Powers and Abilities

He is not an infant. New to this world, yes, but he's full of timeless knowledge and unschooled power.
An ordinary Nephilim is one of the most dangerous beings in all of Creation. But one thats fathered by an archangel, the devil himself? I... I can't imagine the power.
Castiel to Sam and Dean

Jack uses his wings to shield Mary Winchester

As a Nephilim, Jack is one of the most powerful beings in Creation; however, as the son of a human and an archangel, Lucifer himself, Jack's power far exceeds that of any Nephilim. It has been stated numerous times that Jack possesses unimaginable power and according to his father, his power is "a chip off the old ball of heavenly light". Doctor Hess claimed the child could destroy the whole universe. At full power, he is stronger than any angel.[1][2] The angel Miriam stated Jack could do "almost anything". The prophet Donatello, who has been in the presence of God, Amara, and Lucifer, initially mistook Jack for God when sensing his power, as it was "not dark, not toxic", unlike Lucifer's, yet still very powerful. Even before he left the womb, Jack was able to grant Seraph Castiel the power to effortlessly overpower and incinerate the Prince of Hell Dagon and force another Prince of Hell Asmodeus to flee when he became enraged. It was eventually revealed that, according to Nephilim lore, Nephilim become stronger than the angel who sired them, meaning Jack will eventually become more powerful than Lucifer himself, his angelic sire. His power is so great he was able to awaken Castiel, who had been sent to The Empty. Most recently, Asmodeus described Jack as an entity of immense power, and the angels state Jack may be powerful enough to produce new angels, something that hasn't been done since God created the original angels. Even the Archangels, who are immensely powerful beings themselves have proven to be completely powerless against him, as evidenced by his encounters with Lucifer and the Archangel Michael's much more powerful counterpart. Following his use of telekinesis to stop Buddy, Jack gains a greater control over his powers, particularly telekinesis. In The Bad Place, Jack has a more advanced control and use of his powers after practising with them. Jack also has very common angelic traits such as the ability to hear "angel radio" and prayers sent to him directly.

In Let the Good Times Roll, Jack had some of his grace removed and absorbed by Lucifer, leaving Jack powerless. It was revealed in Stranger in a Strange Land, that Jack's powers are not truly gone and will slowly return to him as his grace recharges but its unknown exactly when. Castiel also believes that Jack's human heritage is interfering in the process of his grace returning. In Ouroboros, Jack absorbed Michael's grace returning him to full power. When his powers were restored, Jack displayed his full angelic wings to show he was himself once more.

  • Mid-Tier Nigh-Omnipotence - As the Nephilim child of the second oldest Archangel, Jack is an extraordinarily powerful entity, described as holding unimaginable power by Castiel. Even while unborn, he could still perform feats of great power such as resurrecting and healing his mother when she attempted suicide and even granting the Seraphim Castiel the power to effortlessly kill the Prince of Hell Dagon. After being born, Jack is deemed capable of achieving almost any feat he desires by Miriam. He was so powerful that while not even in the same realm, he awakened Castiel from his eternal slumber inside the Empty. The Angels also considered Jack's power as being so great that he is capable of creating more Angels. Additionally, due to being sired by the second oldest Archangel and therefore inevitable to become much more powerful than he is, Jack's power is so great that he has shown the ability to effortlessly defeat and kill even the Archangels, as shown by how he was easily able to overpower and later killed Alternate Michael, who was the most powerful angel to appear.[3] This feat is made all the more impressive by the fact that Jack was relying on the power of his soul at the time, and was weaker than he would have been when he still had his grace. Due to his power, most angelic weaknesses that would affect angels, other Nephilim and even the Archangels have absolutely no effect on him and even on most extreme occasions, he has been seen to still retain a certain amount of resistance to them. During Peace of Mind, Donatello Redfield stated that the now fully powered Jack could be the most powerful being in the universe, although powerful Primordial Entities such as God are able to kill him effortlessly, putting the validity of this statement into question. In Moriah, after Jack escapes the Ma'lak Box, the Winchesters suggest that he "leveled up," somehow becoming even more powerful than he already was in order to be able to escape the box.
    • Astral Projection - Jack was able to project his awareness into Michael's fortress to discover that it was in fact empty. He also can show his wings.
    • Banishing - Jack managed to effortlessly banish Lucifer back to The Empty.
    • Biokinesis - Jack was able to easily inflict pain on Michael that was enough to damage his vessel and bring him down to his knees, leaving him severely weakened and unable to fight, a feat never seen before even Lucifer was shocked. While killing Nick, Jack caused his fingers to break just by clenching his hand.
      • Rapid Aging - Soon after birth, Jack willingly accelerated the natural aging process of his body to quickly become a young adult.
    • Supernatural Perception - Jack could perceive the true form of angels. This was best seen when he identified the Alternate Michael in their first meeting.
    • Clairsentience - While experimenting in attempting to open a Rift to Apocalypse World, Jack was able to feel the Alternate Realities. He was also able to sense that his mother was in heaven.
    • Conversion - As seen in Jack in the Box, Jack is able to forge human souls into angels.
    • Conjuration - In Jack in the Box, Jack was able to make worms appear inside a priest's body.
    • Electrokinesis - Jack's labor caused a power outage. In his normal state, he also able to affect the works of machinery and electricity, such as lamps and a vending machine. When scared, he also can cause electricity to go haywire. He was able to turn off the engine of the Impala.
    • Healing - From the womb, Jack was able to heal Kelly Kline's slit wrists and massive blood loss. While empowering Castiel, he also healed the angel's injuries from the fight with Dagon in a manner of seconds. Jack was later able to heal Stacy after accidentally stabbing her with an angel blade. He later healed Sam's serious head injury from Nick bashing his head in with a rock.
    • Illusion - To entertain some kids, Jack was able to alter the shadow puppet shapes he was making to look like whatever he wanted.
    • Localization - Jack was able to locate Lucifer and Castiel at the camp. He also tracked Sam's location to the Men of Letters bunker when he prayed to him.
    • Molecular Combustion - When Jack and Kaia combined powers to open a rift to an alternate reality, Kaia's screams caused the rift Jack was opening to emit a yellow glow that caused six nearby angels to turn to dust. After lifting Zachariah into the air with telekinesis, Jack was able to cause Zachariah to explode simply by clenching his fist. By sending energy pulses similar to his telekinesis into the air, Jack caused three more angels to explode in mid-air. In a moment of anger, Jack accidentally used this power to obliterate Mary Winchester, leaving an angelic blast site behind and no body. Duma stated that her death was instant and painless.
    • Photokinesis - When Jack was born, his birth caused him to emit a yellow blast of light that briefly knocked a nearby Mary Winchester unconscious.
    • Portal Creation - Jack's birth was able to open a rift into an alternate reality. Jack later experimented in attempting to open a door to rescue Mary from the alternate reality but determined that while he could feel around, he needed a dreamwalker in order to be able to see the realm. When combining his powers with Kaia like this, due to her flashing between Mary and the Bad Place, Jack transported everyone to three different locations: Kaia to a roadside, himself to Mary and the Winchesters to the Bad Place. This effort also opened a rift to the Bad Place though not to Apocalypse World. The rift Jack opened to the Bad Place was also strong enough to last for a number of days while a rift opened by the ritual from the Demon Tablet only lasts for twenty four hours. Zachariah said Jack is strong enough to open a portal big enough to march an army through.
    • Portal Closing - In Game Night Jack managed to effortlessly close the portal to The Empty.
    • Power Granting - From the womb, Jack was able to temporarily empower Castiel to the point that he was able to overpower and kill the Prince of Hell Dagon.
      • Super Strength - While empowering Castiel, he granted him enough levels of superior strength to effortlessly overpower the Prince of Hell Dagon, who had easily beaten Castiel while he was only using his seraphim powers.
      • Power Negation - While empowering Castiel, he granted him the power to render Dagon completely powerless.
      • Pyrokinesis - While empowering Castiel, he granted him the power to burn Dagon, the Prince of Hell, to ashes.
      • Invulnerability- Jack was able to protect Mary from the suicide bomb spell of Kevin Tran using his wings.
    • Pyrokinesis - Jack burned Nick to death from the inside, leaving the outside of his body scorched.
      • Thermokinesis - After Jack was born, his footprints scorched the parts of the floor of Kelly's cabin he had walked on. When he and Kaia open a rift together to the Bad Place, the wave of energy Kaia's screams released from the rift Jack was opening was able to heat up the angel blades of six nearby angels to the point that they became half melted into the floor. He was later able to heat up the bars in the warded window of a cell in Michael's fortress to the point that they melted.
    • Reality Warping - Under the guidance of a disguised Asmodeus, Jack was able to open a Hell Gate to an almost inaccessible section of Hell to release the Shedim. However, doing this required Jack's full concentration and when his concentration broke, the Hell Gate closed. He also managed to remove blood stains from his shirt by simply waving his hand over them.
    • Resurrection - At the same time he healed his mother's injuries, he resurrected her. However, Miriam indicated that, despite his vast power, Jack is not powerful enough to resurrect Castiel as he is "all the way dead". Jack has never displayed this power on his own outside of the womb, relying on Lucifer to resurrect Maggie and trying to use a spell to resurrect Mary Winchester.
    • Salt Transmutation - Jack was able to transform a human into a pile of salt.
    • Terrakinesis - When Jack becomes enraged at Asmodeus harming the Winchesters and Donatello, his anger caused the ground to shake for a moment.

      Jack releases his power on Sam and Dean.

    • Telekinesis - Jack was able to send out powerful blasts of telekinetic energy strong enough to knock two people unconscious at once. When Jack did this, visible waves of energy emanated out of him. In a moment of pain, Jack accidentally threw a tattoo artist across a room. This happened without the visible waves of energy, indicating that Jack can use both forms of telekinesis. In order to save Sam's life, Jack blasted Buddy across a room with a telekinetic blast emanating from his hand while deflecting a bullet just by looking at it. Following this, Jack gained control of his telekinesis, using it to levitate a pencil and creating a small shockwave to knock Sam, Dean, and Castiel to the ground. However, when Jack attempted to use it to help against Dave Mather, he accidentally caught a security guard in the blast as well and killed him. When Jack uses his ability to produce a blast or shock wave his eyes glow gold but not when he used it in a more controlled manner like when he lifted the pencil. When confronted by two hostile angels, Jack was able to hit one with a telekinetic blast so hard she went flying through a glass window and then a brick wall. He was also able to force another angel to stab himself with his own angel blade, and later when using his telekinesis on Zachariah, lifted him into the air and showed the ability to in inflict immense pain on him. Jack's telekinesis is so powerful that he was able to blast the archangel Michael right off his feet, and did so without any visible effort. After his powers were restored, Jack was able to twirl an angel blade through the air with ease, but his carelessness caused him to accidentally stab Stacy with it. After Lucifer emerged from the Empty, Jack flung him back through the portal with just a wave of his hand.
    • Telepathy - Jack showed the ability to telepathically call out to Castiel who could hear Jack even in the Empty. Even the Shadow was surprised how could something wake Castiel in his domain. Later, by touching his hands to Derek Swan's head, Jack was able to see everything that Derek saw with his powers. However, using this power on Derek caused the veins in his face to glow. Jack later used this ability, in the same way, to show the Winchesters and Kaia Nieves what Derek had seen of the alternate universe and their mother. After telepathically connecting to Kaia, who was dream walking at the time, Jack displayed a level of control over her vision, as he guided her from the Bad Place to Apocalypse World. He is so powerful that only a sufficiently powerful dreamwalker can hold this connection with him as the only known dreamwalker capable of holding this connection is Kaia, while Derek visibly struggled to and could not hold the connection for very long, making Jack have to break the connection in order to avoid seriously hurting him. Jack also has the ability to hear  "angel radio" which causes him debilitating pain for unknown reasons. Additionally, when Sam prayed to him, Jack was able to hear Sam's prayers like an angel would have.
      • Sedation - Like an angel, Jack can put a person to sleep with just a touch.
      • Precognition - Jack, from the womb was able to see a vision of the confrontation between Castiel and Dagon at the Heavenly Portal, which he was able to share with Kelly.
      • Mind Control - Jack was able to make Lucifer tell him the truth against his own will. By simply saying "stop lying", Jack was able to make the entire planet tell the truth against their will.
    • Advanced Teleportation - Jack displayed the ability to teleport after being upset by a conversation and wanting to be away from it. He was later able to use this ability to leave the Men of Letters bunker on purpose. When he teleports, Jack is shown to have the sound of wings flapping like an angel. Lucifer said he and Jack can go anywhere in the Universe.
      • Advanced Apporting - By putting his hand on Rowena he managed to send her back to her flat and telekinetically fling her against her desk without being there, a feat that has never been seen before. In Jack in the Box Jack managed to effortlessly teleport fifteen people to heaven with ease.
    • Super Stamina - Jack once stated that he does not sleep a lot, but unlike an Angel, he still requires sleep. Lucifer once attempted to get Jack to go to space with him in an attempt to keep his deal with Michael from getting exposed; implying that Jack may not need oxygen. 
    • Super Strength - Jack wields enormous levels of superhuman strength that is clearly far above any Nephilim before him. While empowering Castiel, Jack enhanced his strength to the point of effortlessly restraining Dagon one-handed. After being born, Jack displayed sufficient strength to easily rip off the doorknob of a door that was triple-locked without even realizing it. In physical combat, Jack has been shown to effortlessly throw opponents around, and at one point he effortlessly knocked Castiel, a powerful Seraphim, to the floor with enough force to incapacitate him for a few moments and almost strangled a young man to death in less than a minute with one hand while enraged.
    • Supernatural Concealment -  When Jack does not want to be found, his powers are subconsciously concealing him from other beings which was shown by the fact that Asmodeus, Lucifer and everyone else who were looking for him were incapable of tracking his whereabouts. A demon stated that Hell had exhausted all its resources in an attempt to find him. This is notable considering how his immense power usually makes him very easy to locate.
  • Immortality - When Jack was dying after losing his grace, he claimed he would have lived forever if he still had it. Alternate Michael came to the same conclusion, claiming that Jack would "know time that makes mountains, that wipes out species" alongside Michael. Castiel also stated in time that he and Jack will have to watch the Winchesters die as they continue to live on.
    • Invulnerability - As the Nephilim Spawn of the second strongest archangel in creation, Jack possesses complete invulnerability to almost any harm. Unlike the other Nephilim, Jack is completely invulnerable against an angel blade as being stabbed in the heart with one by Miriam had no effect on him. Jack had stabbed himself in the chest several times with a butcher knife and did not die while such damage would kill any ordinary human. However, Jack can still feel pain, as shown when he flinched and reflexively threw a tattoo artist because of the pain from the needle, and can also be knocked out and injured by blunt force trauma to the head as any ordinary human, albeit this is usually when he is caught off guard or already in a state of shock. After he was flicked across a room by Michael, even while his powers were significantly weakened he was shown to recover quicker than any regular human would have. Even Zachariah, a powerful angel whose powers weren't affected by the warding was unable to recover as quickly as he did. The Suicide Bomb Sigil Kevin Tran used also had no effect on him whereas everyone else in the room were killed, besides Mary Winchester who Jack protected from the spell with his wings. Additionally, when shot twice by Dean to get his attention, Jack suffered no visible harm and was shocked more than anything by the action and later, when met with a sonic scream from an enraged Lucifer, while it made Sam and Dean cover their ears in pain and the Seraph Castiel feel discomfort, Jack was completely unaffected.
    • Immunity - Despite his angelic heritage, Jack is immune to angel banishing sigil, a weakness that even Lucifer was affected by. However, the sigils do have an unseen effect on him, causing him pain and making golden marks appear briefly on his veins. He is also immune to most angel warding though being inside a building with very powerful warding can dampen his abilities, as seen when he was in Michael's fortress, he could do nothing with his powers. However, he was capable of thermokinetically melting the bars in the window of Michael's fortress due to the warding being somewhat weaker there. Jack also displayed an immunity to a Ma'lak Box, a specially warded coffin designed to contain anything for eternity, even an archangel.
    • Regeneration - He was able to easily remove an angel blade from his chest and the wound quickly healed in seconds. After getting two tattoos, both healed in seconds to the point that there was no sign that they had ever existed. After Jack stabbed himself several times in the chest with a butcher knife, his wounds healed in mere moments.
  • Inherent Omniscience (possibly) - According to Asmodeus Jack is full of timeless knowledge. However, he has never displayed such a trait, instead learning similarly to normal humans.
  • Spell Casting - Jack has the ability to cast powerful spells such as the Necromantiorum from the Book of the Damned. However, the spell failed to work as Jack lacked Mary Winchester's body.

Other Abilities

When Jack's Nephilim powers from his grace were extracted and absorbed by Lucifer, he was left powerless. However, he stills possesses a degree of moderate hunting skills and intelligence that help him stay somewhat useful. Despite his powers not returning to him as of yet, Jack was able to identify that he was in Heaven after noticing something was amiss. Naomi remarked that his perception to tell the difference most likely came from his angel side. Even without his powers, Jack remained undetected from the powers of Noah Ophis, though the latter stated he could see him after he confronted him. After a ritual to resurrect him and cure his condition which used Enochian magic that draws power from the soul, Jack was capable of tapping into this magic to use at least a portion of his abilities, however doing so burns off a piece of his soul each time. Now that he has absorbed Michael's grace to replenish his grace, he is no longer plagued by this weakness.

  • Proficient Hunting Skills - Jack has learned a level of hunting skills from his time with the Winchesters, an example being that he has learned how to research for cases which he stated was from watching them do it themselves. Before the events of The Bad Place, he was able to research lore to learn about dreamwalkers and their ability to see into other realities, which is notable what with the lore on Dreamwalkers being inconsistent. He has proven to be an asset on hunts in The Big Empty, Tombstone and Let the Good Times Roll, finding a vital clue to the ghoul's identity in Tombstone without even relying on his powers. After Jack saves Lora without his powers, Castiel states that he has the mind and heart of a hunter even if he doesn't have the skills yet. Working with Dean, they were both able to successfully kill the zombie Vance together, but were not able to capture the necromancer Harper Sayles. After months of training by the Winchesters and Castiel, Jack became a proficient hunter in his own right even without his powers, catching the Gorgon Noah Ophis by surprise and killing him with a machete.
  • Intelligence - Despite having quite a naïve personality, Jack has proven himself to be very intelligent on occasions. When a group of angels were pursuing him the Winchesters into the Sunstar Line cargo ship, Jack predicted that the angels would use angel radio on him as soon as they got to him, due to angels using it on him before. He easily figured out how the witch, Broomhilda's magic was killing Lora, something even Castiel and Jules couldn't uncover though Lora had told him the story of her captivity and not Castiel and Jules. He has been able to figure things out not only through intellectual perception but also emotional perception as well. When killing Michael, he was smart enough to absorb his grace to restore his own powers and save his own life.
    • Intuition - Jack has shown himself to be quite intuitive. From the womb, he was able to instinctively tell that Castiel could be trusted after feeling him touch Jack's kicks. Jack even stated that he remembers feeling safe at that very time.
    • Manipulation - He was able to successfully manipulate Harper Sayles' zombie boyfriend Vance into believing he wanted to be with her, so that Vance would get jealous and come out so Dean could bind him. He also managed to goad Dean and Castiel, who have both had experience with people manipulating them over the years, into believing that his condition was just a regular cough for some time, with Dean only finding out the truth when Jack bled and collapsed in front of him.
  • Adaptability - Jack has shown himself to be highly adaptable to certain situations.
  • Enochian Magic - With the loss of his archangel grace, Jack's Nephilim body fell out of balance between his angel and human halves and started to deteriorate and eventually caused him to die. With the help of Castiel placing his soul back into his body from Heaven and the ritual taught to him by Lily Sunder, Jack was able to use Enochian magic to harness a small part of his soul to stabilize his condition to stay alive. With Enochian magic he was able to use a part of his soul to use his previous powers, but burned off pieces of his soul in the process each time. When killing Michael using this magic, Jack burned off his entire soul.
    • Angelic Exorcism - Jack was able to pull Alternate Michael from Rowena's body.
    • Energy Blasts - Jack was able to emit powerful blasts of energy able to knock Michael off of his feet.
    • Healing - After Castiel was poisoned by Gorgon venom, Jack used the power of his soul to heal him when the anti-venom didn't work.
    • Invulnerability - When Jack was blasted by Michael, he was knocked down at first but later withstood it like it was nothing.
    • Molecular Combustion - When the Men of Letters bunker was attacked by a group of monsters, Jack was able to disintegrate them all at once, burning away another piece of his soul in the process.
    • Pyrokinesis - After exorcising Michael from his vessel, Jack was able to burn away his true form, leaving only Michael's grace behind for Jack to consume.
    • Regeneration - After being resurrected, Jack used the Enochian magic to heal the condition that had killed him in the first place. After his condition reoccurred, Jack used the magic to heal himself again.


Despite Jack being one of the strongest beings in existence he has some, albeit, very few weaknesses.

Human Weaknesses

When Jack's Grace was taken he was rendered completely mortal.

  • Mortality (formerly) - After having his grace extracted, Jack has become completely mortal and vulnerable to injury. A beating from Lucifer left his face heavily bruised and bleeding while stabbing himself in a suicide attempt caused Jack to bleed heavily before he was stopped. In Stranger in a Strange Land, Jack is stated to be as vulnerable as any human with his powers still having not returned. As seen in The Scar, he is now susceptible to sickness as he is suffering from an unknown illness and coughing up large amounts of blood. In Optimism things became much worse as after finishing a hunt he coughed up more blood and proceeded to bleed from his nose and collapse. It was later revealed in Unhuman Nature that this illness is the result of Jack's lack of grace, as his cells are attacking each other, causing his body to gradually break down without his grace, due to his human and angel halves needing to be stabilized by his grace. Though this was stabilized using Enochian magic and Jack's soul, it appeared to reoccur briefly later on. However, in Ouroboros, after absorbing Alternate Michael's grace and regaining his full Nephilim status, Jack regained his full capability of powers, including his original semi-immortality and invulnerability to harm.
  • Witchcraft - He was susceptible to effect of magic, as seen in the case of a diagnostic spell or the transformation spell, when depowered, although it is unknown whether he is vulnerable to magic with his grace.

Harming, Misleading or Trapping

  • Angel Radio - Hearing the angels communicate over "angel radio" causes Jack debilitating pain for unknown reasons. However this only occured shortly after his birth while his powers were not properly developed yet.
  • Archangel Blades - An archangel blade is capable of harming Jack as seen when Lucifer cut Jack's throat and took his Grace.
  • Grace Extraction - Before Jack's birth, Sam theorized that extracting his grace would leave him powerless and thus not a threat. In Let the Good Times Roll, Lucifer extracted most of Jack's grace with an archangel blade, leaving him completely powerless. Although it was revealed in Stranger in a Strange Land that Jack's Grace will slowly recharge, as of now, Jack has not regained any of his powers. In Unhuman Nature, its revealed that his grace is what holds his human and angel halves in balance and, when he lost it, his two halves come in conflict with each other, causing Jack's body to shut down progressively. The only way to revert that is for the Nephilim to recharge their grace. Even when given Archangel grace of his uncle, Jack's body did not accept it and his condition only worsen.
  • Ma'lak Box (formerly) - The Ma'lak Box was able to briefly contain Jack's powers, however he was able to explode the box and the surroundings with ease when he really tried.
  • Resurrecting Angel Ritual (temporarily) - Making the ritual using Jack's blood made him feel great pain, but after asking Mary permission to use his powers he showed no pain even within the presence of the ritual.
  • Unexpected Mechanical Trauma - While Jack has the superhuman endurance to shrug off bullets and knife wounds, Jack can be knocked unconscious or temporarily stunned with pain by physical forces when he is caught off-guard (or already in a state of shock). Sam had once knocked Jack unconscious by unexpectedly electrocuting him in the back with a taser in Lost & Found. Again in The Big Empty, the shapeshifter Buddy was able to knock Jack unconscious by hitting him in the head with a fireplace poker after catching him off guard. It should be noted that these occured before Jack developed his powers.
  • Very Heavy Angel Warding (formerly) - Jack's powers were severely weakened by the powerful warding in Michael's fortress, leaving him vulnerable to the powers of Michael and Zachariah. The warding was so much that when Jack attempted to use even some of his more easily controlled powers, he could do nothing. In a spot where the warding was weak, Jack was capable of using a weaker ability to melt metal bars. In Jack in the Box despite Jack's powers being weakened he managed to break out of the Ma'lak Box with ease.
  • Witchcraft (possibly) - While Rowena had contemplated fighting back against Jack using her magic, indicating that magic does have an effect on him, she admitted that she would not win a fight with him, indicating that although powerful magic could affect him, they do not have the ability to do any significant resistance.


Due to Jack being one of the strongest beings in existence very few things can kill him.

  • God - With a snap of his fingers, God was able to smite Jack, killing him.
  • The Equalizer - A gun crafted by God himself that can kill him although it also cost the life of the user, if the user fatally shot him with it.


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