James Byron Dean (February 8, 1931 – September 30, 1955) was an American actor.


Season 5Edit

A superfan of James Dean named Cal Hawkins spends seventeen years tracking James Dean's car, the Little Bastard. When he apparently discovers the real thing, he presents it to his best friend and fellow superfan Jim Grossman. The two are delighted by their discovery but Cal ends up dead moments later, presumably killed by the car itself.

Sheriff Rick Carnegie arrests Jim on the assumption that Jim killed Cal. Sam and Dean Winchester come to investigate the death and are not convinced Jim really killed Cal. Dean does come to believe that the Little Bastard is cursed and maybe responsible, until Sam's research confirms that the car Cal found isn't the real Little Bastard.

Dean and Sam watch the footage featuring Cal's death and spot what appears to be the ghost of James Dean himself. They believe the ghost of James Dean, and later Abraham Lincoln, are out killing their superfans. The brothers visit a wax museum that features wax figures of both James Dean and Abraham Lincoln, as well as other past presidents and Gandhi. The museum also owns a personal artifact belonging to each individual; for James Dean, the museum possesses his keychain.

A Leshi is later revealed to have assumed the form of these famous people by touching their belongings. The Leshi kills their fans as a way of obtaining sacrifices for itself. Sam and Dean manage to defeat the Leshi while it assumes Paris Hilton's form.


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