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Jacob Frankenstein was a member of Styne Family, a family which has consisted of magic practitioners for several generations. He led a group of mercenaries which searched for the Book of the Damned.


Not much known about him. Jacob and his mercenaries have been searching for the Book of the Damned across several countries in Europe. Eventually, he learnt that Charlie Bradbury unearthed the book in a monastery in Spain, Jacob is sent to hunt her down and retrieve the book for his family. He would stop at nothing to find her going so far as to murder everyone he asked about Charlie even though they knew nothing.

Season 10[]

After learning Charlie had obtained the Book of the Damned from a monastery in Spain, he began pursuing her until they were in America and successfully wounded her during their encounter in an alley. He later pursued her and committed numerous killings along his way, including truck stops and gas stations up and down the way, to capture Charlie and reclaim the book from her.

Eventually, he captured Dean in a convenience store. He told Dean that a spell from the book is capable of removing the Mark of Cain, but wonders why Dean would want to remove it, as Jacob considers the Mark a "Gift". Dean later managed to escape from the scene after a fight and killed one of his henchmen.

He later came to Charlie's safe house with his henchmen. In a gun fight, he was mortally wounded by Dean and killed by Sam with a fatal stab with a knife in his stomach. In his last breath, he swore that his family will never stop looking for that book.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although he can be considered as a magic practitioners, his power and abilities are not shown much. Being capable to be tasked in searching the Book of the Damned, he maybe the one of the most powerful magic practitioners in that community.

  • Enhanced Durability - He was displayed a certain degree of enhanced durability, taking multiple bullets from Dean's gun, and Sam's knife to kill him.
  • Supernatural Knowledge - He has a certain degree of supernatural knowledge. He recognized the Mark of Cain, classifying it as a "Gift" and wondered why Dean wanted to be rid of it. He also knew the contents of the Book of the Damned.


He has the common weaknesses of the Styne Family.

  • Multiple Wounds - Despite his enhanced durability, Jacob was killed by five gunshots to the chest and a knife to the stomach.



  • Jacob is the first member of the Styne Family to appear on the show.
  • Jacob is the only member of the Styne Family that Sam Winchester was at all responsible for killing.