Don't worry. Most creatures I meet can't get it up for iron. It's a common monster problem.

Iron is a metallic element that possesses strong supernatural properties and is thus used by hunters when combating certain supernatural creatures.

Creatures Affected by Iron

  • Demons - Touching an iron will burn low-level demons.
    • Acheri - Contact with iron will force an Acheri to dissolve and temporarily retreat.[1]
  • Fairies - All fairies are weakened by iron, although powerful ones like Leprechauns can shrug it off.[2]
  • Ghosts - Shooting or stabbing a ghost with iron will temporarily make the ghost disappear. Ghosts also can't cross iron. Sam and Dean consider cold iron to be the best way to repel vengeful spirits. If a person possessed by a spirit touches something made of pure iron the spirit will be forced out of the human.
  • Hellhounds - Iron can harm them as demonstrated in the episode "Abandon All Hope..." in which Ellen and Jo sacrifice themselves to attempt to kill the attacking hellhounds by detonating a propane bomb filled with iron nails and rock salt.[3]
  • Leshi - The only way to kill a Leshi is to cut off its head with an iron axe.[4]
  • Phoenixes - Iron burned the Phoenix's skin, and it couldn't touch Iron, or if imprisoned by it, escape.[5]
  • Shtrigas - Consecrated Iron bullets are the only known thing that can kill a Shtriga.[6]
  • Witches - Although Iron doesn't hurt witches, it blocks their powers, as Dean used it to restrain James Frampton and he was unable to escape from them or astral project.[7] Olivette was also bound by Iron when Crowley captured her for his mother Rowena and was left powerless.


  • In many cultures and religions, iron is something that keeps evil and/or supernatural forces at bay.


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