Jacob Karns' bones were the bones left by Jacob Karns after his death and were part of what tied his ghost to the Earth.


Following his execution, Jacob Karns' body was buried in an unmarked grave in the Old North Cemetery located in Ankeny, Iowa where he had committed his crimes. Despite records stating that the grave was completely unmarked, a small tombstone with the cross Karns' used on his hook was placed over the grave.

After his death, Karns' became a violent spirit known as the Hookman. Along with his reforged hook, Karns' bones helped tie his ghost to the Earth.

In 2005, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester identified Karns as the Hookman, particularly when they saw the cross from Karns' hook carved into a wall as part of a taunting message. The two quickly learned from the town records that Karns was buried in an unmarked grave, but Dean decided to search for it anyway that night. After looking through the cemetery, Dean spotted the small tombstone with the cross symbol on it and realized that it represented Karns' grave. Dean dug up the coffin, broke into it and performed a salt and burn upon the bones. However, Karns was not destroyed as his reforged hook still existed.

The next day, Dean met up with Sam who had witnessed Karns attack Reverend Sorensen. Though Dean insisted that he had burned everything in the coffin, Sam quickly realized that Dean didn't get the hook which wasn't in the coffin and that it was still tying Karns to the Earth.



  • Dean salting and burning Jacob Karns' bones was the first example of a salt and burn on Supernatural. However, it didn't work due to Jacob Karns' hook continuing to exist even after the destruction of his bones.
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