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Jamie Plum was a witch, the daughter of Mrs. Plum and the older sister of Jennie Plum.


Mrs. Plum raised her two daughters, Jamie and Jennie to be witches as well. According to Jamie, Mrs. Plum taught her daughters three important things for looking out for themselves: always look your best, never get attached to a man and to make their murders look natural so as to not attract hunters.

Jamie and Jennie later became hated in their hometown in Stillwater, Oklahoma, due to the fact that they misused their powers. The locals already knew it, but feared their powers.

In the end, they become deranged, enjoying playing with men's feelings, using Love Spell to force men to do their bidding, before killing them.

At some point, they encountered Rowena MacLeod. From Rowena, they learned about the existence of the Black Grimoire. Promising to help them to raise their mother with the spell from the book, they later agreed to helped Rowena retrieve the book from the Winchesters.

Season 13[]

The Plum sisters ended up in Fall River, Massachusetts on their way to Lebanon, Kansas in order to retrieve the Black Grimoire. Here, they controlled a local, Dale, to rob a convenient store for vodka and money. After they got it, they managed to killed him by bashing his head in with a sledgehammer.

They later arrived at Lebanon, Kansas. Here, they lured Dean, with Jamie as the bait, while Jennie put the hex bag to activate the spell. They successfully cast the Love Spell on him and controlled him to relinquish the book. Sam, suspicious about Dean's love-struck behaviour, followed Dean and tried to stop the exchange, but was too late.

Dean, under the spell's influence, managed to stop Sam from catching the Plum sisters. The sisters were able to flee from the scene. Dean tried to disable Sam and nearly killed him in the process. Rowena later showed up to snap Dean from the spell's effects, burning the hex bag to break the spell, and successfully saving Sam.

Rowena told him about the danger that would happen if the young witches used the book's spells and power. Rowena also revealed that she had planted a tracking spell on the Black Grimoire from a previous encounter. Since only Rowena was able to sense the tracking spell, the Winchesters teamed up with her to reclaim the book from the Plum sisters.

Upon reaching their hometown, in a store, Jamie read the book. However, the Plum sisters were unable to fully understand the Black Grimoire, since the book contained old languages that their mother had not taught them. They only partially knew some spells in the book. However, they found a resurrection spell that they wanted to perform. They cast the Love spell on one of clerks in the store in order to use his soul as a necessary ingredient of the spell.

Sam, Dean, and Rowena arrived in the town. However, the tracking spell's limitations were revealed by Rowena: the spell only revealed the general vicinity of the book, not the specific area. Dean later managed to track the Plum residence after a clerk in the store give the address to him. Rowena double-crossed the Winchesters and planted an Immobilization spell upon them, heading to the location of the address. The Winchesters, however, were able to disable the spell.

In the Plum residence, Rowena encountered the Plum sisters and revealed that all had been going as planned, now asking for the payment of the book. However, it is revealed that the Plums had succeeded in raising Mrs. Plum from the dead, after recklessly casting the spell in the book due to their incomplete comprehension of Druidic. Now a mindless zombie, Mrs. Plum attacked Rowena. Frightened, Rowena locked herself in the kitchen, but the zombified Mrs. Plum was later able to break the door, with the Plum sisters watching it and mocking her.

The Winchesters showed up. Jamie picked up a knife and Jennie a hammer. Here, a fight ensued. Sam and Dean were easily overpowered by their strength. Sam correctly deduced that it was a spell that had granted them their superhuman strength. Dean suggested that the only way to kill Mrs. Plum was by a headshot, as she was immune to magic, a side effect of the Resurrection Spell. Rowena managed to get one of the Winchesters' guns and shot Mrs. Plum in the head, killing her again.

The Plum sisters were able to pin the Winchesters to a table. Distracted by their mother's death, Rowena later put the Plum sisters under the Attack Dog Spell. Rowena commanded them to kill each other. Under the command, Jamie delivered multiple fatal stabs to Jennie, while Jennie struck her brutally with the sledgehammer. They later died from the inflicted wounds.


As a young witch, she was very ambitious and impatient. She also tended to play around and eventually misused her powers. Due to this, Jamie and her sister Jennie later become everybody's most hated in their hometown. She also delighted in using her powers for malevolent actions, and showed no remorse for the multiple murders she committed alongside her sister.

Power and Abilities[]

Jamie was a moderately powerful witch.

  • Spell Casting - Both Jamie and Jennie were capable of casting spells.
    • Mind Control - The sisters used spells to make men fall in love with them, turning them into utter slaves of their will.
    • Necromancy - Using the Black Grimoire, she and sister brought her mother from the dead.
    • Super Strength - Empowered by a spell from Black Grimoire, they were granted superhuman strength able to overwhelm Sam and Dean.
    • Telekinesis - Using a spell, Jamie and her sister telekinetically shoved Sam and Dean against a wall. 


  • Stronger Magic - Stronger magic was capable of disabling and harming her. The powerful witch Rowena MacLeod was able to curse her with the Attack Dog Spell.
  • Mortality - She still affected by mortality. She died to the wounds inflicted by her sister, Jennie.
  • Magic-proof beings - Sooner after bringing their mother back as a zombie, she and her sister realized they could not affect her by magic.



  • As she and her sister state several times that their mother taught them everything is more likely that they are student witches.