Jane Peterson was a waitress at the Biggerson's restaurant.


Season 6Edit

SPN 0062

Jane shoots herself.

She is the fourth person in Calumet City, Illinois reported to have killed herself in just a two-week time span. She shot herself after being bombarded by several harsh truths, the worst of which came from her sister, Olivia. Sam and Dean learn of Olivia's culpability after questioning her, but she isn't sure why she said horrible things to Jane when what she really wanted to do was comfort her sister. Sam and Dean eventually learn that Veritas, the goddess of truth, was summoned in Calumet City, and anyone who wishes out loud for the truth will be bombarded with it until they die. Veritas is a pagan deity and thus eats human flesh, and so it is implied that Jane is eaten by Veritas after her body disappears from the city morgue.[1]



  1. You Can't Handle The Truth
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