Michael: If you could have anything, name it.
Jamil: Peace and love.
Michael and Jamil Hamed
in Stranger in a Strange Land

Jamil Hamed is a Syrian civil war escapee.



At some point, he cheated on his wife with a woman named Darlene. Eventually, his wife found out and left him. During Syrian civil war, he fled from Syria during one of the armed conflicts, and left his companions to die.

Eventually he made his way to a slum somewhere in USA. However, despite the many bitter experiences he had, he still retained his islamic faith and was actively practicing it.

Season 14Edit

Jamil woke up one day for Fajr prayer (indicated by his Adzan alarm). While he prayed, the archangel Michael suddenly appeared in the front of him, surprising him. Michael asked him what he wanted in this world. Due to his war bitter experiences, he asked about peace and love. Michael told him that he was lying, and revealed the bad things he had done, which ironically conflict with what he wanted.

Enraged, he tried to attack Michael, only to be thrown telekinetically, slammed into a wall. Michael expressed his disgust, telling him he is in fact far beyond saving. Jamil later exclaimed, what actually Michael wanted. Michael just simply replied with "a better world".



  • Jamil is the first Islamic character shown in Supernatural.
  • Jamil's name contains two elements, Jamil and Hamed. In Arabic, Jamil means "beautiful" or "good" and Hamed means "He who praised" or "Praiseworthy". It is also ironic, as he has done many bad things.
  • As Kipling and Anael were alive after meeting Michael, he may have been spared by the latter.
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