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James Martin Frampton was a cop, and later a witch detective. He has a familiar, Portia, and used his powers to solve crimes.


James Frampton met Sam and Dean Winchester at some undisclosed time in the past where he helped them face a homicidal Alchemist. Afterwards, he developed an interest in the occult and became a witch. Using his newfound powers, he rose from a rookie to a Grade A detective almost overnight and had a 100% success rate as a homicide detective.

Dual Life[]

He lives a dual life of a cop and a witch. James has a familiar named Portia and, against the norm, he began a sexual relationship with her. This turned Spencer Wallis, another witch, against him because he wanted Portia as his familiar and was even more enraged when he found out they were romantically involved. Spencer started to implant memories of grisly murders into James' mind causing James to think he was responsible for the killings, which in turn drove James to misery and panic. Worried about him, his Familiar called Sam and Dean for help. Initially, they were skeptical and thought he had lost control of his powers, but gave him the benefit of the doubt because he had saved their lives, so they began investigating to see if another witch could be responsible.

James Frampton performing Astral Projection with Sam and Dean.

After finding nothing, they decided to kill him but Portia managed to stop them in time and convince them to keep looking. They discovered that word was being spread he had gone psycho, which was turning the other local witches against James. Following an Astral projection, he discovered that Ed, the person he surpassed as lead detective, was building a case against him, and he had been testified against by Phillippe.

In rage, he telekinetically threw Sam and Dean and ordered Portia to leave, before confronting Philippe at the club, there he discovered it was Spencer who was responsible, who up to this point he thought was his friend. Spencer explained how he was angry that not only had he lost out on having Portia as his familiar, but they had disregarded the rules and had a sexual relationship. James tried to kill him, but Spencer proved to be the stronger witch and overpowered not just him, but Sam and Dean (who had recovered and caught up). Spencer tried to kill James, but the combined efforts of Portia, Sam and Dean defeated him, saving James. In the end, James had to run, as he still had Ed after him. He bid Sam and Dean goodbye and left with Portia.

Powers and Abilities[]

James is a trained witch, and proved to be very powerful, to the point where other witches seemed to fear him, as demonstrated by the reactions to him in the bar. 

  • Magic - James was very capable at magic, and used it to solve his cases with relative ease and a 100% success rate. He also displayed the ability to use magic offensively, however, he was no match for Spencer.
    • Astral projection - He was capable of using his magic to Astral Project and bring Sam and Dean along with him.
    • Telekinesis - James was a capable telekinetic, and was able to fling both Winchester brothers simultaneously.
    • Super Strength - James could quickly lift Phillippe without effort.
    • Energy Blasts - James was able to launch a blast of magical energy at Spencer.


  • Iron - Chains appear to block or at least dampen his magical powers.
  • Witch-killing spell - Like all witches, he can be killed by Bobby's witch-killing spell.
  • Stronger Witches - Spencer could easily overpower him and would probably kill him if not for the intervention of Sam, Dean, and Portia.