First seen
(killed by Castiel)
Portrayed by
Linda Tomassone

Jane was a Nephilim; the product of an angel and a human reproducing. She worked as a waitress. Apparently, she was the only Nephilim left in existence. She was killed by Castiel.

Physical Appearance

She has reddish-brown hair.

Powers and Abilities

Her angelic heritage endowed her with three distinct abilities that made her superior to humans in terms of physical prowess but inferior to most angels. However, it cannot be known if she showed her full power during her encounter with Castiel and Metatron.

  • Super Strength - A Nephilim, she bore enough strength to toss Angels around. She was also able to throw around a wounded Seraph.
  • Enhanced Durability - She possesses high tolerance for pain and could withstand attacks from a high-ranking angel like the Seraph Castiel.
  • Supernatural Perception - She can perceive the true form of angels.


  • Angel Blade - Castiel used his angel blade to kill her.
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