Jacob Karns was a powerful ghost and the basis of the Hookman legend.


Early life


Jacob Karns' arrest records from 1862.

Jacob Karns, a preacher, had previously lost his right hand in an accident and had it replaced it with a silver hook.

In 1862, Karns became angry over the red light district in town on the Nine Mile Road and one night, he killed 13 prostitutes. "Some of the deceased were found in their bed, sheets soaked with blood. Others suspended upside down from the limbs of trees as a warning against sins of the flesh." He was arrested and then executed.

It appears Jacob Karns' spirit feeds off repressed emotions. In 1932, a clergyman was arrested for murder and in 1967, a seminarian killed some hippies. In the current case, Lori Sorensen's feelings about her boyfriend, roommate and adulterous father incite Karns to attack them.

Season 1

Dean Winchester finds Karns' bones at the Old North Cemetery, in an unmarked grave he identifies because it has Karns' cross symbol on it. This fails to stop Karns, and the boys realize the spirit is still around because the silver that made up Jacob's hook had been remoulded into items in the church. Jacob is dispatched when all of these, the last being a silver chain Lori wears, is melted.

Powers and Abilities

As a ghost the Hookman possessed standard ghost powers, however, he was stronger than most regular ghosts.

  • Super Strength - The Hook Man was very strong and could deal out devastating blows. He was able to casually knock Sam through the air with a single swipe.
  • Invisibility - Standard ghost power.
  • Telekinesis - A capable telekinetic, he was able to drag Lori invisibly after he injured Sam.
  • Teleportation - Able to move over a vast area, capable of going anywhere Lori went.
  • Resilience - Possibly because he was a former preacher, the Hookman could walk on holy ground, something lesser spirits were unable to do. It also took two shots of salt to get rid of him, one only weakened him, all other ghosts needed only one.


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