James Turner is the son of Missouri Moseley.



James was born as the only son of psychic Missouri Moseley. James initially embraced his inherited psychic abilities and learned a few tricks from Missouri. He and his mother became strained after Missouri made a false prediction about Tess Turner's illness insisting that she was going to be okay until his wife died.

Upon realizing that his own daughter had inherited the "gift", James forbid her from acknowledging it. He began viewing his own mother as a fake. Still, he continued to hone his psychic abilities in secret, without the knowledge of either his mother or daughter.

Season 13Edit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite his denial of magic and psychic-related abilities that developed throughout the years, James still holds some magical skills that he learned from his mother long time ago, and actually still practices it in secret. He claimed that he only uses the ability in desperate times.



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