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Jael is a Crossroad Demon who was the mortal enemy of a hunter named Asa Fox.


In 1997, Jael possessed a First Nations Native American girl before being tracked down by hunter Asa Fox. Asa performed an exorcism, ultimately sending Jael back to Hell but not before he forced the girl to commit suicide. In 2002, Jael was able to return from Hell, enraged that he had been exorcised by Asa. At that point, Asa was seeing a woman with a kid named Marlene and Jael possessed her before murdering her and her kid.

In 2016, Asa and his best friend Bucky Sims hunt Jael again through the woods, but get into a fight leaving Asa dead. Jael is left enraged that he didn't get to kill Asa himself and attends Asa's wake to kill the hunters gathered there and get revenge on Bucky. At the wake, Jael possessed Alicia Banes and used her to slit the throat of a hunter named Randy before warding the house, trapping everyone inside and Dean outside and shutting down the water in the house so no one can make holy water. After Jael's presence in the house is revealed, he exposes himself as possessing Alicia to the group and taunts them before vacating her body. Next, Jael possesses Elvis Katz and attempts to kill Dean. However, Jael proves to be a poor fighter and is easily outmatched by Dean. Dean starts an exorcism but Jael snaps Elvis' neck 180 degrees before vacating his body before Dean can finish. He then knocks out the power to the house.

Next, Jael possesses Jody Mills and attempts to get the hunters to kill Mary Winchester by pretending Mary is the one possessed. However, the Winchesters see through Jael's trick and he drops the act. The Winchesters all try to attack Jael, but he defeats all three of them before pinning all of the hunters to the ground with telekinesis. Jael then takes great pleasure in exposing everyone's secrets that he has pulled from their heads. When Bucky tries to stand up to him, Jael turns his full attention on the hunter, unintentionally letting go of his grip on the others. Jael demands that Bucky tell the others the truth before Sam starts an exorcism. Jael quickly flings Sam into a bookshelf to stop him, but Dean picks up where Sam left off before he's flung through a glass door. As Jael continues to demand Bucky tell everyone the truth, Alicia and Max pick up the exorcism before Jael stops them as well. Bucky finally admits that he killed Asa and as Jael is distracted with the triumph of it, Mary finishes the exorcism. Jael is expelled from Jody and burns a hole through the floor as he's sent back to Hell. Jody survives the exorcism and tells Sam that the possession sucked.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jael is a powerful Crossroad Demon.

  • Demonic Possession - Like all demons, Jael needs to possess a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - Demons are immune to age, illness as well as most physical harm in the mortal world.
  • Super Strength - Like all demons, he has enhanced physical strength.
  • Telekinesis - Jael was able to pin all of the hunters to the ground with his mind, but required concentration to maintain his hold as they were released when he turned his focus to Bucky Sims.
  • Telepathy - Jael was able to read the mind's of the hunters around him and learn their secrets.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Jael's presence caused the lights in Asa's house to flicker. The lights also flickered when Jael vacated Alicia's body.
  • Electrokinesis - Jael was able to knock out all power to Asa's house.
  • Spell Casting - Jael was able to ward Asa's house powerfully enough that no one could get in or out and Alicia and Max Banes, who had been raised by a witch, couldn't break it.
  • Reality Warping (through deals) - As a Crossroad Demon, Jael could warp reality to make the wishes the person he made a deal with come true.


  • Exorcism - Jael was exorcised and sent back to Hell by hunters.
  • Holy Water - Jael is vulnerable to holy water.
  • Angel Blades - Bucky implied that an angel blade would work on Jael.
  • Reapers - Jael's warding spell was no match to reapers as Billie could pass it through in order to reap souls. She also could send someone else through the lockdown.


Jael was highly sadistic and cruel, his acts of killing were done with a sense of glee and pride. He enjoyed torturing people both physically and emotionally, often targeting those important to his enemies in order to hurt the latter's feelings. He also liked to reveal people's secrets in an attempt to cause a rift or a fight or simply to hurt anyone involved.

Jael was also possessive, as he preferred to fight and kill his enemies himself. When Asa was killed by Bucky and the blame was pinned on Jael, Jael reacted by killing a few hunters at the wake, exposing a few secrets, and forcing Bucky to reveal the truth. He took pleasure when Bucky did as he was told, only to be irritated soon after when the hunters managed to exorcise him.

Jael proved to be the manipulative type, but his skills at lying and fighting were equally poor, the two being his greatest weak points. Jael's true strength was his sadism, and while he had nothing good in him, it was he who avenged his fallen rival by exposing Bucky's secret.



  • In Lore, Jael or Yael (Hebrew Ya'el, יָעֵל, meaning Ibex) is a woman mentioned in the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Bible, as the heroine who killed Sisera to deliver Israel from the troops of King Jabin.
  • Even as a powerful Crossroad Demon, his fighting skills were poor.
  • Jael was incredibly sadistic as shown through his methods of killing and his enjoyment over tormenting the hunters.
  • Jael is the only known demon aside from Meg to return from Hell without outside help. However, while Meg only took a matter of months, Jael took five years to return.
  • Jael is the first demon shown to be exorcised back to Hell since two of Abaddon's demons in the flashback to 1958 in Mother's Little Helper over two and a half years before.
  • Jael is the second demon who has been exorcised by more than one person on the show. The other was the demon possessing Nora who was exorcised by Dean Winchester and Gary Frankle.
  • Jael is the first demon since season 4 to be shown actually returning to Hell by burning a hole through the floor. The last time this was seen was when Sam was exorcising demons with his psychic powers.