I don't know what everybody's getting so worked up about! 'Cause it's just a couple of angels having a slap fight! There's no Armageddon. Everybody knows, when the world comes to an end, the Great Serpent Jörmungandr rises up, and be eaten by a big wolf! [laughs]
Odin to other gods
in Hammer of the Gods.

Jörmungandr, also known as "The Great Serpent", is a norse demigod serpent.


Season 5Edit

In Hammer of the Gods, while a group of pagan gods discuss what to do in relation to The Apocalypse, Odin states calmly in order to tranquilize the other gods that the Apocalypse isn't actually the end of the world and that when the world really ends the Great Serpent Jörmungandr will rise up, while Odin himself believes he is going to be eaten by a big wolf, Zao Shen then frustrated says "Here we go..." in disbelief, Odin then criticizes Zao Shen's Chinese lore/world view as well, saying that "the whole world's getting carried around on the back of a giant turtle" is ridiculous and that Zao Shen should give him a break, Zao Shen then angrily orders Odin to stop mocking his World Turtle, Odin asks what he is gonna do about it, and Zao Shen says that he is gonna send Odin packing to Valhalla.

Supernatural: Carved in FleshEdit




  • Jörmungandr is the second known deity to have a serpent-like anatomy/theme or to be associated with one, the first being Tiamat.
    • Both deities have only ever been mentioned in the Supernatural franchise, without making an actual appearance.
  • The discussion between Odin and Zao Shen serves to show how gods from different religions/pantheons discredit each other and their beliefs since Zao Shen didn't believe that the great serpent Jörmungandr or the "big wolf" Fenrir exist while Odin didn't believe that Zao Shen's World Turtle exists.

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