Ishim's Flight was company of angels led by Ishim and consisted BenjaminMirabelCastiel and two other angels.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Sometime ago a woman named Lily Sunder studied angels and discovered a spell that allowed her to summon one. She summoned the Ishim, who became obsessed with Lily as he fell in love with and shared with her all of the angel's secrets for her research. Eventually, Lily began to fear Ishim and married the seraph Akobel for protection.

1901 Edit

Feeling that Lily left him for Akobel, Ishim called upon his flight to get revenge, claiming that Lily's daughter May was a nephilim that she had conceived with Akobel. The flight confronted Akobel and killed him, then Ishim went into the house alone, claiming to want to kill the Nephilim by himself. Instead, Ishim confronted Lily about her leaving him and murdered May as punishment.

Season 12 Edit

Years after the Fall of the Angels, Lily, wielding Enochian magic, sought vengeance by hunting down all ofthe members of the Garrison and killing them. Lily was able to kill the two unnamed angels and Benjamin who sent out a distress call to the surviving three members of the Garrison before his death. Lily killed Mirabel, but was prevented from killing Ishim or Castiel by the Winchesters. After learning of the truth from Lily, the Winchesters aided her in a fight with Ishim which ended when Castiel, having learned the truth about Ishim's actions, killed his former commander to save Lily. While Lily wasn't sure if she could forgive Castiel, he apologized for his own actions promised to accept the consequences if Lily chose to come back after him for revenge.

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