Isabella was an Italian vengeful spirit who murdered men who cheated on their wives or girlfriends.


Isabella was a young woman who in Florence, Italy during 1520 fell in love with a painter named Piero who wanted to paint her. Isabella was so devoted to Piero that she allowed him to use her blood and part of her finger in the pigment of his painting of her. After the painting was done, Isabella admitted her love to Piero who rejected her, claiming to only be in love with his work. Heartbroken, Isabella's family forced her to join a convent, only allowing her to take along her journal and keeping all of her other worldly possessions. Eventually Isabella sneaked out to get revenge on Piero in some form. While she initially planned to destroy the painting, she heard Piero having sex with another woman and brutally murdered him with a knife. Isabella was arrested and her crime was considered so horrific that she was convicted of being a witch and was burned at the stake. Afterwards, her journal was returned to her family.

In 2015, her family's and her things, including her journal and painting were sent to a church in Worcester, Massachusetts. Isabella emerged as a vengeful spirit who possessed and murdered men who had been unfaithful to their wives while befriending Sister Mathias, a nun who was used to seeing ghosts. Two weeks after the murders started, Sam and Dean Winchester were drawn to Worcester where they tried to lure Isabella out of hiding. Sister Mathias realized there was a connection between Isabella and the murders and learned of what she did from her journal and alerted Sam and Dean. As Dean and Sister Mathias hunted for Isabella, she possessed and murdered the local priest, angry that he forgave people for their sins, and possessed Sister Mathias to kill Dean. As she tried to stab him, Sam learned of her blood and finger being used in the painting and salted and burned it, forcing Isabella from Sister Mathias. Isabella begged her friend to help her, but Sister Mathias did nothing and Isabella burned up as the painting was destroyed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Isabella was a powerful ghost. Being active for many years (at least nearly 500 years) she was even capable of staying active in holy ground to make her actions, making her one of the strongest ghosts in the series.

  • Ghost Possession - Isabella was able to possess people and force them to kill themselves or others. At least one of the two people who survived her possession retained no memory from after she was possessed until Isabella left her.
  • Immunity - Unlike most ghosts that can't walk on holy ground, she can with no apparent ill effects.
  • Super Strength - Isabella was able to throw Dean across a hallway and nearly kill him with a knife despite him actively fighting back.
  • Flight - While in her spiritual form, Isabella was able to hover above the ground.
  • Teleportation - Both while possessing a human and while in her spiritual form, Isabella was able to teleport from one location to another.



  • Isabella is the first ghost shown on-screen to burn up since Whitman Van Ness in Of Grave Importance and the first since Vance Collins that a salt and burn has had any effect on. Ironically, she was put to rest by burning, which caused her death.
  • Unlike the older ghosts in Of Grave Importance, Isabella didn't develop what Bobby called "Ghost Alzheimer's."
  • Isabella's act of killing unfaithful men is similar to Constance Welch, who murdered men she had tempted into being unfaithful while she was a ghost. Both Isabella and Constance suffered betrayal by the men they loved.
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