Jackson was a demon apprenticed under the crossroad demon Guy.


As Guy's "capable intern," Jackson helped Guy collect early on his deals for people's souls. At the same time, however, he was reporting back to Crowley (who was King of the Crossroads as well as King of Hell), since Guy was abusing a contractual loophole to collect on his clients' souls early, which Jackson knew that Crowley would not approve of.

Jackson got noticed by Dean Winchester when the demon attempted to kill the CEO's wife, who had made a deal with Guy. Jackson appeared again to save Guy, who was trapped inside a devil's trap, by breaking the trap for him. As Jackson was choking Sam Winchester telekinetically, he was killed by Becky Rosen when she stabbed him from behind with Ruby's knife. When Crowley arrived and spotted Jackson's deceased meatsuit, he remarked that Jackson would have had a bright future had he lived.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Telekinesis - Jackson could move objects with his mind. He used this power to assassinate several people who had signed deals with Guy, as well as to break a chain supporting a ceiling decoration, to hurl Sam, Dean and Garth across a room simultaneously and with immense force, and to slam Garth's head into a table to knock him unconscious.
  • Teleportation - Jackson teleported into a room to release Guy from a Devil's Trap and to attack Sam, Dean, and Garth.
  • Biokinesis - By merely clenching his fist, Jackson was able to choke Sam Winchester.

Weaknesses Edit

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jackson's demonic eye color was not shown. However, it can be safely assumed that he was either black-eyed or red-eyed.
  • Actor Mike Kovac also portrays Dale in the Season 13 episode "Various & Sundry Villains".
  • He was the first and only character to be killed by Becky Rosen.
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