See, that Ava girl was right. Once you given into it, there's all sorts of new jedi mind tricks you can learn.

Private Jake Talley was one of the Special Children who had the powers of enhanced strength and mind control.

He was a former factory worker, soldier serving in Afghanistan who had gone AWOL and the one Special Child who emerged victorious in the competition at Cold Oak, South Dakota. He was threatened into opening the Devil's Gate and killed by Sam Winchester via multiple gun shots to the chest. He had been the one to kill Ava Wilson via snapping her neck and Sam by stabbing him in the back with his own knife.


Early History Edit

He was serving in the army in Afghanistan when he started getting headaches. Then a Jeep rolled over a soldier and Jake lifted it off him. While others thought it a fluke of adrenaline, he later bench-pressed 800lbs. He was later taken by Azazel from Afghanistan and placed in Cold Oak to compete with Azazel's other special children.

Season 2 Edit

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Jake does battle with Sam

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, after Ava Wilson's true intentions are revealed, he kills her with his superhuman strength to protect Sam Winchester, though he later kills Sam to save himself. As the only surviving contestant, he is then congratulated by Azazel.

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Jake meets with Azazel at the border

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, visiting Jake in a dream, the demon orders him to take The Colt to a cemetery that is inside a gigantic devil's trap, which prevents a demon from entering, in order to open the gate to Hell hidden within. Jake refuses at first, feeling guilty about his actions and outraged at being used and manipulated, even threatening to wake up, hunt Azazel down and kill him. Though he reluctantly gives in when Azazel threatens to torture and kill his family. Jake later meets Azazel who gives him the colt and he is told that only it could kill the demon. Hearing this, Jake immediately aims it at Azazel but he says Jake would rather have health and wealth than to shoot him. He promises security for his family as well, causing Jake to lower the Colt. Jake agrees to enter the Devil's Trap and use the Colt as a key to open a gate to Hell.

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Jake is killed by Sam outside the Devil's Gate

Jake's personality then begins to become much darker as he gives in to his demonic side. This allows him to access other demonic abilities. When he is later confronted by Sam, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, and Ellen Harvelle. Seeing Sam, he is shocked as he voiced killing him before he uses mind control to force Ellen to put a gun to her head and threatens to kill her if the others do not drop their weapons. They do so, allowing Jake to unlock the gate. However, after he completes the mission, he is ruthlessly shot multiple times by Sam, who ignored Jake's pleas for mercy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a special child, Jake possess some supernatural abilities. After accepting his role to Azazel, he gains more power than he ever has.

  • Super Strength - Jake lifted a 3-ton military truck, benched pressed 800 pounds stone cold calm without breaking a sweat, and could send people flying with his punches. He once easily threw Sam about 20 feet into a fence breaking the fence and snapped Ava Wilson's neck.
  • Mind Control - Jake later gained the ability to telepathically take control of others' bodies, as evidenced when he exercised this power over Ellen Harvelle by forcing her to put her own gun to her head and holding her at gunpoint.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Mortality - Although being a special child, his susceptibility to physical damage remained intact. He was killed by gunshots.



  • By killing Sam (for whom Dean sold his soul and went to Hell, later to resurrect) and opening The Devil's Gate, Jake is indirectly responsible for putting The Apocalypse into motion.
  • The way Jake kills Sam differs between the TV series and the anime. In the TV series he cuts through Sam's spine while in the anime he punches right through him from behind. Also, how Sam kills him differs between the two: in the TV series Sam merely shoots him repeatedly, in the anime Jake attacks Dean only for Sam to use his psychic powers to rip off Jake's arm, before finishing him by hand.

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