Jan Harris is a deputy sheriff stationed at Hope Springs, Idaho.

Season 11Edit

Jan and Sheriff Mac are approached by Sam and Dean Winchester disguised as FBI agents Greer and Ehart, who have come to investigate the murder and suicide committed by Wes Cooper, a man whose wife Jan also knew personally.

Jan provides Sam with the M.E. reports and tells him that nothing phenomena has occurred, and that the town is always sunny, or used to be. Eager to be with her husband, Sheriff Mac relieves her of duty and she returns home.

Once there, she and her husband notice a fog rolling in. Jan tells her husband to go inside while she calls dispatch, but her radio cuts out as the fog surrounds her and has her suffocating. Jan falls to her knees and notices red markings appearing on her arms. Shortly after, she retrieves her shotgun from her car and goes inside the house to shoot her husband point blank in the face.

Sheriff Mac informs Sam and Dean of the incident, and they track Jan down through her car. They find that she's driving towards them. Jan parks in the middle of the road just outside the Sheriff's Department, and while Sam gets everyone to go inside, Dean approaches her. Jan tells Dean that she has a message from Amara, who kept her from killing herself and forced her to kill her husband.

Jan tells Dean that the light is a lie, and that Amara is showing them the truth. She points a gun at Dean but is shot twice in the chest by Sheriff Mac. Jan falls to the ground and in her dying breath tells Dean that "He's not gonna save them. It's all going away... forever. But not you, Dean". Soon after, the fog arrives.

Jan Harris resurrected

Jan brought back to life.

After God intervenes to save the town, the Winchesters find that he has resurrected the people who have died. Among them is Jan who finds her bullet wound gone. Shortly after, she is reunited with Art, who runs up to her and they embrace.



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