Up until the last century, some Native Americans actively believed in, and searched for, wendigoes. One of the most famous wendigo hunters was Jack Fiddler. Fiddler was a Cree Indian who claimed that he killed at least 14 of the creatures in his lifetime. In October 1907, Fiddler and his son, Joseph, were tried for the murder of a Cree woman. Both men pleaded guilty but claimed that the murder was necessary because she had been possessed by the spirit of a wendigo. Fiddler claimed that the woman was on the verge of transforming entirely into a wendigo, and that she had to be killed before she murdered other members of the Cree tribe. Fiddler was ultimately imprisoned for this murder at the age of 87. Despite Fiddler's alleged successes, wendigoes are notoriously hard to kill. They have few weaknesses as far as weapons are concerned, only succumbing to iron, steel and silver. The most gruesome method of killing is to shatter the creature's heart with a silver stake and then dismember the body with a silver axe.
Pad of Definitions (Wendigo), Official Website

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