J. Landels is the sheriff of Shreveport, Louisiana.


Aware that hunter Dean Winchester is likely coming after them, the Styne Family alerts Sheriff Landels to detain Dean if he comes and to call them. Alongside Deputy Boulton, Sheriff Landels pulls over the Impala, claiming that Dean's blinkers are out. Deputy Boulton then smashes the Impala's rear blinkers and Sheriff Landels arrests Dean from the broken blinkers and attacking a law enforcement officer.

Later, Sheriff Landels calls Monroe Styne to tell him that they have Dean in custody. Sheriff Landels is confronted by Dean who has escaped, taken Deputy Boulton's gun and overheard the end of Sheriff Landels' phone conversation. Sheriff Landels lies that he wasn't talking to anyone, but Dean pistol-whips him twice, once for lying and a second time for damaging the Impala. Dean demands at gunpoint to know who the sheriff was talking to and he admits that it was Monroe Styne. Though confused, Sheriff Landels confirms that Monroe is Eldon's father.

Dean demands to know where he can find the Stynes and realizing what Dean intends, Sheriff Landels warns him that Dean can't take on the Stynes because "they own this town. They're practically gods around here." Dean tells the sheriff that he kills gods and demands to know where to find the Stynes again. Sheriff Landels eventually gives Dean the location of the Styne estate.



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