Article said it all — dead as dog poop, guts pecked out, face frozen. People don't walk away from that. Zombies do.
— Jack Spradlin on the body he found
in Remember the Titans

Jack Spradlin was a state trooper in Montana, whose radio call sign was 7-Mary-4.

Background Edit

After Prometheus, who was using the name "Shane", was run down by a drunk driver and killed, Spradlin found his body on the side of Highway 89. He turned to radio the frozen body in, but when he turned back around it had walked away. An article about this encounter was published in a tabloid magazine.

When Sam and Dean Winchester came to investigate the case posing as FBI agents, Spradlin asked them why the FBI was tracking zombie activity. Dean denied that they were tracking zombies, as zombies don't exist, and Spradlin told them that the encounter had happened exactly how the article said. He stated he didn't follow the mysterious victim, as the tracks led to grizzly territory. The receptionist then came across a report from Livingston, a neighboring town, about a body of a man thought to be mauled to death by grizzlies. Spradlin confirmed that it was the same body he had seen, and prepared to leave. Sam told him to stay and let them take care of it, and Dean told him he would be their first call if things went "Dawn of the Dead" on them. As they left, Spradlin advised them to aim for the head.



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