Jarrod Hayes was a victim of Black Bill.


One night, Jarrod was at a campfire with a group of friends, including Daryn Boston. When Jarrod decided to take a walk through the woods, he discovered a bag full of money and tried to take it, but attempting to do so triggered a trap that caused razor wires to tie him to a tree.

Jarrod called for help, alerting Daryn who came to check on him. When a horned figure, resembling the legendary Black Bill appeared, Jarrod was terrified. The creature knocked him in the head with a mallet, and Jarrod fell unconscious.

Daryn, who witnessed the whole thing, panicked, and ran away.

Black Bill, aka Pete Garfinkle would come to capture Daryn too for witnessing the crime and reporting it to Sam and Dean Winchester, who would eventually solve the case and avenge Jarrod, who had been sacrificed as a blood offering to Moloch.


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