These four unnamed men worked for Jacob Frankenstein of the Styne Family in his search for Charlie Bradbury and the Book of the Damned.


At some point, these men came into the employ of the Styne Family and more specifically Jacob Frankenstein. As part of their service, they received bio-enhancements that granted them at the very least enhanced durability and superhuman strength.

After Charlie Bradbury steals the Book of the Damned, she is chased through alleyways by Jacob and one of his henchmen using the Book of the Damned Tracking Compass Jacob carries. Following the compass into an alleyway filled with dumpsters and blocked at the end by a chain link fence, Jacob's henchman begins checking the dumpsters. Charlie suddenly emerges from one and stabs the man through the throat with her katana, killing him. Charlie kicks is able to use the surprise attack to kick the man's body across the alleyway and turn her attack upon Jacob.

Continuing to track Charlie, Jacob and his henchmen arrive at the Campbell River Store where Jacob discovers that Charlie has somehow hidden the Book of the Damned from their ability to track. Realizing that Charlie was on that road, Jacob orders one of his henchmen to send "the boys" up and down the road looking for anyone that might've seen Charlie.

After hunter Dean Winchester arrives at a truck stop where Jacob had just killed the clerk after interrogating him, Dean recognizes Jacob as a member of the Styne Family and pulls a gun on him. While Jacob distracts Dean, one of his henchmen comes up from behind, flings Dean's gun across the room and holds Dean captive as Jacob interrogates him. After Jacob moves in closer, Dean headbutts both men, knocking Jacob's henchman off of him. As Jacob runs, his henchman goes after Dean who recovers his gun and shoots the man twice. To Dean's shock, the bullets don't kill the man who survives due to his enhancements. After being stunned for a moment over being shot, the man charges Dean who unloads his gun into Jacob's henchman, finally killing him after firing his entire clip into the man.

Jacob and his remaining two henchmen are able to follow Dean to a cabin where Charlie and Sam Winchester are trying to decipher the Book of the Damned. As Dean orders Sam to burn the Book of the Damned, Jacob's henchmen break in and attack Dean and Charlie. One attempts to break a chair over Charlie, but she slashes him twice across the chest with her katana and knocks him backwards into the wall. Charlie then stabs him through the chest and out his back, severing the man's spine, killing him. Jacob's other henchman engages in a brutal hand-to-hand fight with Dean who ultimately breaks a chair over his back and flings the man into a wall, knocking him unconscious.

After the death of Jacob at the hands of Dean and Sam it is unknown what happened to the henchman Dean knocked out. However, the Winchesters and Charlie presumably killed him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to the bio-enhancements they received from the Styne Family, these men possessed superhuman abilities.

  • Enhanced Durability - Due to the bio-enhancements given to him by the Styne Family, they were extremely difficult to kill. One man took a full clip from a Colt M1911A1 to die.
  • Enhanced Strength - Due to the bio-enhancements given to them by the Styne Family, they possessed greater strength than most humans. One was able to effortlessly restrain hunter Dean Winchester.


Due to the multiple organs they received from their bio-enhancements, they were extremely hard to kill.

  • Massive Neck Injury - Charlie Bradbury was able to kill one by stabbing him through the throat.
  • Multiple Wounds - Despite possessing enhanced durability, Dean Winchester was able to kill one by unloading an entire pistol clip into his chest.
  • Spinal Cord Severing - Charlie Bradbury able to kill one by severing his spine with a katana through the chest and out of his back.


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