kicking and screaming in pain.
Jason about to torture Gayle
in Savage Blood
Jason is a hunter that appeared in Supernatural: The Animation. He specialized in hunting vampires and only hunted vampires. He is a sadistic individual and enjoys killing.

History Edit

Early History Edit

12 years before the events of the episode Savage Blood, Jason brutally hunts down three vampires, Gayle, Miranda, and their infant son Ryan, with the intent to torture and kill all three. He successfully shoots Miranda with a silver bullet, tortures, and decapitates her, but Gayle and Ryan managed to flee.

At some point in time, Jason crossed paths with Sam and Dean and gained a disdain for them.

Supernatural: The Animation Edit

In Savage Blood, Jason tails the same case as Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean, decide to keep an eye out for Jason, as their shared history together has garnered distrust towards the vampire hunter. While Dean is with the vampire Gayle, who is explaining how he doesn't harm mortals, Sam is keeping a close eye on Jason but fails as Jason escapes Sam's sight with a decoy of himself in a van. Jason then heads to the farm with Gayle and Dean are talking and shoots Gayle multiple times with silver bullets.


Jason takes on Dean and Gayle.

Jason then attempts to torture the wounded Gayle but is stopped by Dean momentarily. The three get into a fight, and Jason manages to subdue both the wounded Gayle and Dean. During their fight, Jason tells Dean that he is even softer than his own father. Just as Jason is about to kill both Dean and Gayle, he is shot twice by Sam. Gayle then gets ready to feast on Jason, but is stopped by his son who reminds him to control his anger. Gayle, Dean, Ryan, and Sam leave, and Gayle is left to himself.

Personality Edit

You're the one who's the monster, Jason. This guy is more human than you can ever hope to be.
Dean to Jason
in Savage Blood

Jason is a heartless and sadistic individual, willing to kill anything or anyone that gets in his way. He shows no mercy, even to defenseless opponents. He has said to enjoy torturing vampires and has tortured several throughout his hunting career. He appears to have respect for no one, not even fellow hunters.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Master Hunting Skills - Jason was a formidable and fierce vampire hunter, using ruthless and effective tactics to take down his targets.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Jason managed to take on both Dean Winchester and a wounded vampire at the same time with his bare hands.[1]
    • Marksmanship - Jason carried two handguns with him, which he used to successfully cripple the vampire Gayle.
    • Torture - Jason has experience with torturing individuals, as he mentioned that he often tortures his prey before killing them.

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