This unnamed man was the father of an adolescent boy named Jace.


One night, he decided to bring his son Jace to a Top Notch Wrestling show where he met the Winchesters, calling what he was doing "good parenting." Seeing that Jace's father had two beers in his hand during the show, Sam commented about how it reminded him of when his own dad would take him and his brother to Top Notch shows.

After Gunner Lawless won the match, Jace's father took off to go to the bathroom, but found a long line. Too impatient to wait, he went outside to relieve himself. Once he got outside, the man heard a noise and turned around. Seeing Gunner coming towards him with a knife, he started to scream, but Gunner stabbed him through the chest, killing him. Gunner then carved an ancient Sumerian sigil into his chest so that the Crossroad Demon Duke could steal his soul.

The Winchesters began investigating his murder, learning of other similar murders in every town that the Top Notch tour had visited. Sam was able to determine the importance of the sigil carved into the man's chest. While preparing to kill Sam, Duke told Sam that he was collecting souls to create a "nest egg" due to the release of the Darkness and the return of Lucifer.


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