This unnamed Japanese man worked as a chef in Junction City, Kansas.


After finding the box containing a mysterious monster, Sam and Dean Winchester brought the box to the man to translate the writing on the outside. The man was surprised to discover that it talked about a Shōjō and explained that it was an alcohol spirit before nervously stating that it was just a legend that they shouldn't put stock in. As the chef's boss called to him, the Winchesters paid him and he returned to work.

Later, after getting a katana to kill the Shōjō, Dean brought the sword and a paper describing a Shinto Blessing to the man and requested that he perform the blessing over the sword. Though nervous at the prospect, the man performed the blessing while Dean poured spring water over the blade, enabling it to kill the Shōjō. Afterwards, Dean paid the man again and left.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Multilingualism - He was able to speak both Japanese and English fluently.
  • Spell Casting - By following printed instructions he was able to, if nervously, perform a Shinto Blessing.


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