Irv Sokolowski was a man whose 8-year-old son was viciously mauled and killed. For years he believed that it was a wild animal that killed his son, until he somehow learned of the existence of monsters, and was led to believe that both Sal Lassiter and Julian Duval were the ones behind it. He soon fashioned a clawed glove with silver blades, and went about seeking revenge.


Season 9Edit

Irv makes himself first known to the Chicago monster families when he goes on a rampage in the backroom monster bar located in the restaurant where Ennis Ross was about to propose to his girlfriend. Using a clawed glove he goes about killing any monsters that get in his way in the bar, when Sal Lassiter is able to slip out, Irv gives chase and inadvertently ends up killing Tamara before giving a killing blow to Sal.

Irv next attacks the Duval family home, where he nearly kills David Lassiter and kidnaps Violet Duval. Irv takes Violet to his hideout where he tells her he has been killing monsters out of revenge for the death of his son. He reveals his plan to kill her and scatter her remains all over the city to start a gang war between the monster families, believing they would wipe each other out. Violet, however, deplored his plan, as many humans would be caught in the crossfire, to which Irv shows silent indifference. Soon after Sam, Dean, Ennis and David arrive, David is captured and briefly tortured by Irv. Just as he is about to kill David, Violet transforms and breaks free from her chains and attacks Irv, scratching his face up, she is stopped by David before she can deliver a killing blow. Once Irv regains his composure he notices Ennis, and apologizes for the death of Tamara, claiming she was just in the way and that the death of monsters is what matters. However Ennis sees Irv as the only monster, and shoots him in the heart.[1]


As a trained hunter who specialised in monster hunting, he has some abilities. He was capable of overpowering most full grown, adult monsters.

  • Artificial Silver Claws - He created his artificial claws in an unknown time as a tool for hunting and killing. He mastered and used it proficiently.




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