This is all of Jack's relationships from throughout the series.


Jack and CastielEdit

Jack, your mother, she believed that you would do amazing things, she said that you would change the world for the better. And now, looking at you, talking to you, I know she was right. That we were right. Kelly would be so proud of you.
Castiel to Jack
Castiel and Lucifer Jr. 1

Castiel feels the baby kicking

Initially, Castiel had seen the unborn Jack as a potential danger to the world and attempted to kill him and his mother Kelly Kline out of fear of what would occur if he was born. However, Jack had a different view of Castiel and felt safer around him than with Dagon, even instructing his mother to go with him to the Heavenly Portal. Jack also took control of his mother and gave Castiel the power to kill the Princes of Hell. From this, Castiel saw a new view of the child and desired to protect him from danger such as with Lucifer. Castiel dutifully took care of Kelly, ignoring Sam and Dean completely either because he genuinely felt attached to his new ward.

After his birth, Jack told Sam he had chosen Castiel, since the time he was in his mother's womb, to be his protector. He revealed that he favored the angel over Dagon and used the promise of a utopia as a means to convince the angel to stay by his mother's side.

By the time Jack was born, Castiel had already been killed by Jack's biological father Lucifer. Jack recalled very little of his time in the womb and claimed that it was his mother who told him that Castiel was the one who would protect him and keep Jack safe like a father. Jack spent his first few hours alive looking for Castiel as a result. Eventually, Sam told him that Castiel was gone which saddened him.

Jack returned to his mother's cabin and witnessed a hunter's funeral being performed on his mother and "father".

Jack soon learned that Castiel was not his father but his uncle and that Dean's dislike in him comes mostly from the fact that Jack indirectly caused Castiel's death. When Sam and Dean argue over their opinion of Jack, Jack sadly calls out to Castiel and in doing so awakens Castiel in The Empty. Much later, Castiel demanded The Shadow release him from the realm and he was soon resurrected.

Tombstone 09

A resurrected Castiel hugs his nephew Jack

In Tombstone, the Winchesters bring a resurrected Castiel to the bunker and he meets Jack, who is shocked to see him alive. Jack also learns that he played a partial role in bringing him back, since it was his pleading that awoke him. Jack hugs Castiel, extremely happy to finally meet him and shows what he has learned from his time with the Winchesters. While working on an assignment, Jack and Castiel catch up with Castiel apologizing for not being there when he needed him but the latter assured him it was alright as he understood it wasn't by choice. Castiel tried to comfort Jack after the latter accidentally killed an innocent but Jack instead left the group.

During War of the Worlds, Castiel searched for Jack even seeking aid from the angels. When the angels propose Castiel helped locate Jack and help him rebuild their numbers, Castiel immediately refused as he didn't want to enslave Jack to that pain. Castiel also refused to let Lucifer (who returned from the other world) near Jack even after hearing that the Alternate Michael intends to invade.

In The Bad Place, Jack states that he only sees Castiel and the Winchesters as his family instead of Lucifer or the angels.

In Devil's Bargain, Castiel brought up his promise to Kelly Kline that he'd protect her son. To that end, Castiel was ready to go back to the Apocalypse World and save Jack from Michael.

During Good Intentions, Zachariah tried to manipulate Jack by playing a scenario of Castiel, whom Jack was happy to see though was worried as the latter told him not to trust humans. Jack soon realized the truth of the illusion as he knew Castiel wouldn't say such things about humans. Castiel would work on gathering the ingredient for the spell to open the rift and resort to ripping them from Donatello Redfield's mind, after listing Jack as one of the people he loves.

In Bring 'em Back Alive, Castiel asked Dean where Jack and Mary were and was relieved that Michael doesn't have them.

In Beat the Devil, Castiel and the others open a rift and travel through Apocalypse World.

After finding Mary who takes them to a camp, Castiel reunites with Jack. When Jack becomes distraught at Sam's fate and asks why they didn't revive him, Castiel tells his nephew that they aren't strong enough to resurrect Sam. Castiel then tried to comfort him but the latter turns him away before Sam arrives alive but with Lucifer.

During Exodus, Castiel becomes worried after Jack decides to talk with Lucifer and tries to discourage him but to no avail. They later fought against angels and returned to Earth together.

In Let the Good Times Roll, Jack and Castiel aid the Winchesters in hunting monsters. Following the death of Maggie, Castiel pursue Jack to a gas station, where he helps Sam and Dean in stopping him from hurting an innocent employee and he leaves shocked that he hurt someone again. Castiel was later worried to hear Lucifer returned and had Jack.

In Stranger in a Strange Land, Jack participates in trying to save Castiel and is captured before being badly beaten. At the end, Castiel tries to comfort a dejected Jack by telling him that he will regain his powers but Jack turns him away.

Their relationship becomes quite strained in Gods and Monsters, where Jack sneaks out of the bunker and Castiel is irate at his reckless action. When he returns, he lets Jack know the risk of his stunt, though stops after Jack states he needed clarity. They soon argue about a way to stop Michael, with Jack stating Dean would rather die than suffer at the Archangel's hands while Castiel tries to say there has to be alternative. Though Castiel seemed to be considering it after Jack pointed out if Dean dying would be the only way to stop Michael then Dean wouldn't want it any other way, he seemed disillusioned that Jack was willing to put everyone else before Dean. 

During The Scar, Jack and Castiel are reunited with Dean who they are happy to see but question on what became of Michael and the latter's intentions. While talking to a girl who was cursed that asked if Castiel was his father, Jack responded that he was one of them.

Castiel tended to Jack in Unhuman Nature, when he suffered from his illness and even offered his grace to save him but was told it wouldn't work. Castiel also threatened a Shaman who supplied him a faulty spell if Jack died.

During Byzantium, Castiel continued to care for his ward before he succumbed and died. Castiel was very devastated and sought to find a way to resurrect him. He traveled to Heaven to retrieve him and found Heaven under attack by The Shadow. Castiel correctly deduced Jack would go to his mother's heaven and embraced him in their reunion but told him of the threat. He also refused to hand Jack over to The Shadow even after being told that Heaven would fall (releasing the billions of souls on the Earth) if he doesn't further showing his care for Jack. When finding him, they embrace and Castiel tells him of what is after him but assures him that he'll return him to Earth. After The Shadow attacked, Castiel successfully made a bargain for his place instead of Jack, something that worried Jack and had him question his reason. Castiel did not regret his choice as he declared his love for Jack, as well as stating his peace in the event. He also made Jack promise not to tell Sam or Dean, which Jack agreed to and Castiel resurrected him.

During Nihilism, Jack used the Enochian magic keeping him alive to protect Castiel from Michael's monsters. Despite this, Castiel had to scold Jack since anymore careless acts could be life threatening but thanked Jack for it.

In Ouroboros, when Castiel was stunned by a Gorgon, Jack was forced to use his powers again to heal him. However, Castiel once again scolded Jack for his acts since he needed to preserve his life and also told Jack about their status of Cosmic beings and how they will lose those precious to them. When Michael took control of Rowena, Jack was saddened to see Castiel tortured but once more came to his uncle's defense by facing Michael. Castiel witnessed Jack kill Michael and was amazed at his feat, as well as seeing that he regained his power.

During Jack in the Box, Castiel searched for Jack and found him in Heaven, turning several humans into angels. Castiel was amazed that he was helping to restore Heaven's depleted state, though distrustful of Duma manipulating him.

In Moriah, Castiel is shocked when Jack escaped his prison and tried to plea to him but was blasted away by him. After God returned, Castiel seemed to gain a semblance of hope for Jack but was distraught to hear of God's plan to kill Jack with a gun, as well as the fact that Dean would agree to use it while it will also cost Dean his life. Castiel tried to plea to Dean who refuses to be dissuaded, causing him to leave. Castiel wandered to a cemetery where he was met by Jack, the two talk and Castiel learned the depths of Jack's soulless condition. When the time comes, Jack accepts his fate and knocks a pleading Castiel away and he has to watch Dean prepare to kill him. However, when it comes down to it, Dean is unable to kill Jack, as Castiel is relieved to see Jack's life spared. Unfortunately, God is enraged by Dean's refusal to do so, finally killing Jack himself. Castiel is left devastated by the loss of Jack alongside Sam and Dean, taking time to mourn his nephew's demise by cradling his corpse before God unleashes chaos upon the Earth.

In Back and to the Future, Castiel was disgusted that a demon possessed Jack's body and demanded he leave. Ultimately, Castiel was forced to smite Belphegor when his plans to take over Hell were revealed and as Jack's body was completely burned into a skeleton, Castiel could only look at Jack's now completely destroyed corpse with sadness and remorse.

During The Gamblers, Castiel was shocked Jack was alive again and has gone on a killing spree, ripping out and consuming the hearts of his victims. However, Castiel uncovers the victims were Grigori that continued feeding on humans. After tracking Jack to a church, Castiel saved him from the last grigori who was torturing Jack with his sword. Castiel defends his nephew by fighting and killing the Grigori with his angel blade, rescuing Jack. Shocked to see that Jack really is alive, Castiel unties his surrogate son and pulls him into a hug.

Jack and Kelly KlineEdit

Jack's mother.

Kelly had wanted to start her own family for some time and viewed President Jefferson Rooney, her lover, as the perfect man to be the father. Unfortunately for her, Jeff had been possessed by Lucifer and when Kelly conceived, it was Lucifer's child in her womb. Kelly was told of this by Sam and Dean, but the knowledge did not make her despise the child growing inside her, as she was still the child's mother. She evaded the Winchesters in hopes of keeping the baby safe.

When angels began attacking her, Kelly decided to rely on Dagon as a protector to ensure her baby's survival. She also learned from Dagon that the baby was a boy. Kelly was always concerned for her son's well being and could become frantic when things didn't feel right, such as the "weird little pains" she began experiencing a few months into her pregnancy. When she demanded to have her son looked at, Dagon took her to a clinic where Kelly was able to see her son on a monitor.

This would be the only time mother and son would see each other, as Kelly came to learn from Dagon that birthing half-angels was always fatal to the mothers. This piece of information deeply upset Kelly, and as Dagon's treatment of her worsened, Kelly came to doubt her son's future and felt he might be born as a bringer of destruction. She tried to commit suicide to prevent this possible scenario, but her son responded by resurrecting her and letting her know that he was not evil.

Kelly's love for her son returned, so much that she came to believe her son could save the world. She was able to convince Castiel of these beliefs. When her son began sending her visions from the womb, Kelly chose to trust her son and allowed him to guide her. She accepted Castiel as her son's new protector in place of Dagon. At her new home, Kelly decided to name her son "Jack" and left him a video telling him how much she loved him.

I love you.
Kelly's last words

Kelly's belief that the world was dangerous and Castiel would be the one to protect Jack drove the newborn baby to grow into adulthood and seek out his father, whom he thought was Castiel, not Lucifer. After realizing Castiel was dead, Jack returned to Kelly's cabin and mourned her death, showing grief for her. As Sam and Dean prepared a funeral for Kelly and Castiel, Jack was at a loss of words for what to say. Kelly's own last words to Jack were, "I love you".

As Jack struggled to control his powers and dealt with Dean's rejection of him, he came to doubt his own purpose and saw that he might be truly evil. Sam reassured him that he and Kelly believed there was hope for him. Sam later revealed the existence of Kelly's video made for Jack on the day Jack was born. Jack watched it with a sad expression on his face.[1]

Jack and 'Kelly'

Jack speaking with "Kelly"

When Sam and Dean took Jack to a grief counselor as part of a case, Jack decided to ask the grief counselor, Mia Vallens, to help him speak with his mother. Mia agreed and shapeshifted into Kelly's form. Jack spoke with "Kelly" who told him that what he was didn't matter, it's what he did. She encouraged him to believe that even monsters can do good in this world.[2]

During Byzantium, Jack dies and ascends to Heaven but leaves his own personal heaven and goes into Kelly's Heaven where he finally meets his mother. Jack interrupts Kelly enjoying a childhood memory and reveals his identity as her child. Once she turns back to her adult form, Kelly is overjoyed and embraces Jack, happy to finally meet her son. After he updates her on her fate, she accepts it but breaks down when realizing his fate. Jack assures her its alright and tells her of a lurking threat chasing him, as she hides him from it and refusing him to leave him. After Castiel appears and explains what will happen to Jack if he is caught, she is concerned but becomes relieved when he informs her that he and the Winchesters are working to bring Jack back to life. When The Shadow appears, Kelly tries to defend her son but is knocked aside. Seeing his mother in pain, Jack moves to defend her but is defeated, though Castiel makes a deal with The Shadow and both are worried when Castiel offers his place for Jack. After Castiel receives word the spell is finished, Jack seemed hesitant to leave as he didn't get enough time with her but Kelly implored her son to live a full life and thanked him for letting her share a memory with him. She embraced him and confirmed her love for him, telling him she'll be waiting. She also told Castiel to protect her son when he gets back and he promises.

Jack and Mary WinchesterEdit

Good Intentions 04

Jack and Mary

Jack had heard Sam and Dean mention her several times. He knows that Dean blames him for Mary's fate while Sam wants him to open a rift to save her from the world.

In The Bad Place, after leaving the Winchesters, Jack was revealed to have mastered his powers to feel other worlds and to prove he is good by locating and rescuing Mary Winchester for Sam and Dean, since he knew they missed her. He tracked down Derek Swan, a dreamwalker who was able to find Mary but Derek wasn't strong enough to hold the connection long enough for Jack to open a rift. Jack stops before he can seriously hurt Derek and Derek points Jack to Kaia Nieves who is the most powerful dreamwalker Derek has ever met. After being found by Sam and Dean, he tells them his real goal was to get their mother back and shows them the vision Derek saw of her. Dean later congratulates Jack on finding his mother which Jack accepted with a smile. At the end, Jack arrives alone in the Apocalypse World and wakes up at the feet of Mary who is trapped in a small metal cage. As Mary stares at Jack in confusion, Jack looks at Mary's predicament with worry.

During Good Intentions, Jack got properly acquainted with Mary as Michael held them captive. The two soon broke out and were found by Bobby Singer who took them to his camp. Mary was seen smiling as Jack bonded with the people there but after Bobby distrusted him for his heritage and wanted him to leave, she decided to go with him. When the camp came under attack, Mary implored Jack to run and he complied but turned back as he knew her sons wouldn't run. His decision was a good choice, as Jack saved Mary from being killed by Zachariah. Mary was also pleased with the praise Jack got from Bobby but worried about his intention to kill Michael.

It was mentioned Bring 'em Back Alive, that he and Mary have become leaders of a human resistance against Michael.

In Unfinished Business, Mary is shown to have taken on a motherly role towards Jack. When discussing Jack going after Michael, Mary makes it clear that she now sees Jack as part of her family as she states that she can't lose "another one of my boys". Jack is deeply touched by her words and hugs her. When Kevin Tran attacks, Jack shields Mary, saving her life and cradles her unconscious form afterwards. Jack and Mary then talk and she consoles him as they look upon the bodies.

In Exodus, in contrast to Sam, Dean and Castiel, Mary had no problem with Jack interacting with Lucifer, believing that Jack was bound to take an interest in him. Though unlike the Winchesters and Castiel she wasn't worried about the idea of Lucifer causing Jack go dark side, as she was confident that Jack would eventually see Lucifer's true nature.

During Game Night, Jack accidentally kills Mary when she tries to convince him that something is wrong because of Jack's lack of soul. In Absence, despite being soulless, Jack expresses enough guilt for his actions to try desperately to resurrect Mary, but can't as he destroyed her body too. In Jack in the Box, Jack simply calls it an accident, his soulless state keeping Jack from understanding the true impact of what he has done.

In Galaxy Brain, after his resurrection, Jack looks at the carving in the Bunker representing Mary with apparent remorse, showing his regret over Mary's death has not gone yet.

In Destiny's Child, Jack admits that he understands the pain he caused by killing Mary, but his soulless state keeps him from feeling anything. When Jack's soul is restored, he remembers killing Mary and failing to resurrect her, causing him to collapse in tears. A crying Jack subsequently expresses remorse and horror over Mary's death, his role in it and his inability to understand what he had done and begs for forgiveness.

Jack and Sam WinchesterEdit

Jack: Maybe I'm not worth all this.
Sam: Your mom thought you were. So did Cass. So do I.
Lost & Found 07

Jack and Sam

Sam is the first person Jack encountered after he was born. When they first laid eyes on each other, Jack was mostly obscured by shadows in the corner of his nursery, and he gave Sam a creepy smile, frightening the hunter.

Jack initially mistook Sam for his father and Sam had to correct him. To avoid conflict, Sam tried to speak calmly with Jack to let Jack know he didn't mean the newborn any harm. Sam's plans were torn apart when Dean decided to shoot at Jack.

Jack fled and the brothers pursued him. Sam believed Jack was not an evil child and he sought to have a proper conversation with him. Once the brothers found him at the Sheriff's office, Sam stunned Jack with a taser after which the two ended up in the holding cell. Sam was terrified of Jack once more until Jack reassured him that he wasn't using his powers on purpose.

The two began to converse and Jack announced his desire to find his father, so his father could protect him as his mother promised. Sam told Jack that his father - meaning Lucifer - didn't do that but Jack corrected him, saying he meant Castiel. The two soon got into a fight with angels who had come to claim Jack. When one angel tried to kill Jack, Sam was forced to kill her, only to remove the angel blade from his chest unharmed.

Jack joined Sam and Dean in burning the bodies of his mother and "father". Jack didn't know what to do say, so Sam suggested saying "sorry" and "thank you".

In contrast to Dean, Sam supports and believes in Jack becoming a good kid who simply needs to learn how to use his powers. Sam makes an effort to help Jack in this regard and also remind him that Jack is not evil. Sam however, does seek to use Jack's power in hopes of freeing his mother from the alternate universe. When Jack confronts him on this, Sam admits to this when he is questioned by him. Sam tells Jack that he won't force him to try and continues to encourage Jack to believe in himself. Sam also stated he won't let Dean hurt him after hearing the latter swore to kill Jack. Jack overheard an argument the brothers and heard Sam defending him after Dean accused him of manipulating Castiel.

During The Big Empty, a case involving a shapeshifter came up and Sam invites Jack on the case to see what they go through. Jack also saves Sam's life by stopping a bullet fired by the shapeshifter Buddy from hitting Sam. Because of this, Sam's faith in Jack slowly grew even further.

In Tombstone, Sam quickly deduced Jack was responsible for bringing Castiel back. Sam was proud that Jack's powers did good as they brought back an old friend and moved Dean out of his depression. Sam humored Jack in his supposed hunter case however, he saw Jack was right about it being a supernatural creature. When Jack tried to help Dean in fighting off a ghoul, Sam and Cass warned him but to no avail as he used his powers and killed an innocent as well. Jack was horrified as Sam tried to reassure him but he couldn't get through. On the way back, Sam tried to console Jack after his accidental killing but the latter angrily tells them to stop. This act caused Jack to leave the group out of fear of hurting them.

In The Bad Place, Sam is reluctant to believe that Jack killed Derek Swan and that he must be killed. After finding Jack who is determined to be innocent, he reveals he was using his powers to search for their mother and has located her, letting Sam and Dean realize she was still alive. On the drive, Jack states that he only sees the Winchesters and Castiel as his family while Lucifer and the angels are nothing to him. Sam is visibly pleased by this and the fact that Dean instantly agrees that Jack is their family. At the end, they are sent to separate realities.

In Wayward Sisters, Sam questioned Kaia Nieves of Jack's whereabouts and is told that he is with Mary Winchester in Apocalypse World, to Sam's worry.

In Breakdown, Sam enters a depressive state at Jack being gone as he and Dean have lost another important person, as well as hope for finding their mother.

During Devil's Bargain, Sam and Dean are told by Castiel that Michael is the that world and he intends to invade. They realized Jack and their mother are in danger and they decide to capture Lucifer and open a rift to enter the Apocalypse World to save the pair.

In Good Intentions, Jack takes the lessons Sam and Dean have taught him to heart by returning to defend Bobby Singer's colony as he knew that its what they would do instead of running. Similar to what he knows Sam and Dean would do, Jack decides to kill Michael in order to save Apocalypse World.

In Beat the Devil, Sam and the others open a rift and travel through Apocalypse World to retrieve their family.

Sam was happy to be on the journey to save Jack but he was attacked by a nest of vampires who devoured him. After the others tell him of what happened to Sam, Jack becomes distraught at learning Sam's fate and asks why Gabriel or Castiel didn't revive him. Jack was then happy as Sam arrived to the camp alive and smiled at Jack before Lucifer arrived as well.

In Exodus, Sam was still happy to see Jack again and was worried about him interacting with Lucifer.

During Let the Good Times Roll, Jack went on more cases with Sam and the others. The bunker was attacked by Michael and Sam prayed to Jack for help. Alerted by Sam's prayer, Jack arrived in time to save them from death by Michael and almost acted on his promise to kill the Archangel but was prevented when Michael revealed his deal with Lucifer. Lucifer took Jack's power and was about to leave with him before Sam grabbed onto Jack, taking him as well. Jack was horrified to watch Lucifer attack Sam and even more so when Sam told Jack to kill him after Lucifer pitted them against each other. Sam was distraught to nearly watch Jack commit suicide before Dean arrived and using Michael's powers, killed Lucifer.

During The Scar, Jack talks to a girl who was cursed that asked if Castiel was his father, Jack responded that he was one of them. This means he sees Sam as one of his father figures as well.

In Moriah, Sam is shocked when Jack escaped his prison and tried to plea to him but was blasted away by him. After God returned, Sam seemed to gain a semblance of hope for Jack but was distraught to hear of God's plan to kill Jack with a gun, as well as the fact that Dean would agree to use it while it will also cost Dean his life. Sam also revealed that he was angry with Jack's killing of Mary but understood it wasn't on purpose and knew it was their fault for his condition. Sam tried to plea to Dean who refuses to be dissuaded. Sam arrived at the cemetery where he found Dean prepare to kill Jack, but refuses in the end even when God offers to resurrect Mary if he does so. Sam is horrified to watch God finally killing Jack himself. Devastated by the suffering of Jack, Sam shot God to stop him, but is left unable to save him in time, though his actions result in God unleashing chaos upon the Earth.

Jack and GabrielEdit

Exodus 4

Jack and Gabriel

Gabriel was Jack's paternal uncle. They didn't know about each other for a while, though Sam and Castiel informed Gabriel about his nephew and his whereabouts in Bring 'em Back Alive. Gabriel had to process this knowledge for a while though wanted no part in the conflict.

In Unfinished Business, after the Winchesters helped him Gabriel decided to offer them aid in the conflict and save Jack.

During Beat the Devil, Gabriel and Jack met face to face in the resistance's camp. Gabriel told a distraught Jack who learned of Sam's fate that he wasn't strong enough to resurrect the latter before he appeared with Lucifer.

In Exodus, while Lucifer is talking to the others and Jack leaves upset, Gabriel goes after him before Jack returns. When Lucifer was telling Jack about his family, he points him out to his uncle though Jack pointed out they met. The two greeted each other as Gabriel told his nephew not to trust what his father is saying since he merely plays the victim and Jack is seen pondering on his words. During his talk with Lucifer, Gabriel stated Jack will never be loyal to Lucifer and is merely a kid being fascinated by ordinary things and he is only loyal to the Winchesters.

Gabriel sacrificed himself to save Jack and the humans by fighting Michael. It is unknown what Jack's reaction was to Gabriel's death or what he thought of him since he wasn't a hostile angel like the others he met but it is certain that Jack considered him an ally, having no problems letting him join the alliance and got along pretty well with his uncle. His saddened expression after the Exodus was carried out successfully was likely also his taking of Gabriel's selfless sacrifice and it is probable that Jack respected his selflessness and mourned his death but like Castiel, he found solace in how Gabriel's actions allowed the whole Exodus to succeed.

During Ouroboros, Jack avenged his uncle's death by killing Michael.


Jack and Bobby SingerEdit

Good Intentions 01

Jack and Bobby

In Good Intentions, after escaping from Michael's fortress alongside Mary Winchester, Jack befriends the Apocalypse World version of Bobby Singer. While Bobby initially likes Jack, taking Mary at her word that he's a "friend of the family" which is good enough for Bobby, Bobby's opinion changes once he discovers Jack is a Nephilim. Due to his own encounters with angels, Bobby shows a belief that Jack will turn on the humans and that its only a matter of time, effectively exiling Jack and angrily rejecting his help against Zachariah and his men.

After he witnesses Jack kill Zachariah and three other angels to save his colony and Mary, Bobby changed his opinion of Jack and thanks him for his help, showing no further desire to get rid of Jack. Bobby listens as Jack and Mary discuss Jack's reasoning and is surprised to learn that Jack intends to kill Michael to protect them. During the months that followed, Bobby and Jack got on better terms as the latter served Jack in the resistance against the angels.

In Exodus, the two evacuated to Earth along with the Winchesters.

In Stranger in a Strange Land, Bobby has taken to training Jack in hand to hand combat and tells the latter that he needs to learns how to do more than rely on his powers. When Bobby falls into danger from demons, Jack tries to come to his rescue to no avail, worrying Bobby as he knows Jack can't handle the demons without his powers.

In Jack in the Box, after Jack accidentally kills Mary, Bobby decides to hunt Jack down and kill him. Though Bobby cares greatly for Jack, he knows that without his soul, Jack has none of his humanity left and is thus extremely dangerous.

Jack and the people of Apocalypse WorldEdit

In Good Intentions, after escaping from Michael's fortress alongside Mary Winchester, Jack is taken to Bobby Singer's colony where he is saddened to see the injured state of the people and to learn that they are being targeted for extermination. During the night, Jack uses his powers to amuse the young children of the camp in an act of kindness to brighten up their dark lives. Jack admits to Mary that he admires the people he's met on Apocalypse World and their bravery and wishes to stay in the colony. When Jack is told that he can't stay, he's confused and saddened.

When Zachariah and his angels attack the colony, Jack chooses to defend the people instead of running and hiding as he knows its what Sam and Dean would do. After killing Zachariah and three other angels, Jack gains acceptance once more despite being a Nephilim and decides that to protect the people he has come to care for from the angels war of extermination, he has to kill Michael.

It was mentioned Bring 'em Back Alive, that Jack has formed a resistance of humans to stand against Michael, which means he is well respected.

In Unfinished Business, Jack is treated with a lot of respect by his resistance fighters and is greatly pleased by the number of people he is able to save from Michael's armies. After Kevin Tran kills three resistance fighters on orders from Michael in order to break Jack, Jack is devastated by their loss as he had promised to protect them and cared about them.

Jack and Clark BarkerEdit

In Lost & Found, shortly after his birth, Jack met and befriended teenager Clark Barker who treated him with kindness and was fascinated with Jack's powers. Clark was the first to introduce Jack to some human things which he greatly enjoyed.

Jack and Kaia NievesEdit

The Bad Place 12

Jack and Kaia

While looking for a way to save Mary Winchester, Jack learned about Dreamwalkers and was directed to Kaia who was a more powerful one than one Jack had previously met. Jack found her at a drug facility and confused her with his ways. Eventually, he admits that he needs Kaia's help and offers to help Kaia escape in exchange. Jack showed her his powers by subduing a doctor and helping Kaia escape through a triple-locked door. However, Kaia refused to help Jack and runs off after hitting him while he was distracted by the Winchesters catching up to him.

Jack later saved her from angels after she was kidnapped. Kaia had learned from them of his status as Lucifer's son and he confirmed it, to her shock. Kaia still refused to aid the Winchesters and Jack until she was threatened by Dean. Jack attempted to apologize and understand her situation but she ignored him. When Jack offered to show her other worlds besides the horrible one she has seen, she relents and accepts his offer. She was greatly amazed by the beauty of the other worlds as Jack says she could see more if she helps which she agrees to. While the angels use their powers to try and destroy the warding spells, Kaia attempts to concentrate on the Apocalypse World, the universe where Mary Winchester is in, but she keeps flashing back to the Bad Place that has haunted Kaia all of her life.

Kaia inadvertently sends herself, Jack, Dean and Sam to different places. The glow she and Jack emit as they open the portal together causes the nearby angels to disintegrate into dust. While Kaia is left unconscious on the side of the road, Jack alone is transported to Mary while Kaia's flashing to the Bad Place results in the Winchesters being sent there instead.

In Galaxy Brain, after seeing how scared Kaia is through Dark Kaia, Jack becomes determined to rescue her even though it puts himself at great risk. After the rescue is successful, Jack lends Kaia some of his clothes and the two share a friendly conversation before she leaves with Jody Mills.

Jack and Dark KaiaEdit

During Byzantium, he is made aware that Kaia's evil counterpart is now loose on the main world and that her spear can possibly kill Michael to stop him.

Though no interaction has been made, it is shown in The Spear that Dark Kaia is also aware of Jack through her visions being connected to her counterpart. She is aware of his power and wishes for him to help her return to the Bad Place. To that end, Dark Kaia made a deal with Dean and Castiel, and agreed to give them the spear, if they agree to have Jack open a rift for her in return.

In Galaxy Brain, Dark Kaia is shown to resent and blame Jack for what happened to Kaia as he convinced her to help open the rift. Despite this, Dark Kaia is shown to be more responsive to Jack than anyone else, offering him insight into her life and motives. In turn, Jack views Kaia through Dark Kaia and becomes determined to rescue his friend at great risk to himself, fulfilling Dark Kaia's wish to return home.

Jack and Donatello RedfieldEdit

Peace of Mind 02

Jack and Donatello talk

They met in The Rising Son, where the latter tracked the Winchesters. Donatello told his story of trying to find God before realizing the rush of power he thought was God's turned out to be Jack. Donatello was fascinated at Jack's Nephilim's status, while disturbed he was Lucifer's son but stated his power didn't feel like his. They got along since they were both something out of the ordinary, Donatello being a soulless prophet and Jack being a Nephilim.

The two met again in Peace of Mind, where Dean had called Donatello to discuss Jack's condition after killing Michael and losing some of his soul. Jack learned more about Donatello and how he struggled with the loss of his moral compass. Jack appeared to take the prophet's words in consideration, as he admits that he doesn't feel nothing, but he also doesn't feel the same. When Donatello tells Jack how when he wants to blend in, that he must think about what the best man he knows would do. After Jack tells him that Sam and Dean are the best men he knows, Donatello suggests that Jack think "what would the Winchesters do?" when he is unsure of himself. Jack thanked him for his words and they parted peacefully. Privately, Donatello told Dean that there is something off about Jack since he couldn't tell how Jack took his advice. In Absence, after learning that Jack truly is soulless, Dean realizes that Donatello was trying to warn him though Dean didn't get it at the time.


Jack and DagonEdit

Dagon aspired to be Lucifer's Queen and Jack's mother. To this end, she took care of Kelly Kline during her pregnancy. Dagon initially treated Kelly with a degree of hospitality and did her best to prevent Kelly from being found and kept anyone - such as Dr. Turner - from realizing the uniqueness of Jack.

Dagon began mistreating Kelly after Kelly allowed herself to be lured away by Dean Winchester. Kelly's days spent with Dagon became difficult and stressful, until Jack reassured Kelly that her suffering was not for naught. Dagon lost sight of Kelly again when angels led by Castiel raided her hideout and took Kelly away. In fear of Lucifer's wrath, Dagon sought out Castiel's destination by torturing Kelvin.

She arrived in time to stop Joshua from killing Kelly and her unborn child. As Dagon proceeded to beat up Castiel, Jack gave Castiel some of his powers so Castiel could incinerate Dagon. Dagon's dreams of being Jack's mother were burnt away by Jack himself.

After being born, Jack showed little remorse for helping Castiel kill Dagon and even called her "a bad woman". Dagon is the first being killed because of Jack.

Jack and AsmodeusEdit

Asmodeus sought to make Jack the Ruler of Hell and serve as his advisor. They first met when Asmodeus disguised himself as Donatello Redfield to get Jack to release the Shedim, but his efforts were exposed by the Winchesters and the real Donatello. Jack realized the demon tricked him as Asmodeus tries to implore Jack to join him though he attacked Jack's friends which enraged the latter. Not wanting to fight an angry Nephilim, Asmodeus was forced to escape which released the brothers. When Jack left the brothers and Castiel, Asmodeus sought to find him still intent to use him to fulfill his plans but couldn't locate him. After Lucifer returned and was captured, Asmodeus decided to increase his efforts to procure Jack when learning of an impending threat.

Asmodeus soon found out Jack was sent to an alternate reality but couldn't risk letting the threat in the world into his own.

In Exodus, Jack was made aware Asmodeus is dead, after being killed by his uncle Gabriel in his talk with the latter and Lucifer.

Jack and the AngelsEdit

I am home.
Jack refusing to go with the angels.
in The Bad Place

Being Lucifer's son and a very powerful Nephilim, Jack was initially considered a great threat to the safety of all those around him, including Heaven who, like everyone else, feared what would occur after his birth. Before his birth, the angels main goal was to get rid of him to ensure their survival and to that end, sought to kill his mother Kelly Kline to prevent her son from being born but she was protected by the efforts of the Winchesters and Castiel.

After his birth, the angels no longer view Jack as a threat, but as a necessity to the survival of their race as after Fall of the Angels their numbers have been greatly diminished and their race is going extinct. The angels pursue Jack as they believe he has the power to produce new angels therefore, replenishing their numbers, to that end they sought out Castiel in War of the Worlds to get him to convince Jack but he refused to let them near his ward. Castiel also learns that the angels plan to use Jack whether he wants to or not. In The Bad Place, the angels kidnap Kaia Nieves, a dreamwalker Jack had met so they could convince him. Once Jack and the Winchesters found them, the angels try to get Jack to come to Heaven with them to be with his family. When Jack refused, the angels attempted to kill the Winchesters and take Jack only to be killed by him instead.

Similar to Lucifer, Jack does not see them as family and denounces the angels as killers, even killing one that was attacking Dean. It is unknown what Jack thinks of the angels who are kind to humanity like Castiel.

It was later revealed that due to Jack's unwillingness to cooperate with the angels, there are now less than a dozen angels left alive.

Following his depletion of his powers, the angels seemed to have abandoned their plans to use Jack. This was seen when Naomi was willing to hand him over to The Shadow, who invaded Heaven to claim him. It also seemed Jack's own views have mellowed as he showed no hostility to them, even seemed concerned for status of Heaven if the angels were destroyed.

Now that he has regained his powers, they resumed their efforts to use his powers to restore Heaven in Jack in the Box. Duma manipulated Jack by playing on his guilt of killing Mary Winchester and told him to aid Heaven for him to redeem himself. Duma then used Jack into punishing non-believers and turning the souls of humans to create new angels, slightly increasing their numbers. Jack quickly abandons Heaven in favor of the Winchesters when Sam prays for him and Duma is killed by Castiel for threatening the souls of John and Mary Winchester. Subsequently, in Moriah, Jack recognizes that Duma was just manipulating him and his actions were wrong.

As seen in The Gamblers, at the instruction of Billie, Jack hunted down the Grigori. Using his hunting knowledge, Jack killed several after learning they were still consuming souls and to get stronger from eating their hearts. After being captured and questioned by the last Grigori, Jack showed no remorse in killing them, while smiling defiantly as he was tortured by him, showing he continues to bear hostility to evil angels. Due to him, the Grigori are officially extinct because of Castiel saving him.

Jack and the Angels of Apocalypse WorldEdit

Much like the angels in his world, Jack is considered to being abomination by the angels of this world. They refer to him as a "half-breed" but view him as a necessity to invade the prime world by creating a rift. Zachariah tried to manipulate Jack by making various scenarios in his mind but Jack saw through them. Having awoke, he came face to face with Michael who he fought but was overpowered and thrown in a cell with Mary.

Like the angels of his world, Jack refuses to comply with their demands and help them kill humans. As such he broke out with Mary, with the angels hunting him down to the human colony. Jack was horrified at their deeds to the other world and soon killed Zachariah for trying to kill Mary as well as killing other invading angels. Jack's actions gained him praise from the human colony. Having grown to genuinely care for the people in Apocalypse World, he wanted to ensure their complete safety from the angels by killing the Archangel Michael.

It was mentioned Bring 'em Back Alive, that Jack has formed a resistance of humans to stand against Michael, which means he is actively fighting against the latter.

In Unfinished Business, Jack is shown to be actively killing angels such as Balthazar to protect the people of Apocalypse World and shows no remorse for doing so. Instead, Jack is pleased by the humans he saves by winning each battle. Jack also believed he could defeat Michael but his arrogance allowed Michael have Kevin Tran to kill some of his followers to show he can't protect everyone.

During Exodus, Jack wanted to finally defeat angels by using both his father, uncle, and soldiers but was repeatedly told not to since Sam and Dean who had a plan. Jack killed many angels in the rescue of Arthur and Charlie. Before returning to his world, Jack wanted to kill Michael but Lucifer talked him out of since his plan was dangerous and he conceded.

(Apocalypse World) Michael Weakened

Jack tortures Michael

In Let the Good Times Roll, when the bunker came under attack, Sam prayed to Jack for help against Michael who made it to their world. Jack appeared in time to save Dean from being strangled to death by Michael and brutally attacked the latter for hurting his family, showing how much Jack had grown to despise Michael. He nearly acted on his promise to kill the Archangel but was prevented when Michael revealed his deal with Lucifer. Jack was later horrified to watch Michael take full control over Dean after he managed to kill Lucifer.

As of Stranger in a Strange Land, Jack still harbors great hatred for Michael running wild on the main world.

During The Spear, Jack meets Michael again when he and Sam are ambushed while Jack is captured by the latter's monster army. Michael attempted to coax Jack to join him, since he and Jack are powerful beings who can do as they pleased but Jack is not convinced and Michael leaves him trapped. When Dean, Sam, and Castiel came to Jack's aid, he'd watch as Dean fought Michael and had him cornered. Jack told Dean to kill Michael but was horrified to watch Michael retake control over Dean and unleash his monster army.

In Nihilism, Michael taunted Jack and the others of his plan's success while torturing them until he was captured. When they are teleported to the bunker, Michael mocked Jack for his powerless state while calling his previous offer a moment of weakness. Jack returned the sentiment by stating that Sam and Dean would beat him. Michael was not convinced and brought up Dean's grief at Jack's first death, he attempted to get Jack to abandon his efforts to save Dean but Jack did not give in and Castiel broke it up. Jack was relieved to learn Michael was now trapped in Dean's mind, where he can't hurt anyone again.

During Ouroboros, Jack meets Michael again when he possessed Rowena MacLeod and fights the latter who taunts him on his weakened state. Jack remains defiant and stands against the Archangel as both lamented on not killing the other sooner. Despite Michael constantly attacking him, Jack pressed on and ejected the Archangel from the witches' body and declared that he won't ever harm anyone. Jack used his full might to kill the Archangel but not before taking in his grace. By doing this, Jack acted on his promise to kill Michael and saved his own life by using the latter's grace to refuel his own depleted grace while returning to his former health and power.

Jack and GodEdit

God is Jack's paternal grandfather.

Jack heard of him through the Winchesters and Castiel from their talks.

In Exodus, Jack expressed curiosity in meeting him and asked Lucifer about him. Before Lucifer could answer, Dean cut the conversation short and Jack was given no reply.

In Absence, Jack acknowledges that God is his grandfather and refers to him as such.

During Moriah, God returns to Earth to aid the Winchesters in dealing with Jack and undoes the damage done by him when he alters people's ability to lie. God told the Winchesters and Castiel that fixing Jack is out of his control and implores them to use a gun to kill Jack. Later, Sam deduces from how God shows nervousness when talking about focusing on Jack that God is actually scared of Jack and what he could grow into and God didn't even deny it, merely asking if Sam wasn't scared of Jack too, which is later confirmed to be true. God soon arrived at the cemetery, where he watch Dean confront Jack and be prepared to kill him but ultimately relent. Shocked, God then makes his presence known, Jack showed some surprise to meet his grandfather and watch him argue with the Winchesters about their decision to not kill him. Like the angels, God did not show a high view of him either, shown by calling him "that kid" and deeming him as dangerous to the Winchesters. After seeing the Winchesters won't carry out the job, God, out of fear of Jack being able to surpass him in the future, ditched his caring façade to personally kill Jack and showed no remorse in his suffering before stopping the Winchesters from trying to save him. Due to God, Jack was sent to The Empty but awoke for a unknown reason.

In The Gamblers, Jack was resurrected by Billie, though Jack remained hidden in The Empty until God left Earth. Jack hunted down the Grigori to get stronger from eating their hearts. Jack explained he couldn't use his powers as his grandfather will track him and kill him again. Like Michael, Jack acknowledged God was afraid of him and promised to get stronger to kill God.

It is later revealed that God's book in Death's Reading Room reveals that Jack is the one who ultimately kills God.[3]

Jack and Harper SaylesEdit

During Optimism, Jack took an interest in her on a case and it seemed reciprocated, though she revealed her true nature as a necromancer who zombified her boyfriend to feast on suitors and Jack was the next target. This was Jack's first experience with romance.

While he was being pursued, Harper said she sort of liked him but this did not prevent her from having her boyfriend feast on him. Jack attempted to get through to her and she appeared to accept it, though still fled the scene as Dean and Jack incapacitate the zombie.

In another area, Harper wrote to Jack in which she thanked him for being unique, as he made her move away from her hometown something no man had done before. She called their time together "love" and wants to meet him again, though she mentions to wanting to kill and zombify him both as revenge and to really make him hers.

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