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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

Grandma... Lynn. Have I made the right decision? If I'd made something of myself and was able to provide for you, I'd have everything I'd ever wanted. But In reality, I haven't done that. All I ever really wanted was to protect my family.
Jake Talley talking to himself
in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2

Jake Talley (ジェイク) is a character from Supernatural: The Anime Series, a Japanese remake from the first two seasons of the original TV Series. He was one one of the Azazel's Special Children.


In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, After killing Sam, Jake Talley rests in the woods by a fire. He recalls how he killed Sam by punching right through the back. He is startled out of his thoughts by Azazel. Enraged at the demon, Jake attempts to punch Azazel with all his strength, but he gets deflected and is thrown miles back.

Jake Talley arrives there by car, just outside the railway roads which make up the Devil's Trap surrounding the Gate. Azazel arrives and instructs Jake to go to the crypt located at the center of the Devil's Trap, within a cemetery, and to open it with the Colt. Jake takes the gun and aims it at Azazel, who threatens Jake's family to compel to do as he's told. Jake arrives at the cemetery, and ponders whether he's doing the right thing. He says that he only ever wanted to protect his family.

Sam rips Jake's arm off.

Before Jake inserts the Colt into the crypt's lock, Dean, Bobby, and Missouri confront him from behind with guns, along with Sam, much to Jake's surprise, who expresses his relief to know Sam is still alive. He then inserts the Colt into the lock, just as Dean's fires a bullet. The bullet misses as Jake jumps into the air and prepares a powerful punch directed at Dean. Sam intervenes by ripping off Jake's arm using his psychic powers. This shocks everyone present. Dean calls to Sam, but clearly, Sam is in a different state, and without a word, he jumps onto Jake and proceeds to pound him to death with his fists. The hunters and psychic are unsuccessful at stopping Jake and the Devil's Gate opens.

Powers & Abilities[]

As a Special Child, Jake's abilities stemmed from the blood of the demon Azazel flowing within his veins.

  • Super Strength: Jake's core power was his supernaturally augmented strength. This made him unique among the Children as he was the only one to exhibit a purely physical ability.



  • The way Jake kills Sam differs between the TV Series and the Anime. In the TV Series he cuts through Sam's spine while in the anime he punches right through the back. Also, how Sam kills him differs between the two: in the TV series Sam merely shoots him repeatedly, in the anime Jake attacks Dean only for Sam to use his psychic powers to rip off Jake's arm, before finishing beating him to death.
  • This incarnation of Jake is more reluctant to go along with The Yellow-Eyed Demon's plans and remorseful of his actions than in the TV series. In the original series, Jake is shown to have embraced his dark side, which gives him access to mind-control powers. He cheerfully takes takes Ellen hostage and expresses only surprise that Sam is alive, unlike his Anime counterpart who is pleased that Sam is alive and calls it "a second chance."