Jack Kline is the husband of Mrs. Kline, father of Kelly Kline, and the grandfather of Jack, the Nephilim.


In Gods and Monsters, needing to connect with the only real family he has left, Jack pays a visit to his grandparents, pretending to be a friend of Kelly's. The Klines invite him inside their home and share photo albums of Kelly. They tell Jack they haven't heard from her in a long time, believing her to have gone traveling due to her work in the government. Mrs. Kline tells Jack they knew Kelly was pregnant, but didn't push her for details. Jack confirms that Kelly had a baby boy, to the Klines' delight. He goes on to tell the Klines what kind of mother Kelly was, which leads to Mrs. Kline noting how much Jack looks like their daughter. As Jack prepares to leave, Mr. Kline asks if he sees their daughter to tell her they miss her, before Mrs. Kline tearfully embraces Jack with a goodbye hug.

In Moriah, wishing to have a talk with his grandparents, Jack pays a visit to the Kline's home but Mrs. Kline denies Jack's request for a chat. Instead she begins to confront him, telling him she and her husband looked into him. They found that no one who worked with Kelly had heard of him, and that Kelly wasn't on a secret mission but is presumed dead.



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