My mother, she said Castiel -- he would keep me safe. She said the world was a dangerous place, that's -- that's why I couldn't be a baby or a child. I -- that's why I had to grow up fast, that's why I chose him to be my father.

Jack Kline[1] (b. May 18, 2017) is the son of Lucifer and Kelly Kline. He is the first and only known Nephilim to be sired by an Archangel. Jack was taken in by Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester who would teach him how to master his powers. During this time, Jack played a role in the resurrection of Castiel who he had chosen as his father.

Jack would leave the Winchesters and Castiel to go off to master his powers, in an effort to prove he is good he would search for a way to rescue Mary Winchester for her sons. Jack would be sent to Apocalypse World where he'd rescue Mary and they fight out off many angels to protect a human colony.

Wanting to free the Apocalypse World from Michael's reign, Jack would form a resistance composed of humans to stand against the angels.

In the months that followed, Jack would see many victories over the angels before he was reunited with Sam, Dean, and Castiel. Jack also met his biological father Lucifer and his uncle Gabriel. He was unsure of how to deal with this but decided to hear his father out and even got on good terms with him. Jack believed that with his father, he could defeat Michael. However, his close status with Lucifer raised concern from the Winchesters and they soon put a stop to it in the evacuation of Apocalypse world by leaving Lucifer trapped.

Lucifer however returned and offered to take Jack to the stars where they could go on a father-son journey cross the known universe. Jack at first accepted immediately but after seeing Lucifer's true malicious self he disowned him as his father. In retaliation, Lucifer stole Jack's grace, leaving him powerless. With Lucifer poised to destroy everything, Dean became the vessel for the Apocalypse World Michael and killed Lucifer in battle to Jack's great relief before Michael took control of Dean and departed, loose upon the Main Universe.

In the time after his loss of power, Jack spent time adjusting to being human as he waited for his grace to return. However, he also felt worthless as he couldn't stop Michael but overcame it by using his basic hunter knowledge to help out. It was also shown that he was experiencing an illness but didn't know what was causing it though withheld this from everyone. After Dean returned, Jack went on a case with him and did very well but his illness finally took hold. It was discovered because his grace kept his body intact, Jack's body couldn't sustain without it and he was dying. After being given grace of his uncle Gabriel and being helped by Rowena MacLeod, Jack's body was giving out. Jack soon died and went to Heaven but he left his Heaven to enter his mother's heaven where he finally connected with her. However, Jack was pursued by The Shadow who sought to claim him but because of the Winchesters and Castiel, Jack was resurrected and returned to Earth.


Season 12

After Lucifer took possession of President Jefferson Rooney, he had sex with Jefferson's aide and lover, Kelly, who was unaware of the possession. After their first round, Kelly said she believed Jefferson Rooney (Lucifer) would make a great father, which inspired Lucifer to sleep with her again and conceive a child.

The conception of the Nephilim was felt by Castiel, who was miles away inside the Men of Letters Bunker. He and the Winchester brothers decided they needed to get rid of the child, as it was the "spawn of Lucifer".

After Sam and Dean successfully banished Lucifer thus saving the president, Castiel took Kelly away to a diner. He pleaded with her to get rid of the child, informing her that it was not Jefferson's, but the Devil's. Kelly excused herself to the bathroom and fled the diner. As she rode away in a taxi, she insisted through a phone call that the baby was still hers, and she did not want to get rid of it.

After his mother was rescued by Dagon from angels trying to kill her and him, Dagon revealed to his mother Kelly that he was a boy. Elsewhere, Lucifer mentioned to Crowley that his son's power is a chip off the old block.

Jack on a sonogram

When Kelly began experiencing "weird little pains", she ordered Dagon to take her to a doctor, in case something was wrong with the baby. Dr. Turner could not find anything wrong with the baby itself, and Dagon assured Kelly that the child was fine and he was going to become big and strong. The pains were, in fact, the start of intense, life-threatening pain that Kelly was going to experience since birthing a Nephilim was always fatal to the human.

In The Future, Kelly only has less than a month left before she gives birth. Kelly is told by Dagon of the unimaginable horror the child will unleash upon his birth. In an effort to stop this, Kelly commits suicide only to have her child resurrect her. Following her resurrection, Kelly states that she felt his soul surge through her and that it was good, not evil though Dagon believes the child only brought her back to ensure his own survival.

After being kidnapped by Castiel, Kelly insists on the goodness of her child. Castiel is ordered by Joshua to bring Kelly through the portal to Heaven which will kill both Kelly and her child and scatter their atoms across the universe. As Kelly continues to insist on her son's goodness, Castiel asks her if this is true, who will guide and protect the child after his birth since Kelly will die in the process. The child kicks moments later and Castiel feels it. As the Winchesters arrive, the child has a premonition of a conflict between Dagon and Castiel at Heaven's Portal and instructs Kelly to take herself and Castiel there, having chosen Castiel to protect and guide him after sensing Castiel when he touched Kelly's belly.

File:Tumblr op3mjs21wh1qbqoiko3 500.gif

Castiel is empowered by Jack

At Heaven's Portal, Dagon kills Joshua and effortlessly defeats Kelly's defenders. As Castiel and Kelly stand hand-in-hand, Jack empowers Castiel, causing his eyes to glow. With the child aiding him, Castiel is easily able to overpower a shocked Dagon and negates her powers. Telling Dagon to "call it a miracle", Castiel uses Jack's power to incinerate the Prince of Hell.

Following Dagon's death, Castiel tells the Winchesters that it was both himself and Lucifer's child who killed Dagon. Castiel tells the Winchesters, who planned to remove the child's grace and leave him human and powerless, that he now knows that the child must be born with all of his power intact as he now has faith in the child's goodness. As they depart in his truck, Castiel tells Kelly that the child showed him "the future".

The moment of Jack's birth

Castiel takes Kelly to a lakeside house which is set for a newborn baby. Kelly is desperate for her son to be born good and well-loved. During labor, a rift to another dimension is opened and Team Free Will uses it to trap Lucifer within but he drew Mary with him as they tried to push him in. Sam returns to the house to find Kelly dead, along with a trail of scorched footprints leading to the nursery. Inside, he discovers a full-grown Nephilim with golden eyes sitting in the corner, and gives Sam a menacing smile.

Jack smiles at Sam

Season 13

In Lost & Found, Sam tries and talk to Jack, who asks if he is his father. Sam tells Jack he is not his father and is still attempting to speak with Jack when Dean arrives and shoots at Jack, narrowly missing him after Sam tried to stop him. Jack becomes angry and in self-defense begins screaming, causing a pulse of energy to emanate from his body that blows out all the windows in the house and freezes Sam and Dean in the air before jettisoning them back into the wall, knocking them unconscious.

Jack's first moments on Earth

Jack leaves the house and wanders the woods until he comes across a Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats, and asks at the drive-thru for his father. Seeing that he is naked and confused, an employee, Clark Barker, calls his mother, Sheriff Christine Barker, to deal with the situation. Sheriff Barker arrives to find Jack still standing in the parking lot. Seeing the sheriff's gun, Jack initially takes a defensive stance until Sheriff Barker assures him she only wants to help him.

"I like nougat."

At the Sheriff's Department, a now fully clothed Jack begins absorbing his new surroundings while Sheriff Barker tries to get information out of him. Jack is only able to tell her that his mother is in Heaven and that he is looking for his father. Jack is then fingerprinted and sits with Clark who asks what Jack is on. Jack tells him he isn't stoned, but that he is hungry. Clark takes Jack to the break room, where Jack tests out a new power that allows him to get free food from the vending machines; he becomes a big fan of nougat. Soon after showing this ability to Sheriff Barker, Jack begins picking up angel radio, which causes him debilitating pain. When Sheriff Barker tries to stop him from leaving, Jack loses control and sends her flying into the vending machines. As he tries to leave the station, he comes face to face with Dean, but before Jack can do anything Sam hits him with a taser, rendering Jack unconscious.

Jack and Sam talk

Sam and Jack are placed in a holding cell, while Dean explains the situation to the sheriff. When Jack comes to, Sam apologizes to Jack and explains he didn't want to hurt him. Jack tells Sam he was scared of the voices he was hearing, which caused him to lose control. Jack tells Sam that he doesn't know if he can open another rift and that he needs to find his father, who will protect him. When Sam tells him Lucifer doesn't do that, Jack corrects him and tells him that Castiel is his father, because his mother told him that Castiel would keep him safe. He also explains that through his mother, he knew the world was dangerous and had to mature into adulthood immediately after his birth to protect himself.

A trio of angels led by Miriam arrive at the station; two of the angels are able to locate Jack in the holding cell area. When they try to take him, a fight ensues, ending with Sam banishing them. The action of the sigil causes Jack momentary discomfort. Miriam enters the holding cell area but is flanked by Sam and Dean. Feigning that she is giving up, she tells Sam that if the angels can't have him, no one will and drives her angel blade into Jack's heart. After Sam kills her in retaliation, Jack drops to his knees and pulls the blade from his chest. To all their astonishment, he is fine.

In the aftermath of the clash, Sam and Dean decide to take Jack with them back to the Men of Letters Bunker, but before going home, the trio goes and give Castiel and Jack's mother Kelly a hunter funeral pyre.

Jack with the Winchesters

In The Rising Son, Jack spends his time with Sam and Dean Winchester. Jack notices that Dean doesn't particularly like him and tries to emulate him in order to appear more favorable. Jack eats a burger and drinks beer the same way (and the same time) as Dean does, but this only serves to annoy Dean. The trio is soon visited by Donatello Redfield. Donatello notices that Jack isn't human and admits that he himself no longer has his soul. Later on, he is told by "Donatello" to use his powers to open a rift, but just as he nearly completes it Dean, Sam, and the real Donatello appear. Jack realizes he was tricked by Asmodeus who attacks his friends causing him to get angry and attempts to attack Asmodeus but the latter flees. During the night, Dean approaches Jack and tells him that while he is unsure of being evil if he turns then he will be the one to kill him.

In Patience, Sam has Jack practice his powers to move a pencil with his mind which he struggles with and becomes irritated that he can't do one good thing right. Very soon, he is able to move the pencil and tells Sam of his feat taking the latter's congrats in stride as he mentions Dean's promise to kill him but Sam says he won't allow it.

At night, he overhears an argument between Dean and Sam where he hears Sam defending him and Dean accusing Sam of using him to bring back their mother. He then hears Dean state he was the cause of Castiel's death which causes his eyes to glow as he says the angel's name. This act unknowingly sends a telepathic message to Castiel in The Empty and he awakens after hearing Jack's voice.

Jack on a case with Sam and Dean

In The Big Empty, Jack is watching videos on the computers before he is invited by Sam to join him and Dean on a mission though he refuses due to Dean's distrust of him while also revealing he is aware Sam wants him to control his powers to save his mother.

Sam confirms he wants to save his mother but states he does care for Jack and promises not to allow Dean to hurt him as they go off to their quest.

The trio goes to the victim's house where they put on their aliases as FBI, which confuses Jack, and ask the neighbor about what she saw and she explains it was definitely her old neighbor's wife. Dean and Sam begin making deductions on what could of it done it as they decide to visit the dead woman's grave. They burn the body to ensure it's not a zombie and tell a curious Jack they did so for his mother and continue to ponder on what did it.

Sam then returns and holds her at gunpoint revealing he discovered Mia is a Shapeshifter as Dean joins him in pointing a gun.

Mia states she did not hurt anyone as the brothers tell her that some of her patients have ended up dead which surprises her. Knowing they are hunters, Mia proclaims her innocence and tells them she has an alibi and to check it out to confirm it.

Dean goes to do so and returns confirming she is telling the truth, to her relief. They then ask if she isn't killing anyone who was as she deduces it to be her old lover Buddy who is also shifter and enjoyed killing just to torment others. However, she is trying to atone for her past by helping people get through their grief. Understanding, the Winchesters state if Buddy is doing so then he must be taking on forms of her patients to get information and kill them.

Dean and Jack go to a possible lead, as Sam stays with Mia before he leaves in Mia's car to pursue him.

Dean and Jack return soon after and while Dean calls Sam, Jack speaks with Mia and tells her that he is not actually Sam and Dean's brother and that his mother actually died when he was born. He shows her the video of his mother and asks Mia if she will take on Kelly's form for him to gain some closure.

Jack speaking with "Kelly"

Seeing his pain, Mia agrees and shifts into the form of Kelly while Jack has his eyes closed. Mia, as Kelly, then comforts Jack about his self-doubt. Dean suddenly barges in and knocks out Jack before holding Mia at gunpoint. This Dean reveals himself to be Buddy.

Buddy ties up Dean and Jack while speaking to Mia, angry that she abandoned him to start a new life. He proclaims his intention of destroying that life by having her kill the hostages but she refuses and tells him to kill her. While they talk, Dean wakes up Jack and orders Jack to use his powers to free them. Jack, afraid his lack of control over his own powers may hurt Dean, refuses to obey the order.

Just as Buddy is about to shoot them, he sees Sam return and readies to kill him by tricking him into coming to him. When Sam starts to open the door, Mia tries to stop Buddy but is pushed aside. Buddy shoots at Sam, but Jack uses his power to cause the bullet to ricochet into the wall. This saves and allows Sam to shoot Buddy, killing him.

Mia apologizes for the trouble she has caused and promised to do something about Buddy. She laments that all her attempts to help people were for naught but Jack states she helped him in his time of need. This somewhat relieves her spirits as she smiled at him in thanks.

At the bunker, Dean meets Jack and congratulates him on his actions in the mission as Jack accepts it with a smile.

Jack reunited with a resurrected Castiel

In Tombstone, Jack goes over cases on the computers just as Dean and Sam return to the bunker with Jack questioning how their case went before noticing their strange behavior as they reveal a resurrected Castiel. Jack is surprised as he brings up the brothers' statement of nothing coming back from being burned but soon hears it is partly because of him begging for the angel's return is why he has come back. Excited by this, Jack greets the newly resurrected Angel with a hug and proceeds to tell everyone he found a case. Despite it seeming like Dean is humoring him, it turns out that the grave robbery was a real case just not a zombie like Jack thought but rather a Ghoul. Jack is told of them which he labels as a "zombie shapeshifter". Jack also recognized the ghoul and deduced its identity as the mortician's boyfriend from a picture he had seen there.

After tracking the ghoul to a bank, a gunfight breaks out. In an attempt to stop it, Jack unleashes a telekinetic blast that throws the Ghoul and a security guard back. The security guard hits his head on a pole and dies. Jack seems to be struggling with the fact he has killed someone and is sent back to the bunker. While Sam and Castiel attempt to console him and tell him that he just made a mistake Jack seems to be taking it harder than the others realize. Once Dean returns, he explains he had the ghoul take the fall of the guard's death as Jack has an outburst regarding the dead man and is scared that he will hurt the others saying they are all he has and he can't hurt them. Jack throws them back saying he is sorry and teleports out of the bunker.

In War of the Worlds, the Winchesters and Asmodeus attempt to find Jack who has managed to cloak himself from Asmodeus' detection. After escaping from the alternate reality, a weakened Lucifer tells Castiel that he needs Jack's help to defeat the alternate reality Michael. Lucifer also learns Jack's name from Castiel and seems impressed. At the same time, the Winchesters put out an APB with every hunter they know for Jack and have Sheriff Jody Mills put out a police APB at the same time. After capturing Lucifer and Castiel, Asmodeus also became aware of the invading Michael, stating if it was true he needed Jack on his side.

In The Scorpion and The Frog, the Winchesters continue their search for Jack. They are approached by the King of the Crossroads Barthamus who offers a Nephilim tracking spell to find Jack in exchange for the Winchesters helping him to steal back his bones from Luther Shrike.

Ultimately, the tracking spell is destroyed when Alice burns Barthamus' bones to kill him, resulting in Barthamus being consumed in flames. Though they lost their chance to find Jack, the Winchesters are pleased with the outcome as they stopped Barthamus and saved Alice from her deal.

In The Bad Place, Jack is revealed to have been learning to control his powers and attempting to prove that he is good by locating and rescuing Mary Winchester for Sam and Dean since he knew they missed her. However, while he has been able to feel the alternate realities, he lacked the ability to actually see them and so could not open a rift. Using what the Winchesters taught him, Jack does research and learns about dreamwalkers who have the ability to see into other worlds.

In an attempt to rescue Mary, Jack contacts dreamwalker Derek Swan. Using cash, Jack is able to convince Derek to help him try to open a rift into the alternate reality. As Derek uses his powers to search for the correct reality, Jack telepathically connects with Derek's mind to see what Derek sees for himself. Though the two manage to find Mary, Derek is not strong enough to hold the connection long enough for Jack to open a rift. Jack stops before he can seriously hurt Derek and Derek points Jack to Kaia Nieves who is the most powerful dreamwalker Derek has ever met. Derek is also able to give Jack a suggestion on the best place to attempt to open the portal.

Shortly afterwards, angels looking for Jack torture and kill Derek. Derek's murder is discovered by Sheriff Jody Mills who learns that Derek's girlfriend saw Jack shortly before Derek's death. After getting confirmation that Jack was who the girlfriend saw, the Winchesters come to the wrong conclusion that Jack murdered Derek and is now looking for Lucifer as they saw the picture of the apocalypse world.

Jack implores Kaia to help him

Jack is able to track Kaia to a drug treatment facility and at first claims to be there for a cocaine addiction. Jack eventually admits that he needs Kaia's help and offers to help Kaia escape in exchange. Subduing a doctor, Jack is able to help Kaia escape through a triple-locked door. However, Kaia refuses to help Jack and runs off while the Winchesters finally catch up to him. Jack is surprised to learn that Derek is dead and explains what he was really up to, telling them he learned to control some of his powers. He then shows them the vision Derek saw of their mother, letting them know their mother is still alive.

Jack joins the Winchesters in searching for Kaia but is shocked to realize that they had believed him to be Derek's killer. When they explain that they believed him to be searching for Lucifer, Jack explains that Lucifer is nothing to him and that the Winchesters and Castiel are his family. Dean agrees with the sentiment and praises Jack's efforts to rescue Mary as Jack accepts it with a smile.

As they search for Kaia, Jack learns from "angel radio" that the angels have kidnapped Kaia. The Winchesters and Jack manage to capture the male angel who, along with a female angel, is attempting to lure Jack in the hope that he can help them create more angels. Jack refuses and when the angels attack, telekinetically blasts the female through a glass window and a brick wall. As the male attempts to kill Dean, Jack forces the male angel with telekinesis to stab himself with his own angel blade, killing the angel.

After the rescue, Kaia continues to refuse to help the Winchesters and Jack due to her fears of The Bad Place. Desperate to save Mary, Dean forces her at gunpoint to join them. As they make their way to the location suggested by Derek, Jack offers to show Kaia what Derek saw so that she can see that it's not all bad. Kaia agrees and Jack telepathically connects with her and shows Kaia Derek's vision, gaining her cooperation.

As they drive, the Winchesters, Kaia, and Jack come under attack by the female angel and six others. The group flees onto a ship where they put up angel warding, but the angels combine powers to begin destroying it. Though Jack has the power to defeat the angels, he realizes that they will use "angel radio" to cause him debilitating pain and capture him. At Kaia's suggestion, she and Jack combine powers in an attempt to open a rift to Mary. Telepathically connecting to Kaia, Jack guides her in moving away from the Bad Place and to Mary. As the angels break through the wards, Jack and Kaia find Mary and Jack begins opening a rift. However, Kaia flashes between Mary and the Bad Place. Finally, with a scream from Kaia, the two emit a yellow glow that opens a rift and sends out a wave of energy that disintegrates the attacking angels.

Due to Kaia flashing between Mary and the Bad Place, the group ends up separated from each other. Kaia ends up on the side of the road while the Winchesters are transported to the Bad Place. Jack arrives alone in the alternate reality and wakes up at the feet of Mary who is trapped in a small metal cage. As Mary stares at Jack in confusion, Jack looks at Mary's predicament with worry.

In Wayward Sisters, as Kaia and Claire Novak rescue the Winchesters from the Bad Place, Sam asks about Jack. Kaia tells Sam that she thinks Jack ended up in "the other place" with their mother.

During Devil's Bargain, the Winchesters are informed by Castiel about Michael and realize Jack, as well as Mary, are in danger. They seek out Donatello to read a tablet to find a spell that would open a rift to the other world to save them before Michael invades. Asmodeus (while disguising himself as Castiel) got some information about Jack's location from Donatello.

Mary and Jack held captive

In Good Intentions, Zachariah goes through Jack's mind by playing a scenario of Sam and Dean being in danger in an attempt to get him to open a rift to the other world. Michael is annoyed with his subordinate's actions but Zachariah is confident he'll succeed in his task. When Zachariah plays another scenario, this is one of Castiel telling Jack humans only destroy true beauty of the world. Jack refuses to believe that and soon realizes the deception of the illusion, he wakes up from the illusion to see the two angels before him. He identifies Michael who flings Jack aside and prepares to make him submit, Jack stands defiant and prepares for a fight.

Michael overpowered Jack and threw a battered Jack in Mary's cell. Jack awoke and spoke to Mary and tells her who he is as she recalls him as the Nephilim Kelly gave birth to. Jack is told by Mary of Michael's intentions to kill her in front of Jack if he refuses to comply with opening a rift to their world so he can invade. Jack refuses and wants to get her to safety but his powers are negated as a result of a headache. Hearing this, Mary reveals to him her head does as well but there is a spot where it doesn't hurt. She deduces Michael did ward it and that Jack can get them out, her theory is correct and they escape.

Bobby Singer helps Jack and Mary escape

After escaping the two spot figures approaching them and hide, they are found by the people who question if they are human or a threat. However, one of them reveals himself to be Bobby Singer, a friend of the Winchesters in the main world. He recognizes Mary and decides to help them and they go to his Bobby Singer's colony which is protected from the angels. That night, Jack spends his time doing shadow puppets with the children of the camp.

However, when Bobby notices he has powers and learns Jack is a Nephilim, he orders Mary to get Jack out as he compares him to the angel's past betrayal. Mary agrees and states she will go with him. The next morning, Mary tells Jack they have to leave which he knows is due to him. As they move, angels led by Zachariah arrive to attack the colony. Jack and Mary are found by Bobby who blames Jack's use of his powers for how the angels found them. Bobby decides to evacuate his people as Jack offers help but Bobby angrily rejects Jack's offer and leaves to fight the attacking angels as Mary goes to evacuate the children and tells Jack to hide.

Jack kills the alternate Zachariah

Jack runs through the forest but recalling Sam and Dean's teachings, he turns back and finds Mary who is about to be killed by Zachariah. Jack orders him to back off but Zachariah ignores him and advances as Jack uses his power to lift him and destroys him as the colony watches this feat. However, three more angels fly in, but Jack combusts the angels in mid-air, saving everyone.

In the aftermath, Jack is praised for his actions by Bobby and the colony, as Mary congratulates him which he states is because of what he saw from her sons. He then tells her to truly save this world he has to kill Michael, a decision met with shock from everyone.

In The Thing, the Winchesters finally succeed in opening a rift to Apocalypse World. Dean chooses to go through with Arthur Ketch to rescue Mary and Jack while leaving Sam behind with Gabriel, Jack's uncle.

In Bring 'em Back Alive, Dean and Arthur attempt to locate Mary and Jack, but find an alternate reality version of Charlie Bradbury instead.

In the main universe, Gabriel is informed by Sam of his nephew and how he is in the other universe.

After being rescued, Charlie reveals that Mary and Jack now lead a resistance movement against Michael and the angels and last she heard, were fighting in Dayton, Ohio. Out of time before the rift closes, Dean returns to the Main Universe while Arthur remains behind in Apocalypse World to find Mary and Jack and help the resistance coordinate for Dean's inevitable return with reinforcements.

During Beat the Devil, as the Winchesters, Castiel, and Gabriel prepared to open the rift to save Jack and Mary they find Gabriel was too weakened. As a result, they capture Lucifer to keep it open for them long enough to travel through Apocalypse World.

While held captive by Rowena, Lucifer learns of Jack being sent to the other world and breaks free to kill the witch but she repels him and he is sent to the world as well.

After Sam is killed by vampires, Lucifer resurrected him as a way to get on Jack's good side.

Meanwhile, Jack reunites with Dean and Castiel while meeting his uncle Gabriel. He is told of Sam's fate and becomes distraught. Castiel tried to comfort him but Jack turns him away asking both his uncles why they didn't resurrect Sam as Gabriel tells him that they weren't strong enough to resurrect him. Jack is then happy as Sam arrived at the camp alive and well, however, his smile disappeared as Lucifer arrived as well. Lucifer looks at the surprised Jack and greets him.

Jack with his family

During Exodus, Jack was shocked to meet his father as the latter approached him. However, Dean stopped this by telling Jack not to approach or talk to him as he ordered Gabriel to kill Lucifer. An argument ensued, as Jack teleports himself away after becoming upset in the process. Jack went to the forest where he thought back on his mother's words and pondered on what to think of Lucifer.

Jack returned to the camp where he decided to hear Lucifer out, despite protests from Castiel but Jack insisted on talking to his real father. Lucifer was pleased to hear this and began to speak to his son. Lucifer told Jack his version of his history and tells him of his family such as Jack's grandfather God who Jack asked about before Dean stopped the talk. Jack stood his ground by stating he wanted to know about his father who was pleased by this. Lucifer continued the talk by mentioning Jack's uncles such as Michael who Jack stated that he met in the form of his counterpart that tortured him as Lucifer states he was tortured too. Jack was then introduced to Gabriel who he noted he had already met and Gabriel warned his nephew not to trust anything Lucifer is saying, this left Jack pondering.

On the road, Jack was amazed when Lucifer kills an attacking group of angels and reveals that he only pretended the handcuffs were working before melting them off. Jack believed he could finally defeat angels by using both his father, uncle, and soldiers but was repeatedly told not to since Sam and Dean who had a plan.

Afterwards, Jack took part in the liberation of Arthur and Charlie, killing two angels and the humans wanted to evacuate to the other world. The others work on a bus to transport everyone but Jack wanted to kill Michael before he left. As he tried to leave, Sam stopped him and tried to talk him out of it but Jack was only swayed when Lucifer intervene since his plan was dangerous and he conceded.

At the sight of the rift, Jack was one of the few to cross over and returned to Earth. As everyone celebrated, Jack was the only one who was disappointed as he was told by Sam that Lucifer was killed by Michael.

Lucifer consumes Jack's grace

In Let the Good Times Roll, Jack joins the Winchesters and Castiel on a werewolf hunt. During the hunt, Jack uses his telekinesis to hold the werewolves in place, allowing the Winchesters to easily kill them. Afterwards, Dean expresses hope that with Jack's help, they may actually be able to win over the forces of evil in the long run and Dean comforts Jack over his nightmares about the people that Jack has lost.

After the murder of Maggie, Jack is left distraught by his inability to protect her. After learning that Maggie was seeing a boy named Nate, Jack teleports to the gas station where Nate works and assaults him and attempts to strangle Nate against the cooler. Jack is only interrupted when Dean is forced to shoot him to get Jack's attention. After the Winchesters point out Nate's innocence, Jack departs, further distraught by his actions.

In the nearby forest, Jack remembers everyone that he has hurt while literally beating himself up for it. To Jack's surprise, he is visited by Lucifer who reveals that Sam left him behind in Apocalypse World, but claims not to hold a grudge. Lucifer entices Jack with the idea of leaving for the stars together as father and son which Jack agrees to, but asks Lucifer to resurrect Maggie first, an act that Lucifer reluctantly performs.

That night, as Jack prepares to depart with Lucifer, he receives a prayer from Sam that the Winchesters are in danger. Jack returns to the bunker in time to save Dean from an attack by Michael. Enraged, Jack severely injures Michael to the point that his eyes and ears bleed. Before Jack can kill Michael, he is interrupted by the appearance of Lucifer, exposing Lucifer's deal with Michael. Sam further reveals that Lucifer was the one who killed Maggie and Jack forces his father to admit the truth. Enraged, Jack orders Sam to leave him to deal with Lucifer and effectively disowns his father. Stating that he only wanted Jack's power, Lucifer opens a slit in Jack's throat with an archangel blade and steals his grace, leaving Jack powerless. Lucifer teleports away with Jack with Sam grabbing on for the ride.

Jack tortured by Lucifer

In an abandoned church, Lucifer beats on Sam and tries to strangle him to death. Though Jack tries to convince Lucifer to stop as his son, Lucifer simply beats on Jack as well, stating that Jack has lost his chance and he can have more kids. Lucifer, now super-charged by Jack's grace, decides to force Sam and Jack to fight to the death, with the winner being allowed to survive to try to find a way to stop Lucifer from destroying all life in the universe and remaking it in his own image. Though Sam offers Jack Lucifer's archangel blade to kill Sam so that Jack can live, defeat Lucifer and regain his powers, Jack claims that he can't beat Lucifer, but that Sam can. In an act of self-sacrifice, Jack begins stabbing himself with the archangel blade, telling Sam that he loves everyone.

Before Jack can complete his suicide, Dean arrives, now the vessel of Michael. With Dean in control and Michael powering him, Dean battles Lucifer as Jack and Sam watch, ending with Dean killing Lucifer with an archangel blade. In the aftermath, Jack joins the Winchesters in staring in amazement at Lucifer's corpse before Michael suddenly betrays his deal with Dean, takes full control of his body and disappears.

Season 14

Jack captured by Kipling's demons.

In Stranger in a Strange Land, Jack was being taught how to actually fight with Alternate Bobby before being knocked to the ground. While discussing with Bobby on how he never actually had to learn how to fight when he used to have his powers and how different the experience is, Bobby reassures him that fighting did not come easy to him neither and encourages him to keep training before they resumed their sparring session.

Later after learning that Castiel was captured by demons, Jack joined the team to rescue him even though he was not ready in his training. Jack and Maggie were captured by the demons during their attempt to ambush the demons while Sam went in to distract them. During the fight with the demons, Jack was knocked down and beaten by the demons until Sam orders the demons to leave and abolishes the title of Ruler of Hell. Back in the bunker, Castiel goes into Jack's room while Jack is wallowing in self-pity of his own powerlessness and uselessness. Castiel reassures Jack that his grace would regenerate in time and that even if Jack doesn't have his powers, he still has his family, although it does not work as Jack is still frustrated by how without his powers, he cannot stop Michael.

In Gods and Monsters, Jack is ordered by Sam and the others to stay back in the bunker, which he seems to agree with. Jack soon goes over lore about his grace returning, he looks up Archangels before Castiel tells him it might take longer because of his human status being a factor. Jack is angry since Michael could cause serious damage and he can't stop it.

He later sneaks out and visits Kelly's parents, his grandparents. Its revealed that Kelly named her son after her father who is also named Jack. Kelly's parents tell Jack that Kelly had claimed she was going on a long trip and would contact them when she could and they are unaware of her death, showing Jack pictures of his mother as a child. Kelly's parents are aware that she was pregnant, as Jack tells them how Kelly had a son who she loved deeply and about all the things Kelly did that made him feel safe and wanted, even from the womb. Kelly's mom tells Jack that he kind of looks like Kelly and shows him a picture of a young Kelly on a horse who has a resemblance to Jack. He doesn't reveal their relation though tells his grandparents he'll pass along the message before hugging his grandmother.

Jack returns to the bunker and Castiel is irate at his reckless action though stops after Jack states he needed clarity. Jack soon asks about a way to stop Michael, Castiel tries to consider one while Jack states they might have to kill him, something that causes Castiel to argue with his statement as Dean would die too. However, Jack states Dean would rather die than suffer at the Archangel's hands.

Jack and Castiel reunited with Dean

During The Scar, Jack and Castiel are reunited with Dean who they are happy to see but question on what became of Michael and the latter's intentions. Dean responded he had no idea and went to rest, as Castiel confirmed to Jack it is Dean.

Jack is present when Castiel helps a hunter with a cursed girl, Jack talks to her and she asked if Castiel was his father, Jack responded that he was "one of them" and assures her that he will save her. While secretly planning to leave, Jack leaves a note for his friends to find before seeing that the girl who was cursed has succumbed. Jack mourns her though gets an idea, he examines the witches' corpse and deduces her spell is still in effect and spots the necklace she was wearing. He destroys it and the essence goes back to the girl who is resurrected and returned to normal. Castiel congratulates Jack and promises to put in a good word to Sam and Dean about going on a case, to Jack's joy. In his room, Jack was seemingly sick and told Castiel, he was having his first cold. However, after Castiel leaves, Jack coughs up blood and is shown to have been doing this frequently.

Jack and Dean on a case

In Optimism, Jack has grown tired of resting in the bunker and tells Dean that Sam is on a hunt with Charlie Bradbury while Bobby and Mary are on leave. He talks with Dean about a recent case and asks to join him since Cass said he was making progress. After some reluctance, Dean agreed and they traveled to a town where Jack seemed to be inept but this changed as he improved. They got some info on a recent librarian named Harper Sayles.

After Dean tried to asked Harper questions, Jack was able to get him to leave while Harper took an interest in him, as a way to get her attention. At the apartment, Jack talked with her and she tried to entice Jack but he was called by Dean and he told him that she wasn't a demon but that she may like him, to Dean's disbelief. Jack was still suffering from his cough and covered it up with an excuse. Soon, Dean arrived while chased by Harper's old boyfriend Vance who was now a zombie. Jack filled Harper in on his and Dean's occupation before he left Dean to handle the threat while he ran off with Harper.

Dean and Jack bind a zombie on a case

Jack and Harper hid out in the library, they saw Vance walk by and Harper went to lock the door but Vance saw her. Harper then revealed her true nature, as she set Vance on him and told Jack her history while mentioning she may have liked him but put it aside for her only "love". Dean arrived with him and Jack both telling Harper and Vance, their supposed love was a sham and attempted to get through to them but were ignored. After Vance was restrained, Harper took the opportunity to run while leaving Vance to be put to rest.

Jack later talked with Dean about the case and was congratulated about his progress, before his sickness acted up. He coughed up blood again but this time it worse, Jack soon collapsed as Dean tended to his unconscious form.

Jack tended to by Rowena

During Unhuman Nature, Jack is tended to by Castiel but he is unable to heal him and his condition worsens. He is rushed to a hospital and the doctors diagnose his bodily functions as shutting down. The Winchesters and Castiel discharge Jack, they search for ways to help. They contact Rowena who at first is against helping the son of the devil, she is swayed when Jack talks to her and thanks her for her part in the Exodus from Apocalypse World. Rowena soon does her part and revealed that because Jack's grace is what holds his human and angel halves in balance, it is coming into conflict with each other, since his grace has been diminished causing his body to shut down progressively. Rowena determines the only way to revert that is for the Nephilim to recharge their grace. Realizing his days are limited, Jack resolved to get enjoyment out of his remaining time, as Dean decides to help him by teaching him how to drive, by using the Impala and Jack is excited by it. He soon has Dean take him fishing, something that Jack knew was the one thing that Dean had enjoyed doing with his own father. Later on, they return to the bunker after Castiel met a Shaman who possessed a vial of Gabriel's grace, which they intend to use to recharge Jack's to hasten his recovery. However, Jack's body ultimately rejects it and his condition worsens and it is determined he is dying.

Jack dies

In Byzantium, Jack is slowly dying and resigns to his fate but Dean is not accepting of it and leaves the room. Jack asks Sam to tell Dean it'll be fine though Sam wants Jack to do it as he succumbs and dies. Sam told Dean and Castiel of it, with them being sad at the untimely end.

After his death, Jack ascends to Heaven where he spends his time with his loved ones but realizes something is amiss and leaves his personal heaven. He is soon chased by a black ooze. He manages to elude it and goes into the personal heaven of his mother and finds Kelly enjoying an eternity of chasing her dog as a child before he makes his presence known and reveals his identity as her son. He watches as she turns back into her adult form and they embrace with Jack being happy to finally meet her. When she expresses confusion at his appearance, he explains he rapidly aged himself. Jack soon tells Kelly that she is dead and in Heaven while she sadly accepts it before realizing Jack is dead too and she breaks down at his fate. Jack assures its alright and tells her of a lurking threat after him. Kelly hides him before Castiel appears and explains of what is after Jack, telling the boy that because of his angel heritage that he will be sent to The Empty. He then informs him that he and the Winchesters are working bring Jack back to life, which is why he present as Jack is surprised he'll be brought back. However, Duma appears but she is revealed to be possessed by the shadow, Jack watches as Castiel is overpowered and Kelly steps in to defend him but is knocked aside. Seeing his mother in pain, Jack attempts to attack but is easily defeated as The Shadow prepares to claim him but Castiel offers it a deal his place for Jack. A worried Jack tries to protest but Castiel succeeds in bargaining with the Shadow who makes the terms for claiming him before leaving. Jack angrily questions this as Castiel tells him, he did out of love for him and is at peace with his choice. Jack then promises to keep Castiel's secret as Castiel receives word the spell is finished. Jack seemed hesitant to leave his mother but Kelly implored her son to live a full life and thanked him for letting her share a memory with him. With this, Jack returned to earth and read a spell that allowed his soul to return to his body, completing his resurrection.

Powers and Abilities

He is not an infant. New to this world, yes, but he's full of timeless knowledge and unschooled power.

Former Abilities

An ordinary Nephilim is one of the most dangerous beings in all of Creation. But one thats fathered by an archangel, the devil himself? I... I can't imagine the power.
Castiel to Sam and Dean

Jack uses his wings to shield Mary Winchester

As a Nephilim, Jack is one of the most powerful beings in Creation; however, as the son of a human and an archangel, Lucifer himself, Jack's power far exceeds that of any Nephilim. It has been stated numerous times that Jack possesses unimaginable power and according to his father, his power is "a chip of the old ball of heavenly light". Doctor Hess claimed the child could destroy the whole universe. The Angel Miriam stated Jack could do "almost anything". The prophet Donatello, who has been in the presence of God, Amara, and Lucifer, initially mistook Jack for God when sensing his power, as it was "not dark, not toxic", unlike Lucifer's, yet still very powerful. Even before he left the womb, Jack was able to grant Seraph Castiel the power to effortlessly overpower and incinerate Prince of Hell Dagon and force Prince of Hell Asmodeus to flee when enraged. It was eventually revealed that, according to Nephilim lore, Nephilim become stronger than the angel who sired them, meaning Jack will eventually become more powerful than Lucifer himself, his angelic sire. His power is so great he was able to awaken Castiel, who had been sent to The Empty, a place that God is said to have no power over. Most recently, Asmodeus described Jack as an entity of immense power, and the angels state Jack may be powerful enough to produce new angels, something that hasn't been done since God created the original angels. Even the Archangels, who are immensely powerful beings themselves have proven to be completely powerless against him, as evidenced by his encounters with Lucifer and the Archangel Michael's much more powerful counterpart. Following his use of telekinesis to stop Buddy, Jack gains a greater control over his powers, particularly telekinesis. In The Bad Place, Jack has a more advanced control and use of his powers after practicing with them. Jack also has very common angelic traits such as the ability to hear "angel radio" and prayers sent to him directly.

In Let the Good Times Roll, Jack had some of his grace removed and absorbed by Lucifer, leaving Jack powerless. It was revealed in Stranger in a Strange Land, that Jack's powers are not truly gone and will slowly return to him as his grace recharges but its unknown exactly when. Castiel also believes that Jack's human heritage is interfering in the process of his grace returning.

  • Nigh-Omnipotence - As the Nephilim child of the second oldest Archangel, Jack is an extraordinarily powerful entity, described as holding unimaginable power by Castiel. Even while unborn, he could still perform feats of great power such as resurrecting and healing his mother when she attempted suicide and even granting the Seraphim Castiel the power to effortlessly kill the Prince of Hell Dagon. After being born, Jack is deemed capable of achieving almost any feat he desires by Miriam. He was so powerful that while not even in the same realm, he awakened Castiel from his eternal slumber inside the Empty, a place that even God is said to have no power over, implying he may be even more powerful than his grandfather. The Angels also considered Jack's power as being so great that he is capable of creating more Angels. Additionally, due to being sired by the second oldest Archangel and therefore inevitable to become much more powerful than he is, Jack's power is so great that he has shown the ability to effortlessly defeat and kill even the Archangels, as shown by how he was easily able to overpower and would have killed the Alternate Michael, who is described as holding power far greater than that of his main reality counterpart and having easily beat Lucifer in a fight, (although at the time he had yet to achieve full power due to not being in his True Vessel), as well as having managed to easily mentally compel Lucifer into telling him the truth. Due to his power, most angelic weaknesses that would affect angels, other Nephilim and even the Archangels have absolutely no effect on him and even on most extreme occasions, he has been seen to still retain a certain amount of resistance to them.
    • Reality Warping - Under the guidance of a disguised Asmodeus, Jack was able to open a Hell Gate to an almost inaccessible section of Hell to release the Shedim. However, doing this required Jack's full concentration and when his concentration broke, the Hell Gate closed.
    • Healing - From the womb, Jack was able to heal Kelly Kline's slit wrists and massive blood loss. While empowering Castiel, he also healed the angel's injuries from the fight with Dagon in a manner of seconds.
    • Resurrection - At the same time he healed his mother's injuries, he resurrected her. However, Miriam indicated that, despite his vast power, Jack is not powerful enough to resurrect Castiel as he is "all the way dead".
    • Power Granting - From the womb, Jack was able to temporarily empower Castiel to the point that he was able to overpower and kill the Prince of Hell Dagon.
      • Super Strength - While empowering Castiel, he granted him enough levels of superior strength to effortlessly overpower the Prince of Hell Dagon, who had easily beaten Castiel while he was only using his seraphim powers.
      • Power Negation - While empowering Castiel, he granted him the power to render Dagon completely powerless.
      • Pyrokinesis - While empowering Castiel, he granted him the power to burn Dagon, the Prince of Hell, to ashes.
      • Invulnerability- Jack was able to protect Mary from the suicide bomb spell of Kevin Tran using his wings.
    • Conjuration (possibly) - Though it has not been proven, the angels stated that Jack's power is capable of creating new angels which is something that only God so far is confirmed capable of doing, and sought to use him for this in order to prevent their race's imminent extinction.
    • Biokinesis - Jack was able to easily inflict pain on Michael that was enough to damage his vessel and bring him down to his knees (leaving him severely weakened and unable to fight) a feat never seen before even Lucifer was shocked.
      • Rapid Aging - Soon after birth, Jack willingly accelerated the natural aging process of his body to quickly become a young adult.
    • Electrokinesis - Jack's labor caused a power outage. In his normal state, he also able to affect the works of machinery and electricity, such as lamps and a vending machine. When scared, he also can cause electricity to go haywire.
    • Terrakinesis - When Jack becomes enraged at Asmodeus harming the Winchesters and Donatello, his anger caused the ground to shake for a moment.
    • Thermokinesis - After Jack was born, his footprints scorched the parts of the floor of Kelly's cabin he had walked on. When he and Kaia open a rift together to the Bad Place, the wave of energy Kaia's screams released from the rift Jack was opening was able to heat up the Angel Blades of six nearby angels to the point that they became half melted into the floor. He was later able to heat up the bars in the warded window of a cell in Michael's fortress to the point that they melted.
    • Portal Creation - Jack's birth was able to open a rift into an alternate reality. Jack later experimented in attempting to open a door to rescue Mary from the alternate reality but determined that while he could feel around, he needed a dreamwalker in order to be able to see the realm. When combining his powers with Kaia like this, due to her flashing between Mary and the Bad Place, Jack transported everyone to three different locations: Kaia to a roadside, himself to Mary and the Winchesters to the Bad Place. This effort also opened a rift to the Bad Place though not to Apocalypse World. The rift Jack opened to the Bad Place was also strong enough to last for a number of days while a rift opened by the ritual from the Demon Tablet only lasts for twenty four hours. Zachariah said Jack is strong enough to open a portal big enough to march an army through.

      Jack releases his power on Sam and Dean.

    • Telekinesis - Jack was able to send out powerful blasts of telekinetic energy strong enough to knock two people unconscious at once. When Jack did this, visible waves of energy emanated out of him. In a moment of pain, Jack accidentally threw a tattoo artist across a room. This happened without the visible waves of energy, indicating that Jack can use both forms of telekinesis. In order to save Sam's life, Jack blasted Buddy across a room with a telekinetic blast emanating from his hand while deflecting a bullet just by looking at it. Following this, Jack gained control of his telekinesis, using it to levitate a pencil and creating a small shockwave to knock Sam, Dean, and Castiel to the ground. However, when Jack attempted to use it to help against Dave Mather, he accidentally caught a security guard in the blast as well and killed him. When Jack uses his ability to produce a blast or shock wave his eyes glow gold but not when he used it in a more controlled manner like when he lifted the pencil. When confronted by two hostile angels, Jack was able to hit one with a telekinetic blast so hard she went flying through a glass window and then a brick wall. He was also able to force another angel to stab himself with his own angel blade, and later when using using his telekinesis on Zachariah, lifted him into the air and showed the ability to in inflict immense pain on him. Jack's telekinesis is so powerful that he was able to blast the archangel Michael right off his feet, and did so without any visible effort. 
    • Photokinesis - When Jack was born, his birth caused him to emit a yellow blast of light that breifly knocked a nearby Mary Winchester unconscious.
    • Teleportation - Jack displayed the ability to teleport after being upset by a conversation and wanting to be away from it. He was later able to use this ability to leave the Men of Letters bunker on purpose. When he teleports, Jack is shown to have the sound of wings flapping like an angel. Lucifer said he and Jack can go anywhere in the Universe.
    • Telepathy - Jack showed the ability to telepathically call out to Castiel who could hear Jack even in the Empty. Even the Cosmic Entity was surprised how could something wake Castiel in his domain. Later, by touching his hands to Derek Swan's head, Jack was able to see everything that Derek saw with his powers. However, using this power on Derek caused the veins in his face to glow. Jack later used this ability, in the same way, to show the Winchesters and Kaia Nieves what Derek had seen of the alternate universe and their mother. After telepathically connecting to Kaia, who was dream walking at the time, Jack displayed a level of control over her vision, as he guided her from the Bad Place to Apocalypse World. He is so powerful that only a sufficiently powerful dreamwalker can hold this connection with him as the only known dreamwalker capable of holding this connection is Kaia, while Derek visibly struggled to and could not hold the connection for very long, making Jack have to break the connection in order to avoid seriously hurting him. Jack also has the ability to hear  "Angel radio"  which causes him debilitating pain for unknown reasons. Additionally, when Sam prayed to him, Jack was able to hear Sam's prayers like an angel would have.
      • Sedation - Like an angel, Jack can put a person to sleep with just a touch.
      • Precognition - Jack, from the womb was able to see a vision of the confrontation between Castiel and Dagon at the Heavenly Portal, which he was able to share with Kelly.
      • Mind Control - Jack was able to make Lucifer tell him the truth against his own will.
    • Super Stamina - Jack once stated that he does not sleep a lot, but unlike an Angel, he still requires sleep. Lucifer once attempted to get Jack to go to space with him in an attempt to keep his deal with Michael from getting exposed; implying that Jack may not need oxygen. 
    • Supernatural Concealment -  When Jack does not want to be found, his powers are subconsciously concealing him from other beings which was shown by the fact that Asmodeus, Lucifer and everyone else who were looking for him were incapable of tracking his whereabouts. A demon stated that Hell had exhausted all its resources in an attempt to find him. This is notable considering how his immense power usually makes him very easy to locate. 
    • Super Strength - Jack wields enormous levels of superhuman strength that is clearly far above any Nephilim before him. While empowering Castiel, Jack enhanced his strength to the point of effortlessly restraining Dagon one-handed. After being born, Jack displayed sufficient strength to easily rip off the doorknob of a door that was triple-locked without even realizing it. In physical combat, Jack has been shown to effortlessly throw opponents around, and at one point he effortlessly knocked Castiel, a powerful Seraphim, to the floor with enough force to incapacitate him for a few moments and almost strangled a young man to death within less than a minute than one hand while enraged.
    • Clairsentience - While experimenting in attempting to open a Rift to Apocalypse World, Jack was able to feel the Alternate Realities. He was also able to sense that his mother was in heaven.
    • Molecular Combustion - When Jack and Kaia combined powers to open a rift to an alternate reality, Kaia's screams caused the rift Jack was opening to emit a yellow glow that caused six nearby angels to turn to dust. After lifting Zachariah into the air with telekinesis, Jack was able to cause Zachariah to explode simply by clenching his fist. By sending energy pulses similar to his telekinesis into the air, Jack caused three more angels to explode in mid-air.
    • Illusion - To entertain some kids, Jack was able to alter the shadow puppet shapes he was making to look like whatever he wanted.
    • Astral Projection - Jack was able to project his awareness into Michael's fortress to discover that it was in fact empty. He also can show his wings.
    • Localization - Jack was able to locate Lucifer and Castiel at the camp. He also tracked Sam's location to the Men of Letters bunker when he prayed to him.
  • Immortality (possibly) - When Jack was dying after losing his grace, he claimed he would have lived forever if he still had it. Alternate Michael came to the same conclusion, claiming that Jack would "know time that makes mountains, that wipes out species" alongside Michael.
    • Invulnerability - As the Nephilim Spawn of the second strongest Archangel in creation, Jack possesses complete invulnerability to almost any harm. Unlike the other Nephilim, Jack is completely invulnerable against an angel blade as being stabbed in the heart with one by Miriam had no effect on him. Jack had stabbed himself in the chest several times with a butcher knife and did not die while such damage would kill any ordinary human. However, Jack can still feel pain, as shown when he flinched and reflexively threw a tattoo artist because of the pain from the needle, and can also be knocked out and injured by blunt force trauma to the head as any ordinary human, albeit this is usually when he is caught off guard or already in a state of shock. After he was flicked across a room by Michael, even while his powers were significantly weakened he was shown to recover quicker than any regular human would have. Even Zachariah, a powerful angel whose powers weren't affected by the warding was unable to recover as quickly as he did. The Suicide Bomb Sigil Kevin Tran used also had no effect on him whereas everyone else in the room were killed, besides Mary Winchester who Jack protected from the spell with his wings. Additionally, When shot twice by Dean to get his attention, Jack suffered no visible harm and was shocked more than anything by the action and later, when met with a sonic scream from an enraged Lucifer, while it made Sam and Dean were cover their ears in pain and seraph, Castiel feel discomfort, Jack was completely unaffected. 
    • Immunity - Despite his angelic heritage, Jack is immune to angel banishing sigil, a weakness that even Lucifer was affected by. However, the sigils do have an unseen effect on him, causing him pain and making golden marks appear briefly on his veins. He is also immune to most angel warding though being inside a building with very powerful warding can dampen his abilities, as seen when he was in Michael's fortress, he could do nothing with his powers. However, he was capable of thermokinetically melting the bars in the window of Michael's fortress due to the warding being somewhat weaker there.
    • Regeneration - He was able to easily remove an angel blade from his chest and the wound quickly healed in seconds. After getting two tattoos, both healed in seconds to the point that there was no sign that they had ever existed. After Jack stabbed himself several times in the chest with a butcher knife, his wounds healed in mere moments

Current Abilities

Jack currently lacks his Nephilim powers with his grace extracted and absorbed by Lucifer. However, he stills possesses a degree of moderate hunting skills and intelligence that help him stay somewhat useful. Despite his powers not returning to him as of yet, Jack was able to identify that he was in Heaven after noticing something was amiss. Naomi remarked that his perception to tell the difference was what allowed this (As she stated "perhaps the angel side of him knew he was in Heaven). After a ritual to resurrect him and cure his condition which used enochian magic that draws power from the soul, Jack is now capable of tapping into this magic to use at least a portion of his abilities, however doing so burns off a piece of his soul each time.

  • Moderate Hunting Skills - Jack has learned a level of hunting skills from his time with the Winchesters, an example being that he has learned how to research for cases which he stated was from watching them do it themselves. Before the events of The Bad Place, he was able to research lore to learn about Dreamwalkers and their ability to see into other realities, which is notable what with the lore on Dreamwalkers being inconsistent. He has proven to be an asset on hunts in The Big Empty, Tombstone and Let the Good Times Roll, finding a vital clue to the ghoul's identity in Tombstone without even relying on his powers. Working with Dean Winchester, they were both able to successfully kill the Zombie Vance together, but were not able to capture the necromancer Harper Sayles.
  • Intelligence - Despite having quite a naive personality, Jack has proven himself to be very intelligent on occasions. When a group of angels were pursuing him the Winchester's into the Sunstar Line cargo ship, Jack predicted that the angels would use angel radio on him as soon as they got to him, due to angels using it on him before. He also easily figured out how the Witch, Broomhilda's Magic was killing Laura, something even Castiel and Jules couldn't uncover. He has been able to figure things out not only through Intellectual perception but also emotional perception as well.
    • Intuition - Jack has shown himself to be quite intuitive. From the womb, he was able to instinctively tell that Castiel could be trusted after feeling him touch Jack's kicks. Jack even stated that he remembers feeling safe at that very time.
    • Manipulation - He was able to successfully manipulate Harper Sayles' Zombie boyfriend Vance into believing he wanted to be with her, so that Vance would get jealous and come out so Dean could kill him. He also managed to goad Dean and Castiel (who have both had experience with people manipulating them over the years) into believing that his condition was just a regular cough for some time, with Dean only finding out the truth when Jack bled and collapsed in front of him.
  • Adaptibility - Jack has shown himself to be highly adaptable to certain situations.
  • Enochian Magic - With the loss of his archangel grace, Jack's Nephilim body fell out of balance between his angel and human halves and started to deteriorate and eventually caused him to die. With the help of Castiel placing his soul back into his body from Heaven and the ritual taught to him by Lily Sunder, Jack was able to use Enochian magic to harness a small part of his soul to stabilize his condition to stay alive. With Enochian Magic he was able to use a part of his soul to use his previous powers.
    • Molecular Combustion (possibly via Telekinesis) - When the Men of Letters bunker was attacked by a group of monsters, Jack was able to disintegrate them all at once, burning away another piece of his soul in the process. this is possibly achieved via telekinesis, as a golden waves of energy emenated out of his hand in the process.


Harming, banishing, misleading or trapping

  • Angel Radio - Hearing the angels communicate over "angel radio" causes Jack debilitating pain for unknown reasons.
  • Unexpected Mechanical Trauma - While Jack has the superhuman endurance to shrug off bullets and knife wounds, Jack can be knocked unconscious or temporarily stunned with pain by physical forces when he is caught off guard (or already in a state of shock). Sam had once knocked Jack unconscious by unexpectedly electrocuting him in the back with a taser in Lost & Found. Again in The Big Empty, the shapeshifter Buddy was able to knock Jack unconscious by hitting him in the head with a fireplace poker after catching him off guard.
  • Very Heavy Angel Warding - Jack's powers were severely weakened by the powerful warding in Michael's fortress, leaving him vulnerable to the powers of Michael and Zachariah. The warding was so much that when Jack attempted to use even some of his more easily controlled powers, he could do nothing. In a spot where the warding was weak, Jack was capable of using a weaker ability to melt metal bars.
  • Archangel Blades - An archangel blade is capable of harming jack as seen when Lucifer cut Jacks throat and took his Grace.
  • Grace Extraction - Before Jack's birth, Sam theorized that extracting his grace would leave him powerless and thus not a threat. In Let the Good Times Roll, Lucifer extracted some of Jack's grace with an archangel blade, leaving him completely powerless. Although it was revealed in Stranger in a Strange Land that Jack's Grace will slowly recharge, as of now, Jack has not regained any of his powers. In Unhuman Nature, its revealed that his grace is what holds his human and angel halves in balance and, when he lost it, his two halves come in conflict with each other, causing Jack's body to shut down progressively. The only way to revert that is for the Nephilim to recharge their grace. Even when given Archangels grace of his uncle, Jack's body did not accept it and his condition only worsen.
  • Mortality - After having his grace extracted, Jack has become completely mortal and vulnerable to injury. A beating from Lucifer left his face heavily bruised and bleeding while stabbing himself in a suicide attempt caused Jack to bleed heavily before he was stopped. In Stranger in a Strange Land, Jack is stated to be as vulnerable as any human with his powers still having not returned. As seen in The Scar, he is now susceptible to sickness as he is suffering from an unknown illness and coughing up large amounts of blood. In Optimism things became much worse as after finishing a hunt he coughed up more blood and proceeded to bleed from his nose and collapse. It was later revealed in Unhuman Nature that this illness is the result of Jack's lack of grace, as his cells are attacking each other, causing his body to gradually break down without his grace, due to his human and angel halves needing to be stabilized by his grace.
  • The Shadow - He was able to easily knock aside Jack when attempted to claim his soul. However, because of his powerless state it is unknown if he would have fared better with his powers.


  • Heavenly Portal (possibly) - Due to Jack possessing a Human Soul, the angel Joshua decided to use it on him before he was born, believing that taking him through it while Kelly was pregnant with him would effectively destroy Jack. Later on, however, after Jack teleported out of the bunker to protect The Winchesters and Castiel from himself, Castiel asked duma, if Jack was in Metatrons old cell in Heaven as he believed the angels had taken him throwing this into question.
  • Archangel Blades (possibly) - An archangel blade, as it can kill archangels, is presumably capable of killing Jack. However, so far it has only proven capable of harming him.


While still in his mother's womb, Jack was shown to be aware of his surroundings. He glanced at Dr. Turner during an examination and actively chose Castiel as his new protector and guide, replacing Dagon and even going so far as to help Castiel kill Dagon.

Since his father is Lucifer, it is a general assumption that Jack is the embodiment of pure evil. This belief was originally shared even by his mother, who attempted suicide so that her child wouldn't be unleashed upon the world. Jack resurrected her, however, saving himself in the process. Kelly then became convinced that Jack could be good, and that the world needed him. Eventually, after the child helped him defeat Dagon, Castiel also became hopeful that Jack was good, and could make the world a better place. He even claimed to have been shown a vision of a future without pain, fear, or suffering.

Upon delivery, the baby rapidly ages and leaves his dead mother on her bed while he retreats to his nursery. When Sam discovers him, Jack is now an adult and smiles menacingly at the hunter.

Immediately after being born, Jack began searching for Castiel, who he saw as his father, and showed great confusion at the world around him. All that he appeared to know was that his mother was in Heaven and his father was supposed to be waiting for him, but nothing beyond that. While Jack possessed memories from while he was in the womb, he didn't appear to understand what they meant. Jack was shown to enjoy some simple pleasures such as eating junk food with Clark and using his powers to get them some more. Jack has taken to using the computer more often after Sam showed him how to use it and mostly watches videos or plays games.

Because of his own heritage, Jack has shown an at least somewhat sympathetic view toward those like him (mistaken to be evil monsters) as he connected with Mia Vallens, a shapeshifter who tries to help people. Jack comforted her after she expressed sadness that she wasn't able to help anyone and she accepted his words. He also showed some sympathy towards Kaia Nieves, a Dreamwalker who struggled to control her power (and could only go to the Bad Place). He later attempted to convince her that there can be more use to her powers as he helped her see other worlds besides the one she has seen. Jack was kind to the Witch Rowena MacLeod, despite having heard about her from Castiel, Sam, and Dean but this was because he wanted to thank her from her part in saving him and the refugees.

After accidentally killing someone, Jack showed great devastation and remorse for his actions and left the Winchesters and Castiel because he was afraid that if he stayed, he would eventually hurt them. This act also motivated him to go out on his own and master some of his powers to prove he is good.

He'll be so glad to see his three fathers cause as far as he's concerned they're his fathers. You, you're nothing to him, or me, or anyone now. Nothing.

Jack was shown to see Castiel as his father instead of Lucifer due to what Kelly had told him about Castiel. After Castiel was resurrected and Jack met him, he was very to excited to see him and hugged his uncle. He also declared that he only sees the Winchesters and Castiel as his family and states that his biological father Lucifer as well as the angels, his other uncles and aunts, were nothing to him due to their ways. Even Lucifer himself (upon hearing from Castiel about Jack's view on him when Asmodeus was holding them prisoner and later being told by Rowena that he meant nothing to Jack) believed that Jack wouldn't give him a chance unless he came bearing gifts (causing him to resurrect a recently deceased Sam). Even Anael who had never met Jack predicted that should Lucifer and Jack meet, then Jack would meet him with nothing but contempt and could easily tell that Lucifer did not want to find him out of fear that this would happen. Jack's words regarding seeing Sam and Dean as family are supported by the fact that he protected Sam from being killed by a shapeshifter and saving Dean from being killed by an angel. He went so far as to attempt to find a way to rescue their mother Mary Winchester for the sake of Sam and Dean. Also, Jack bonded Mary in their time together in the other reality and even protected her from Kevin Tran's suicide spell. He also got along with his uncle Gabriel who was not a hostile angel like the others he met and even considered Gabriel's remarks on Lucifer. Rowena even stated to Lucifer that to his son he was a stranger, while Castiel, Sam, and Dean were Jack's real fathers, this was supported as when a sick girl later asked Jack if Castiel was his father and he replied "one of them" in The Scar. During his sickness, he bonded with Dean as if he was his father and enjoyed his time. While he was in Heaven, he grew attached to his mother Kelly Kline when meeting her for the first time and was happy that she felt the same about him. Jack even tried to defend her from The Shadow only to fail. When he was about to leave, he felt reluctant since he knew that he wouldn't see her again but gained closure after she told him to live a full life and confirmed her love for him by promising to wait for their next meeting.

By the time he was about six months old, Jack had developed into a kind-hearted person who cared greatly for others. While in Bobby Singer's colony, Jack admired the people there for their bravery and even admitted to liking the place and wanting to stay. Jack went so far as to use his powers to entertain the young children of the colony who had been living a hard life by creating interesting shadow puppets for them. When Bobby ordered Jack exiled from the colony due to his nature as a Nephilim, Jack was hurt and confused by this rejection and by the angry way Bobby treated him when Jack tried to offer his help.

Following in Sam and Dean's example, Jack chose not to run and hide when ordered to by Mary but to help defend the colony because it was the right thing to do as he'd learned from the Winchesters. Further following in their example, Jack decided to save the remaining human population of Apocalypse World by killing Alternate Michael as it was the only way to stop his and the angel's genocidal war against them.

While originally not caring about Lucifer at all, Jack, despite being wary of him, decided to hear Lucifer out when he arrived at the Dayton outpost in Apocalypse World. Jack became fascinated by the things Lucifer told him and even came to call Lucifer "my father" despite previously claiming that Lucifer meant absolutely nothing to him. He seemed to have taken a much better view of his father after learning he fought against Michael to protect him, looking saddened as he contemplated the fact that Lucifer was probably dead and he seemingly sacrificed himself to protect Jack. While enamored by Lucifer's words and the idea of a father-son relationship with him, Jack came to see the truth about Lucifer upon discovering he killed Jack's friend Maggie, he rejected his father completely in favor of the Winchesters who Jack saw as his true family, not showing anything towards Lucifer except anger and contempt in the process. Despite this, however, somewhat similar to when Lucifer appeared shocked and even somewhat concerned as Jack is about to kill himself (showing his father still took little joy in his son's suffering despite having been disowned and having been more than willing to create another child after such rejection), when Lucifer died, Jack, while showing no signs of empathy for Lucifer's death, did not celebrate it as the Winchester's (who had held a grudge against him for years) did, looking not as glad about it as they were, but showed to be at least relieved and glad that Lucifer's plan to destroy the Universe had been stopped. This, if true, probably implied that while he had disowned and no longer saw Lucifer as his father, he still took at least no genuine pleasure over Lucifer's death, likely as unlike the Winchesters and Castiel, he held no actual personal grudge against Lucifer, or at least not one as significant as they did. He later showed some sympathy towards Castiel for his awkwardness in being around Nick (Lucifer's vessel) as it reminds him of Lucifer, claiming that being around Nick is hard for him too, possibly hinting that he does in fact hold some amount of disdain towards Lucifer. 

Jack cares deeply about others and is bothered greatly when he can't save people or hurts people by accident to the point that he even has nightmares about it. At one point, Jack literally beats himself up after he lost his temper over the murder of Maggie and nearly strangles Nate (who he initially believed had killed her) to death as a result. Jack's protective instincts are in fact, so strong that he will retaliate or turn against anyone if they have hurt someone he cares about, as shown when he brutally attacked Michael when he attempted to kill Sam, Dean and Castiel, and later effectively disowned his own father for killing Maggie.

Jack has shown a capacity for self-sacrifice. When Lucifer ordered Sam and Jack to fight to the death with the victor surviving, Jack rejected Sam's offer to kill Sam and live and the idea that he could defeat Lucifer and regain his powers. Instead, Jack, without hesitation, attempted to sacrifice himself in an act of suicide so that Sam could live on and continue the fight with his planned last words being to tell Sam that he loves everyone. He was only stopped when Dean unexpectedly arrived to fight Lucifer.

Because he mostly relied on his powers for everything, Jack felt lost in the weeks after losing them. Slowly, Jack began to feel insignificant because of the threat of Michael loose on the world and himself not being able to do anything to stop it. Jack's sense of being useless also became more significant when he struggled with trying to adapt to fight like a human until his powers return and felt completely useless when he failed in adjusting to it and was unable to help in the mission to save Castiel, which led him overpowered by the demons holding Castiel prisoner. This view of himself seemed to have faded away after he managed to save Laura from a girl who had her life taken by a Witch who had been stealing her life force and he seemed to feel better about himself.

Because of Jack's desire to protect his loved ones, he can show a ruthless side to himself at times. This was seen when he threatened the Prince of Hell Asmodeus for trying to hurt Sam, Dean, and Donatello Redfield. He also blasted away the shapeshifter Buddy when he tried to kill Sam, protected Dean from angels, and killed Alternate Zachariah to save Mary. When alerted of the danger by Sam, Jack returned to the bunker and attacked Alternate Michael for his assault on his family and showed him no mercy as he prepared to act on his promise to kill him.

Physical Appearance

Jack's golden eyes.

Upon birth, Jack took on the form of a Caucasian human young adult with dark brown hair. Unlike any other being seen on the show, Jack's eyes glow gold. They often glow when Jack uses his powers.

When Sam discovered Jack hiding in the corner of the room, he was visibly frightened by Jack's somewhat creepy appearance. After he encounters Sheriff Christine Clark, Jack obtains an outfit.

Jack has also been shown with a large pair of angelic wings, using them once to shield Mary from the explosion Kevin caused.




  • Jack's name is a medieval diminutive of John. Jack was used as a slang meaning "man". John, on the other hand, means "Jehovah has been gracious".
    • In the initial drafts for the pilot episode, John Winchester was originally named Jack. This had to be changed when a real Jack Winchester was found to be living in Lawrence, Kansas.
    • Another possible meaning for the name Jack is "Godly".
    • A popular meaning to Jack from Hebrew and Judaic origins is "God is merciful".
  • He is the second known Nephilim in the series, the other being Jane.
    • Coincidentally, both of them have a 4 letter name that starts with J.
  • He is also the first known offspring of an Archangel.
  • He is the first and only known being to possess golden eyes.
  • Just like Lucifer, his father, he is immune to angel blades.
  • Sam had a misconception that The Antichrist was the child of Lucifer because of what he learned from the lore, but Castiel corrected that misunderstanding by revealing that Jesse Turner who was a half demon hybrid was the actual Antichrist in I Believe the Children Are Our Future. It wasn't until seven seasons later that the actual child of Lucifer would be conceived.
  • According to Sam, Nephilim don't require nine months to be born, and he was born on May 18th which corresponds to All Along the Watchtower, Season 12's finale.
  • When empowering Castiel and showing Kelly Kline a premonition, their eyes briefly glowed gold.
  • He bears similarities to The Source's Heir from Charmed. Both are the unborn child of the show's version of or equivalent to the Devil, both are able to channel their powers from the womb and both play a role in the deaths of a powerful, apparently unstoppable demon, Dagon in the case of Jack and The Tall Man in the case of the Source's Heir. Both demons were also killed by a powerful fire ability that incinerated them.
  • Andrew Dabb referred to Jack as someone with an "evil source", but he was technically a "blank slate".
  • In Lost & Found, Dean refers to Jack as "Damien." This is a reference to the Antichrist from The Omen series of movies.
  • In LOTUS, Lucifer and Jack's mother, as a result of carrying Lucifer's child, were both seen incinerating bibles on physical contact since Nephilim share similar traits to their angelic sire.
    • However, in The Rising Son, Jack is seen reading and touching a bible without burning it on contact.
  • Due to either his human or Archangel heritage (or perhaps both), Jack is capable of tasting as humans do, differing from angels and seraphs who taste on molecular level. This suggests that Jack's senses are developed beyond human, but not overdeveloped like those of an angel.
  • According to Andrew Dabb, he is about three months old as of the Season 13 episode Wayward Sisters.[2][3] Mary Winchester gives his age as around six months in Good Intentions.
  • He is the first member of Team Free Will to meet Apocalypse World Michael.
  • He is the only known Nephilim alive.
    • He is also the first male Nephilim to be seen.
  • Jack considers his uncle Castiel to be his father rather than Lucifer. He also considers Sam and Dean to be his father figures as well.
  • In Gods and Monsters, Jack meets his maternal grandparents for the first time though they were unaware that he was their grandson.
  • As a Nephilim, it is unknown where Jack would go in death.
    • From the Shadow's attempts to claim Jack, it seems Nephilim are sent to The Empty after death. However, the Shadow was also stated to believe that Jack belonged here due to his being half-angel and when he died, his soul went to Heaven instead of the Empty. It is unknown if the Shadow had already attempted to collect the other Nephilim's that had already died or if they had gone to the Empty after they died or if the Angels sent them there
  • His first crush was Harper Sayles though his interest left after she set a zombie on him but after he killed the zombie she has developed both romantic feelings and a vendetta towards him.
  • Before having his Grace extracted, Jack was Team Free Will's strongest member. Castiel stated Jack's Grace would return to him meaning he will eventually return to that status.
  • Out of all his powers, telekinesis was the power he used the most on-screen.
  • He is the only non-primordial character to possess powers that are implied to be (possibly) comparable to (or possibly even stronger than) God as he managed to awaken Castiel from his number in the Empty, a place God is said to have no power over.
  • He is the second character to telekinetically force someone to kill themselves with an Angel Blade, the first being The Darkness, his paternal great aunt.
    • Co-incidentally, both of their victims were angels who tried (and failed) to capture them.



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