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An abandoned James Brothers whiskey distillery was the location used by the Mark of Cain removal team in their efforts to save Dean Winchester from the Mark of Cain.


After getting Nadia's Codex, hunter Sam Winchester meets with witch Rowena MacLeod in the abandoned distillery. After Rowena confirms that the codex can in fact be used to decode the Book of the Damned, Sam chains her to a pillar with iron chains to ensure Rowena's cooperation. Before leaving, Sam promises that he will keep up his end of their deal and kill Crowley once Rowena has removed the Mark of Cain from Dean's arm.

After days, Rowena is still unable to use the codex to decode the Book of the Damned as the codex itself is coded. Desperate and needing to keep their work from Dean, Sam brings in computer hacker Charlie Bradbury and the Seraphim Castiel to help speed up the work. While Castiel keeps watch over the two, Charlie and Rowena work from different sides of the main room, often bickering. At one point, Castiel is forced to move Rowena into the old testing room in an effort to give Charlie some peace and quiet, but Charlie uses the opportunity to flee to the Blackbird Motel to get some time away from Rowena.

When Sam returns to the distillery, he brings with him news of Charlie's murder. As Sam prepares to shut down the project, he receives an email from Charlie containing her decoder, allowing Rowena to finally break the codex and through it, the Book of the Damned. After Rowena demands that Sam kill Crowley before she removes the Mark of Cain, Sam leaves to ambush Crowley while Castiel leaves to chase after Dean. Rowena is left alone in the distillery, going through the codex and the Book of the Damned and drinking tea while they are gone.

Having failed to kill Crowley, Sam returns to the distillery armed with witch-killing bullets in an effort to force Rowena into cooperating. Rowena agrees to remove the Mark of Cain in exchange for her freedom and Nadia's Codex which Sam reluctantly agrees to. After Sam leaves, Castiel calls upon Crowley to gather the needed ingredients which includes him bringing Oskar, a young man that Rowena had made immortal. Rowena is forced to sacrifice Oskar, but completes the spell which causes a magical shockwave and a lightning bolt to shoot through the celling. The shockwave breaks Rowena's chains and she departs the distillery after setting Castiel upon Crowley.

Despite being immobilized, Crowley is able to escape Castiel's attack in the form of demon smoke. After Crowley's apparent death, Castiel departs the distillery, leaving behind Crowley's vessel. Possessing Marnie, Crowley is able to contact his demons who send a team to the distillery to secure Crowley's vessel and remove the spell. Once that's done, Crowley returns to the distillery and his vessel where he is informed of a disturbance in Lucifer's Cage.



  • Their appears to be warding on the windows of the distillery. Presumably Sam added the warding to keep the Mark of Cain removal team's efforts from being detected by outside forces.